September 2018 MSOP Meeting Minutes

AFSCME MSOP Labor/Management Meeting

September 21, 2018



In Attendance: Paul Rodriguez, Eric Hesse, Adam Castle, Matthew Stenger, Ryan Cates, Tim Lokensgard, Denise Considine, Michelle Sexe, Andrew Cole, Molly Kennedy,


  1. 1.      Follow Up Items
    1. OT/Inverse Numbers. Provided by Tim Lokensgard [attached].
    2. Health Services Vacation Reduction.  Eric Hesse questions why open grievances prevent a joint meeting with Management, AFSCME, and MNA to discuss this issue from taking place.  Denise Considine states that this was the direction given by the Human Resources Director.  Mr. Hesse complains that the grievance can’t be heard following the meeting because Nicole Boder could not attend.  The grievance has to be “postponed indefinitely.”  Mr. Hesse states that by requesting a meeting AFSCME was trying to solve the issue informally and that they could have dropped the grievance if necessary to schedule the meeting.  He stated that he had requested a meet and confer but hadn’t heard anything.  Ms. Considine stated that she would find out why a meet and confer couldn’t happen and email a response to Mr. Hesse.
    3. 2.      New Items
      1. Inversing Out of Order for Budgetary Needs.  Mr. Hesse stated that a staff member working from 8 to 4:30 got inversed when the need was at 6:00 and that the supervisor said it was to save money on overtime.  Mr. Lokensgard stated that it was his belief that the need was at 4:30.  There was some general discussion on the topic.  Both parties agreed that decisions around inversing an employee should not be predicated on saving money on overtime.  Ms. Considine stated if that’s the situation (as described above), it shouldn’t have happened.  She further agreed to a follow-up discussion with the OD and review overtime offering.
      2. Rec/Visit Post.  Mr. Hesse stated that AFSME had asked for a meet and confer on this topic but that it was scheduled for October 15 and the planned changes would be implemented October 1.  Mr. Lokensgard stated that they’re not doing anything different than what they’re doing now, but that “if we don’t have staff, activities may be cancelled.”  Mr. Hesse stated that he had gotten different information from Assistant Director Troy Sherwood.  Mr. Lokensgard said there was no changes to shifts or staffing.  Ms. Considine stated that there was miscommunication about this issue, with MAPE specifically, and that it had been discussed among senior management.  She stated that MAPE would not be doing AFSCME duties, but that management may move staff as needed.
      3. 1st Watch Staff Reductions.  Mr. Hesse, speaking on behalf of the union, made several remarks for the record concerning this and the following agenda item [Filling of Positions]:

                                                              i.      We don’t appreciate not being brought to the table when decisions about staffing are being made,

                                                            ii.      We don’t appreciate being misled during meetings and that there are ulterior motives behind reducing staff, and

                                                          iii.      It is “disgusting and deeply demoralizing” to staff that MSOP blames wage increases for employees for the current budget crisis [referencing a recent letter from the Executive Director].

Ms. Considine stated that she understood why it was upsetting and pointed out that there were other reason provided in the letter as well.  She stated that “we” [management] would let senior management know how the members feel about that and hopefully they will rectify it.

  1. See above.
  2. CPS Issues.  The union expressed a concern that leads are getting supervisory duties.  Michelle Sexe refuted this assertion stating that Leads are expected to float and do rounds.  Mr. Hesse asked if there was an expectation that they assign staff.  Ms. Sexe stated no, then provided some additional explanation about the need to manage where staff are and talked about replacing a movement coordinator with a count coordinator.
    The union expressed a concern that staff are encouraged to write a confidential report if they see other staff using the internet and, if they don’t, face having a confidential report written about them.  This creates a hostile environment.  Ms. Sexe stated that the issue stems from employee complaints.  Paul Rodriguez stated that his position was that employees should try to resolve this issue in the moment, but if they can’t, they should write an incident report.  Mr. Rodriguez said their message has never been that “you must do this or else.”  He reiterated that the issue stems from employee complaints and is aware that on several occasions one staff member will be working diligently while another is staff is just watching YouTube videos or looking at Facebook.  Ms. Sexe stated that they are trying to encourage resolution between co-workers.
    The union expressed a concern about scheduling for holidays.  Mr. Hesse stated that when people need to be switched it’s not being done by seniority.  Mr. Lokensgard asked if management should ask every holiday or just schedule it.  Mr. Hesse advised “just schedule it.” The most senior stays on the shift.

Management Agenda Items.  No agenda items were submitted by management.