October 2020 MSOP Meeting Minutes

AFSCME MSOP Labor Management

October 8, 2020

Human Resources Room/Conference



Attendance: Adam Castle, Nick Weerts, Steve Wilking, Ryan Cates, Eric Hesse, Annie Jakacki, Bonnie Wold, Michelle Sexe, Tim Lokensgard, Michelle Breamer, Ryan Kern, Nikki Boder



Follow Up Items

  1. A.     Inverse Numbers: Tim-28 staff on 1st watch for 108.42 hours. 4 staff on 2nd for 28 hours. 13 staff on 3rd for 60.75 hours.
  2. Overtime Numbers: 807.57 Total Hours.  Inverse Hours of 107.37. Eric-There is a dramatic increase for 1st watch over 3rd any reason? Tim-Not that I know of. 
  3. Health Services:
  4. 1.      PPE Supply: Bonnie-just ordered 2000 masks. Breamer-We have plenty of supplies. McKesson has more availability for PPE also. No shortages that I am aware of as far as gloves.
  5. 2.      Health Services ATLAS Update: Breamer-DeAtley has all of our information for blocks. We are awaiting the MOU, then staff will bid to block schedule then update. Moose lake will run it first on the 28th. Jamie and I will do training next week to make sure they have the access and verify vacation in atlas. Depends on MOU, we can start after that. Nick-Jamie has the blocks done. Eric-where is the MOU process at? Kern-hands of mna and AFSCME. Annie-we will need more specifics on what you are looking at and what you have agreed to. Nick-we can talk after this about any questions.
  6. 3.      Health Services Staffing Update: Nick-Two long term meds leaves. You have approval for shadows. Any timeline? Nikki-Michelle did the 1768 for LPN and I did justification form. Sent follow up for the RN, one in August and waiting for an update.
  7. 4.      Lead Leveling Process: Eric- Any update on Moose Lake? Bonnie-Denise sent out a request for attendees. It just getting the meeting scheduled now. Kern-no date given yet.

New AFSCME Items

  1. Notification of Not Filling Positions: Eric-not practical to be informed right away when the decision is made but would be nice to know so we can prepare with calls from membership. 1 south lead not being filled? Is that true? Tim-not true. 1 south 2nd watch lead should be getting posted today or tomorrow. the approval is in and can be posted. Eric-just don’t want to get back to where we were when no one knew. Nick-It would be nice to know the factual information instead of rumors. Eric-we understand the budget constraints but would like communication.
  2. 2.      Updated Hospital Coverage Process: Tim will send the memo to Adam. Eric-you express interest of going to OD when you walk in…not atlas? Tim-I can change that. Eric-may be easier for od to say we want it instead of going to the od. If we express interest to od, it needs to be by seniority/contract. If you want to go back to atlas. Unnecessary work for both of us. Tim-I can change it. Eric-we had discussion and gave feedback. We will try it out and wait to hear back about it from membership.
  3. 3.      Staff Appreciation: Eric-will this be a thing this year? Bonnie-we have been thinking about this. Covid, and no money is challenging. If you have ideas, we are willing to listen. Everything we do goes to DCT. We had one retirement and had to send a proposal. It’s very challenging. Even combined charities is difficult. Its postponed but if you have ideas that don’t cost a lot. We can still recognize employees. Eric-some pushback will be with what is happening with TC day and covid. Bonnie-clients paid for it and had to go through DCT CP for approval. It was actually for their quarterly meal. Staff were allowed to eat. Sexe-We just stopped meeting about the staff appreciation, we wanted to be prepared. We are ready to go forward when able. Nikki-It was the social distancing etc. of covid. Some stuff for TC is just unit based without needing masks. Across DCT they have not done a staff appreciation day that follows guidelines. Bonnie-we asked if staff wanted to eat and supervisors covered that out of our own pockets.

Management Agenda Items

  1. 1.      Uniform Allowance: Bonnie-It has come to our attention that some some staff (SCs), when they put in resignation, are going online and putting in orders on the uniform website. We need to be fiscally responsible. We are trying to catch it, but it takes away from others. In addition, there is also a rumor (and we are not looking into or investigating). That staff are placing orders for sizes that are not their own. This is an ethics and responsibility issue. Eric-is it an issue if someone is new and they don’t need much but they will buy a shirt for another staff? Bonnie-no, that is not ok.
  2. 2.      Advanced OT Sign Up: Tim-Collecting data regarding advanced overtime and how long and issue we have. Last quarter, we did fill 145 shifts of advanced overtime. It took 411 calls to staff to fill those shifts. 130 refused and 136 left messages with no response. It’s a toll on resources for ODs to do this. We have some staff signing up for every shift when schedule is posted that they aren’t working, and they don’t take much of it. Eric-if we picked up a reasonable vendor for scheduling that we could access from home…Tim-they could un-sign up at work also. Eric-if I’m at home…Bonnie-its widespread. Asking for help. Eric-I get what you are saying. Bonnie-answer the phone or sign up when you know you want to accept it. they leave a message and don’t answer. Eric-how long are they waiting, they should move on right? Tim-they may wait 5 minutes to get back to them. I don’t know that for sure. They call when they can. Eric-Its putting more work on Ods to sign up for the hospital coverage…Tim-Subsequent shift in the facility. Eric-I could sign up too and never take it. Eric-I appreciate your concern and we will put it in the minutes. Be more mindful.


Adjourned at 1230