October 2019 MSOP Meeting Minutes

AFSCME MSOP Labor Management

October 10, 2019

Human Resources Room



Attendance: Adam Castle, Ryan Cates, Jamie Sheppard, Tim Lokensgard, Bonnie Wold, Michelle Sexe, Michelle Breamer, Paul Rodriguez, Denise Considine, Troy Sherwood, Ryan Kern, Eric Hesse



  1. 1.      Follow Up Items
    1. A.     Inverse Numbers- 13 1st for 57.5 hours. 30 2nd for 106.25 hours. 17 on 3rd for 74 hours
    2. Overtime Numbers- 1573.50 hours total. Inverse was 15 percent.
    3. 2.      Bumping to 1st Watch- Tim-contract says capable and qualified no timeframe. Has been after probation but this is how it is in contract. Paul-timeframe to determine capable and qualified is also flexible. If someone leaves for an amount of time and comes back. If someone left as capable and qualified and we have no reason to believe they are no longer qualified… Cates-we don’t want it to be arbitrary with bumping. Tim-right, we are going with how it is consistently done. Want to make sure there is no timeframe in contract. Paul-I don’t think it would be enacted in an arbitrary way. It’s a unique situation. Tim-I’m sure there would be discussion with labor.
    4. 3.      Policies- Tim-If someone doesn’t feel comfortable on policies let the OD know. They should be reviewing anytime they can anyway. When you have free time you can be doing that.


New AFSCME Items


  1. 1.      Location sign out board in CPS- Eric-only for SC staff where they have to mark where they are going. Staff think it’s demeaning. There are radios for that. Overreaction to a few people, now everyone is affected. Feel it is discriminatory. It’s not admin or clinical. Just security to track. Sexe-new project. Not to track bathroom or break, it’s for who is covering which units. ODs call thinking a staff is on a unit and they don’t know. Who is doing visits, health services, Tomlinson. It’s a way to manage cps. They cover a lot with our staffing. It is a way to manage for safety. Paul-several counselors actually suggested it too. Can we just put up where people are at? Partially there idea. Not everybody, but a couple SC’s said. Michelle-not for managers or sups to use. It’s to know who is covering what. Eric-wouldn’t it be easier to just go back to specifics on the schedule then? Michelle-we are changing that as well. The A team does this and transport. Eric-not required to put on break? Michelle-no. Paul-they don’t put that on the board. Just the area. Michelle-had a meeting yesterday and leads had no feedback. It was just brainstorming. Paul-breaks might be helpful but don’t need to. Who is where. What do the SC’s want to put on there as a collective group? We are open. Michelle-we haven’t made decisions. We want input.
  2. 2.      Schedule not putting location of work area- Eric-it only says utility pool. No trainings. We get that it’s not for sure and can be moved but everyone likes to have an idea. Tim-we have had people say “I thought I was in CPS today than they are what the heck”. Combined with moose lake that has had issues.  We see hours of work and had lead issues. If approved sick or vacation you can see that and the bid unit. Utility post used to be able to see and then moved around for tomorrows shift. It changes all of the time. Working hours, bid location, hours of work, and leave is on the schedule. Eric-employee engagement and satisfaction. They want to know where they are going. We both need to do a better job at letting them know, it’s not for sure. Tim-I get that but we run into more and more problems. Not isolated. It’s ramping up with special assignments, people have called in sick. They show special assignment. So if ODs have stuff going on, I didn’t know training wasn’t on there. We can look at getting that on there. Eric-yesterday I had training. I got an email but some don’t look and rely on schedule. Tim-announce at shift change? Eric-yeah, but they were blindsided. Tim-we can look at the training. On homepage I saw there is an app? Atlas said there are some testers for msop and may be out in a couple of weeks for android only. Bid location, working hours, everything needed is there, and leave time to cross reference. Eric-suggest you reconsider your decision. A lot of unhappy employees.
  3. 3.      MNA Included in AFSCME contract- Eric-last month grievance about improper overtime distribution of RNs getting LPN overtime. We got the response they are doing the right thing. Why is some of that not represented by the bargaining agreement? Andrew-Denise is not here and she was the one involved. We don’t have a good answer for your question. Paul-can you get one. Andrew-Denise will be back next week to discuss. Eric send email to follow up with Denise. Eric-I assume it was an HR decision. Breamer-put us on there too. Tim-I can send an email too. Eric-I can do it.
  4. 4.      Not putting down on ATLAS for Utility Pool and 1st watch- Eric-inverse hours from 2nd to 3rd is very short and can’t keep people. Why are we still doing that? Tim-we are trying to hire and do hiring every two weeks to increase them. Now we have added an October 30 new employee and first week of December new employee. December 4th. Not skipping like we have in the past. Michelle-there is a work group looking at this so we can get more candidates and hire faster. Tim-by the time we get contact, a lot of them have found jobs so we are ramping it up to get to them. Eric-go to straight 8s for it to be more attractive on 3rd watch.

Management Agenda Items

  1. 1.      Training Security counselors to aid in daily living assistance- Tim-we talked last month on this. We are working on the curriculum.
  2. 2.      South House Counselors claiming meal reimbursements- Michelle-this was Scotts and he is not here.

Add Ons


Adjourned at 1230pm