October 2018 MSOP Meeting Minutes

AFSCME Labor Management MSOP

October 11th, 2018 12:00PM

Pexton 200


Attendance: Bonnie Wold, Paul Rodriguez, Troy Sherwood, Michelle Sexe, Tim Lokensgard, Scott Halverson, Denise Considine, Andrew Cole, Ryan Cates, Eric Hesse, Matt Stenger, Jamie Sheppard, Crystal Kreklow



  1. Follow Up Items
  1. Inverse Numbers: Tim presented the following data: For the pay period of 9/5 to 9/18, 1st Watch had 2 inverses for 15.25 hours, 2nd Watch had 16 inverses for 75.5 hours and 3rd Watch had 15 inverses for 47.5 hours. For the pay period of 9/19 to 10/2, 1st Watch had 4 inverses for 32.25 hours, 2nd Watch had 12 inverses for 62 hours, and 3rd Watch had 12 inverses for 45.75 hours. Tim stated 140 hour total per pay period.
  1. OT Total Hours Each Month: Eric requested that the union get the total amount of overtime hours worked each month on top of the inverse numbers. Tim then presented the following data: For both pay periods (9/5-9/18 & 9/19-10/2), there were 1,265.5 hours of total overtime worked, with 22% of those hours being forced.
  2. Scheduling Intermittent Staff: Eric stated that he is hearing concerns from staff that with all the overtime and inversing going on, that there is an intermittent security counselor being scheduled to work in property. Tim stated that he made sure that that staff should be getting called and not scheduled hours. Tim also stated that they should be looking at what days of the week it is and maybe on the heavy days be scheduled in property. Eric asked if he should then be getting scheduled or assigned to the units then and Tim replied not necessarily and that they would see how things are going down in property.
  3. Hospital Coverage – Restraints for Non-Restrained Clients: Eric brought up that he has heard some concerns from staff about possibly getting it written in policy or at least have it practiced that if a client is in the hospital that doesn’t have to be restrained or has a restraint waiver that restraints be brought with in case of an emergency, especially in light of what happened recently when a client with a restraint waiver was in the hospital and then tried to leave. Tim asked if this was for in the perimeter or CPS. Eric stated that it was for both due to it being a staff safety issue. Tim said that he’ll makes sure that non-CPS clients that have a restraint waiver or do not require restraints (Phase 3) that a hospital bag with restraints will be brought along, but could not speak for CPS. Michelle then stated that this will not happen for CPS clients and restraints will not be brought to the hospital and it is the expectation for staff to either call 911 or call hospital security for assistance. Michelle also stated that she has to testify in court that we do not use or have restraints for CPS. Jamie asked if this could be in writing so there isn’t confusion. Bonnie and Michelle stated they will look into it.
  4. T-Pass – Control Center Monitoring: Eric stated that there is some concern from Control Center staff feeling they have to supervise the T-Pass system and monitoring who scans in and who doesn’t. They feel like it should be on supervisors to monitor this and there should be random audits conducted for compliance rather than Control Center having to wave people down to scan n or out. Tim responded that this is meant as a safety measure for staff to ensure people are staff for one that enter the facility and to make sure they know who is all within the perimeter. Control Center staff were told they can slow things down to make sure everyone scans in. Bonnie stated that it’s a new system and had the supervisors remind their staff to scan in before entering and to scan out before leaving and also had a homepage announcement regarding this issue. Jamie brought up the point that Control Center staff are consistently multi-tasking within the Control Center by answering phone calls, monitoring the cameras, opening doors, to name a few, and that they might miss someone scanning in and out. The staff in the Control Center feel it will be on them if they miss someone. Tim stated that it is on the person to scan in and out. Tim said they are encouraged to notify a supervisor or write a report if there are “repeat offenders”. Eric asked if it’s Control Center’s responsibility to not let a person in or out if they don’t scan or refuse to scan. Tim said they would support them if they decide to not let them in or out until they scan. Eric said that should be a supervisor’s call, not a security counselor. Tim stated that they should then call the OD. Eric then asked about the positioning of the badge scanners. He brought up that in a worst-case scenario, someone badges in, but does not get let into the sally port, and then the building explodes, if that staff member decides to leave, people will be looking for them inside of the perimeter since they badged out. Tim asked where they should be then and Eric replied that it should be in the sally port because you are then technically inside the secure perimeter. Denise stated that the badge scanners are in the sally port at Moose Lake. Jamie stated Crystal’s visitor badge and also Ryan’s and Matt’s badges didn’t work when they were told to scan in. Tim stated they will look at outside badges and visitor badges and will also look at the placement of the scanners.


  1. TB Screening Requirements: Bonnie stated that there will be a TB Screening clinic set up for November 5th thru the 9th where people can get their TB test. There will be a homepage announcement regarding it. She also stated that there will be a deadline of December 14th and if staff have not had their test done and read by that date, then staff will not be allowed to work until it is completed.


Meeting Adjourned at 12:20pm