November 2021 Membership Minutes part 4

Executive Board: Jamie Schwartz- Please send me your grievances and responses if you haven’t done so already! I don’t care how old they are. There are several stewards that I never or rarely hear from and I know are filing grievances. We need to do better than this! I really need Chief Stewards to help with this process to ensure I’m getting what I need. I would like to put some stats together for the year, but it’s hard when I don’t receive responses.

I’m sorry but I do not agree that parents should be included for death of a family member for several reasons. You anticipate losing your parents at some point, but you do not expect to become a widow before 55 or to ever have to bury your child. Are step-parents, foster parents, grandparents who raised them included? I don’t like it, its messy and too hard to track. Since I was not present at the November meeting and this was not my original proposal, I think this needs to be discussed again at the December meeting and have a revote, if that is even possible.


Also, when it comes to spending over x amount of dollars (specific amount needs to be discussed) on something that is not urgent, for example sweatshirts, the topic should be proposed and discussed at the meeting, notes on discussion in the minutes, and voted on the following month to allow members to know what is up for vote, so they can have input. I am 100% against spending $30,000 on sweatshirts, I voted no, but it’s not in the minutes and I want members to know that I am against this.


I have been answering a lot of questions about holidays, overtime, new lead process, and not having nursing at CPS after 5pm and leaving it up to the A-team to make the call.  More to come on that. Seems like there has been a lot of investigations lately and management choosing the steward for our members. You have the right to choose your own steward!



In Solidarity,


Jamie Schwartz-E-Board


Executive Board: Eric Manriquez-

Attended Forensic Meet & Confer, E-Board meeting and the General membership meeting.


One grievance filed regarding OT distribution.


Spoke/met with several GMW’s regarding overtime sign-up/distribution outside of their work area, with a follow-up that they are now able to pick up overtime in work areas outside of their own.



Chief Steward Kurt Crosby- Attended Meet and confer, as well as Gen Membership. Also sat several investigations. Thank all the members who attended the meeting. The sweatshirts will be decided next meeting, and the officer nominations are next month as well. Please be sure to come and see who is running, or to throw your own hat in the mix!!


Please remember to try and help with the gift drive, a small gift means a lot to any kid that doesn’t have any!!!


Also, at Gen Membership, the members voted in new union death benefit donations, please be sure that you reach out to any officer for more information. The union officers cannot possibly track members family losses, but we would like to know if you suffer a loss so the union can get you the small benefit that was voted in.


Holiday party idea, members have suggested that we rent out the event center in St Peter(the old Armory) and possibly have a Vegas themed Christmas party. Let me know your thoughts please, ideas, or any other suggestions. We want to get something together before the next meeting so we can have a vote on it. Thanks!!


There have been several suggestions on the mandated vaccine mandate, and the stance that the union has is that while we feel it is everyone’s right to vaccinate, and we would hope everyone takes all precautions to keep co workers safe, we are not supporting a mandate of any kind.


Speak up and be heard!! 




Annie Jakacki-

Motion to adjourn by Adam, 2nd by Jake. Motion Passes

Meeting Adjourned at 1233PM