November 2020 MSOP Meet and Confer

AFSCME MSOP Labor Management

November 12, 2020

Human Resources Room/Conference



Attendance: Adam Castle, Nick Weerts, Ryan Cates, Eric Hesse, Troy Sherwood, Tim Lokensgard, Ryan Kern, Nikki Boder, Paul Rodriguez, Annie Jakacki, Michelle Breamer



Follow Up Items

  1. A.     Inverse Numbers: Tim-10 staff on 1st watch for 27.25 hours. 12 staff on 2nd watch for 40 hours. 40 staff on 3rd watch for 173.5 hours. Eric-Was there any trend going on as to why? Tim-We are watching 1st watch staffing right now.
  2. Overtime Numbers: OT 240.5. Total 1083.5 Hours for October
  3. Health Services: Michelle-120.5 hours. No inverse hours. Just AFSCME staff.
  4. 1.      PPE Supply: Michelle-Still good with all of the PPE. Troy-We have plenty of disinfectant. Steve was also getting smaller bottles to hand out more to staff. Used for hand sanitizer and for wiping things down.
  5. 2.      Health Services ATLAS Update: Michelle-We will be moving forward to having st peter use atlas for overtime, scheduling and vacation. We are going to try to get together with Jamie to make sure everything is up to date. When we post the next schedule, that should be on atlas
  6. 3.      Health Services Staffing Update: Michelle-We were able to fill shadow position which created an open .8 lpn position, which is open. Still have 2 RN positions open. Hope to post the lpn position at end of week. Nick-are temporary rns still on the schedule for extra shifts? Michelle-yes. We were able to extend until January. One is January and one is later. Kern-I thought it was through the end of January. Nick-Change to schedules for lpn previously working 10 hours? Michelle-yes, they reviewed the notice they will be changing to 8 hour shifts to assist with covering department needs. We have 3 open positions that are left open. We are able to schedule 10 shifts instead of 8 which decreases burnout and leave. Nick-just lpns changed? Michelle-Rns as well. We need to give 8 weeks’ notice to them, but we are working with MNA to see if we can decrease that. Hesse-The nurses are not happy about it. Michele-I did talk to them about it but we need to do this to accommodate the facility. We will reevaluate every 3 to 6 months. Nick-you posted the shadow spot? Michelle-It got through the approval but it had not been signed off. We hope it will be by end of day. Nick-when is the last day of the nurse who quit? Michelle-yesterday. We will be posting that soon. Nick-Health services morale is not the greatest. We need to fill these vacancies quickly. Nikki-some of it is not due to staffing. We have a conflict management group working on this as well. They are a dhs group that works to get to the core of issues. They work with staff in the department in different ways. They ask questions to all staff and compile the information. Pull the team together without supervisors and build on concerns and solving issues. Develop skills to question things in the moment or resolve conflict before it builds. All meetings are done and have group meeting on Tuesday. Nick-With all of the schedule changes, that will impact permanent scheduling. Nikki-we will still look at block scheduling while we do this.
  7. 4.      Lead Leveling Process: Kern-we were supposed to have a meeting Friday but got cancelled. I asked Denise about rescheduling and still waiting to hear back. Hesse-It took a back seat due to covid and now Covid is back. I want to give staff a date to look forward to. Troy-we have met with forensics and moose lake and put our suggestions out there. We had it slotted to meet and then get your thoughts on it. It’s getting closer.
  8. 5.      Notification of Not Filling Positions: Hesse-I will keep this as a standing item. Tim-we haven’t had any. Paul-I can’t think of any at the moment. Tim-haven’t had any we can’t fill. Hesse-we got some funding so I assume there will be choices. Paul-every position is being looked at.



New AFSCME Items

  1. 1.      Masking and Shield Requirements/Compliance and Clients: Hesse-Rumor when doing compliance checks. Tim-92 inside. 99 in CPS percent. Tim-That is true. Hesse-will they be getting talked to. We would hope that would happen first. Paul-we are looking at patterns. If we randomly see someone forget…but if its always the same person, we would start to mention it and progress from there. At CPS it isn’t an issue at 99 percent. Hesse-I don’t know if its just fatigue. Troy-we are doing more audits as well. Paul-we do multiple areas many times to get a broader view. Nick-how are we doing with providing masks to staff when needed? Tim-I haven’t heard of any issues. Nick-what type of justification do I need when I say I need a new mask? Tim-I don’t suppose any but I haven’t heard. Nick-are there certain criteria you want when getting one? Tim-no. Troy-I haven’t heard anyone have an issue. Tim-we have had a staff grab 12 so that isn’t acceptable. Nick-I have heard people being told by od to staple, tie, or why do you need another one? Tim-give me those specifics and I will follow up. Nick-if It’s an expectation and I say I need one, that should be enough. Hesse-Focus on limiting movement with A team, is there a mask at CPS so they don’t have to come to OD? Paul-Gary or mike can get one. Nick-I was asking as perimeter staff because we are spoiled at CPS. Perimeter Issues. Hesse-Is it true that you are going to encourage staff not to eat or drink in unit station and to seclude themselves. Tim-Yes, that is true. Troy-Its more the snacking inside continually. Its for protection of peers in the station. We hope they can police their own. There are certain staff that don’t have a mask on, then takes a quick drink as to show. We don’t need that happening. Hesse-I can see the eating but as far as not being able to drink water. Paul-not the intent. The intent is the staff keeping mask off while just holding something in their hand. The eating is concerning for spread of covid. Hesse-Shields for transport? Tim-transport staff has said they are fogging up and now looking at goggles instead. JR is working on that.  Hesse-Clients wearing masks is new. Within the next week when enforcing there are questions from staff. PSR clients refusing to wear, what will happen? Working out in the gym? Medical reasons? Phone room, quiet room, etc. Troy-those came up from clients as well. We wanted to roll it out Thursday or Friday but with the increase we have seen, we can’t wait. Went around and met with each unit. Activity Building Is like the gym in the community. Outer yard is still being looked at. PSR clients, we have the movement policy so they don’t need an IPP. Marc is working with his team on that.  BERs and how hard we will push it. We will wait and see how that goes. We don’t want to go into a holiday without knowing. Some clients were boisterous but no issues yesterday. Clients with hearing aids was an issue and we got ear savers. Hesse-Any contingency plans? Troy-we have a large number but not handing it out until everyone has one. Looking at one through turn key that they can get on their own also. Hesse-Will there be a homepage announcement for staff? Troy-I will bring it to the OS group because we are talking about it every day. Hesse-it would be nice to have a central place for it so we can all see answers to all of the questions, not just what I ask personally. Troy-I will talk to the group. Nick-are we looking at any limitation of certain activities? Close proximity activities, TC, etc. Paul-That came up and we put Xs on the floor and we will follow that. We are looking at it again. When things were loosening up but now are tightening up. Sunrise tested how to get people in and out being 6 feet apart. They are addressing that today. Troy-we could use help from membership also. It has loosened up a little too much. Work with the ODs. We are doing an audit next week. Start using the cleaning supplies. Nikki-I advocate everyone should feel comfortable talking to someone about using distancing and wearing masks. A friendly reminder to everyone. we have 5 more in St. peter. We are tired of it too. Hesse-if we are talking to clients, we have to do it ourselves. Troy-clients need the reminder as well to distance also. Tim-Clients are letting us know when staff aren’t wearing them.
  2. 2.      Staffing Assignments: Hesse-When ods make schedule, please have more forethought on where they place staff according to their position. I know there is nothing saying you have to work only where you wor,k but I have been getting emails. Tim-And they can talk to the OD as well. I thought about trying to make sure that a UP isn’t covering numerous places throughout the day as well. Try to be in bid areas. We are getting the ODs to think more about compartmentalizing when we can.
  3. 3.      HIMS Issues: Hesse-Tabling this until next month because no one from HIMS is online today.

Management Agenda Items

  1. Request Cleaning Supplies When An Area Runs Out: Troy-If you are short, request some or go to the OD office when needed. Nick-Will we be getting any wipes? Nikki-Wipes are in backorder and delayed. They actually get confiscated by FEMA when they do come in. We are trying as a system to get wipes back in.
  2. 2.      Time Off Requests Need to Be Submitted Via Email: Tim-I fully understand when there is an emergent request for leave that they call scheduling and ask while not physically there. I am asking that when you do come back, send an email so there is a paper trail of the employee asking for the time off. Saying that you verbally asked for these days off and wasn’t able to email ahead of time. Hesse-does scheduling let that person know, so staff doesn’t forget? Tim-I think we can do that. We can have scheduling send an email. Hesse-I don’t want someone forgetting and then it not being honored. Nick-Will the Atlas app be up and running again? Tim-I can ask again. Nick-I asked Jamie and she didn’t know either. Emails are only required if unable to request through Atlas due to being away or emergent situations.


Add Ons


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