November 2020 FMHP Meeting Minutes

AFSCME Labor Management MSH

November 19, 2020  1230PM

Administration Building


Attendance: Adam Castle, Steve Wilking, Alex Flores, Ryan Cates, Emilio Florez, Annie Jakacki, Scott Melby, Marvin Sullivan, Alli Kuhlman, Carol Olsen, Michelle Chalin, Roxanne Portner, Denise Considine.


Reflection/Celebration: Scott-Continue to do well at the facility with masking, cleaning, social distancing, and keeping each other safe. Carol-Ask everyone to be respectful with each other in this meeting. There are times when our focus doesn’t help facilitate a good meeting.

Standing Agenda Items:

  1. Osha Information-Handouts
  2. 2.      Overtime Information-Handouts

Old Business




  1. 1.      COVID Issues: Ryan-What are numbers for positive staff? Scott-I will look it up but as of yesterday going back to march, 55 staff have tested positive. Cates-How many for the month of November? Roxanne-About 23 staff for this month so far. Its peaking now. Cates-Why do certain supervisors not have to be screened? Scott-Everyone needs to be screened coming on to campus. Cates-Wills and Seaquist is who isn’t being screened, is who I am hearing. Carol-Everyone should be screened. Scott-Last Friday, Carol fell and hurt herself. I had to go back and forth 5 times. I asked if I needed to go through and they said “yes, you do.” So, everyone needs to be screened. Marvin-The reports are based on eye witness accounts. Scott-I will follow up. Carol-Follow up from that safety meeting we had earlier. There was a staff who covered screening from nursing home. When someone is asses as high risk, we don’t want that person working with compromised individuals. No one is within close contact for more than 30 seconds. Cates-our understanding is that everyone has to be screened, so putting someone there, this is exposing them to more people and every program on campus. Steve-Touch door handles, etc. Transmission based precautions. Carol-point well taken. Roxanne-It’s an area we have need. You should be practicing hand hygiene. They aren’t symptomatic, just bee exposed to someone. But I see your view on this.
  2. 2.      Defined Work Areas: Steve-Do we have an outcome as far as SC and SCL? Alli-there was a meeting by management on this. Intent was to clarify bidding process. Sounds like it isn’t necessary on that form so I will update it and get that back to you.
  3. 3.      Lead List: Cates-I was looking for an update. Alli-There was a meeting with management in Moose Lake and St. Peter MSOP and Forensics. We are still looking at the process. Trying to navigate what would be a minimum qualification. Looking at another meeting at the end of the month. There has been a lot of conversation on this.

New Business


  1. 1.      DCT Nurse Wellness and Resiliency Survey: Roxanne-We did a survey 2 years ago. We will be resurveying staff from December 1st to the 15th. 
  2. 2.      Event Summary-We had not had LPNs on this but we are going to include them on this going forward.
  3. 3.      In Person Grievance Meetings: Scott-Dialing back like what the governor is doing. We are doing everything we can to use technology to minimize risk. We will be using technology for grievance proceedings. We will use the phone or skype for these meetings. Carol-Does it work for AFSCME to use skype so we can see each other? Cates-We don’t have an issue but it is difficult to have a room. We can’t log in to the video from here. Cates-You call investigations on staff in person but won’t do lauder mills in person. Scott-In recent weeks we have seen a large increase which has impacted us many ways. We aren’t having visitors, interns, etc. Conditions have changed. Annie-All of these people are expected to come to work, how is that different than going to an investigation? They should be able to do that as well. Scott-are you working remotely? Annie-Yes, we aren’t talking about me right now. I am talking about staff forced to come into work. Scott-There is a governor’s order to use video when possible. I prefer to be in person like we used to but we can’t. Our staff are direct care, just like a hospital. I understand we need to come in but we need to limit when we can. Marvin-Respectfully Scott, there is no reason we can sit 6 feet apart for a grievance meeting. There is no greater risk if we are wearing masks and using hand hygiene. I have more of a risk getting my temp checking in the morning at 1 foot apart. Scott-I hear you; we will monitor this. If for some reason grievance meetings aren’t effective, we can reconsider. One of you stewards requested a phone meeting earlier this week. Annie-Did you guys have all meetings virtually before, when this started. Carol-I believe we did. I do all of my check in meetings virtually. We started in March of this year. Denise-it was in March when we started virtual. The first step was not allowing additional people on campus. We have been doing this since the first dial back. Annie-Bigger meetings have done virtual but the other meetings have been done in person. Carol-I don’t think we have been in person. Marvin-Intent to have investigations done virtually? Carol-I believe a lot of them happen at work. So, getting supervisors to talk to them while at work is what happens. Marvin-That is no different than me talking to you for a grievance. Emilio-To me it seems its based on what benefits the business than our employees. Carol-I guess we can start doing them virtually. Emilio-We are pinpointing these issues. If we are doing everything possible, then we will be doing them virtual. We should be all in, not picking and choosing. You had an RNs working that day and would be sitting there all day monitoring him. Luckily you had someone that tested positive and came to the screening tent. He screened all night. Annie-We are asking for consistency. These situations are just picked. Asking for all or nothing. Steve-Scott said he had a steward request phone interview. Who was that? Scott-I called the steward to meet. He said worked best over the phone. It was Kurt Crosby. It all worked out fine.



  1. Coverage Process: Cates-We agreed to do coverage last week. It happened on my unit. The least senior staff has not ever covered. These things we agree on should be followed. I called the AODS and they said this is how we do it. Scott-Did they use float report? Cates-I am not sure. I just know the AODS said too bad. Happened last week. Scott-How often? I will follow up.
  2. Weekend Slots on UP for unfilled slots: Cates-You guys haven’t been filling these. Weekend slots aren’t being opened up.
  3. Oak SCL Reductions: Steve-Used to be 4 and 1 moved to ironwood and another vacant. There are now 2. Are we not filling those on oak? Or re allocating? Cates-Leads are important. Asking SCs to do more work. I don’t understand why they aren’t being filled. Alli-Liz does the lead list posting. She will be listing one tomorrow. Roxanne-We moved one to ironwood so they would have 2 for the time being. Cates-They are short staffed the way it is and bringing in coverage staff.
  4. Mask Usage for Security Services, Upper Access and Patrol Truck: Cates-Told that when they are alone, they have to wear a mask. I understand the idea but they can sanitize when they are done with work. I have been on video calls and you guys aren’t wearing a mask. Why should our members have to? Carol-this came up at safety committee as well. They reached out to infection control. This was the recommendation. We can ask questions about that. I would say in my office, I don’t have anyone else coming into my office when I leave. Unlike vehicles and access booths. I can ask again but I think they wasn’t to protect our staff. Steve-This is my department. We walk around a lot of areas. Through various disciplines, we see combined offices throughout that are in the office and they are not following it either. Ryan is referring to a double standard. In these areas. They are by themselves; it seems they are being targeted. We want that to be realized that a department is being singled out. Carol-I will make sure to ask other questions like that. We should not have a double standard. I can follow up.
  5. Screening Area Issues: Cates-Thermometers work but aren’t accurate. What is the point if staff go in anyway with fevers? Security Services being asked to cover due to staffing issues. They have extra staff but now we have a member that can’t make it to our meetings due to this. They are being used to cover screening. We have light duty staff being told they don’t have any available. We even have msop offering to do this and you aren’t doing it. Carol-first I am hearing about light duty. Workers comp or non-work comp light duty back in 45 days. Cates-a couple. One was working there and was told there was no more available. WTA needed light duty and was told it wasn’t available as well. Carol-I will follow up. Steve-If we are talking about fiscal responsibility, we are paying overtime for people to cover screening at time and a half when light duty would be making regular pay. Carol-Point taken. We need to screen all employees coming into the facility. There is plenty of information coming from the state. Different ways to take temperatures to be more efficient. I did not know we weren’t accepting light duty and I did not know msop was offering. Any and all suggestions, we are open to. Another issue is staff coming into work not feeling well, but didn’t have sick time. Don’t come in if you are sick. I’m sure you are giving that message to your members. If we need to do a better job screening, I can take that back as well. Steve-With temperature checks and the inaccuracies, there is a face reading device that Security supervisors have in their office. It will take your temp. If we are questioning these thermometers, why aren’t we using this device. Carol-We don’t own that, the company sent us that to try to see if it would work for us. We are attempting to purchase that. It has to go through the system for the purchase. We are considering it.
  6. Staff Being Denied Light Duty but Using staff for Screening:
  7. Utility Pool: Cates-What are you doing with it? Carol-We have a budget deficit. We haven’t decided to not fill them but when a position opens up. We have to look at each position. Is it a position we can hold to save salary dollars? Etc. We have held some positions but not, not filling them. Cates-How many positions has AFSCME lost or decided not to fill since this started. Carol-We continue to post all positions for movement. I have held 5 or 6 from hiring externally. I have held other positions in middle management. I have not held any nursing because we are still short. It is a good topic to have monthly. Roxanne-We had an RN NOC supervisor we are not filling. Annie-Can we be prepared each month to have numbers? Carol-Yes.
  8. Breaks Between Shifts and Screening Area: Cates-Staff having time deducted for screening. This is inversed or doubles. When they leave and then have to be screened when coming back. Some told they took too long and needed to have time deducted. If you are coming thought the screening area and are back on time, it shouldn’t be deducted. Scott-How often has this happened? Cates-1 time that I know of. Scott-Let me know the specifics.
  9. Hourly Breathing Checks on Ironwood in Patient Rooms: Cates-A lot of concern about this. They are done every hour. On the swings, they have to go inside to do checks. Unlike every other unit where you can use a window. They basically wake up the patient every hour. Also have to have a second staff. Can ironwood do rounds like they used to? Beginning, middle and end instead. Carol-Becky was going to address this one. Scott-I’m aware of this. Right now, we are adapting to a new environment. I would not like to decrease the frequency. We have developed protocols for staff to be safe. I will bring it back to Becky to go over ways we can be safe. For now, leave this up to the supervisor and we will continue to look at other ways. Cates-
  10. LPNs Not Allowed to Mutual with RNs: Cates-They should be able to unless it’s a licensing issue. Roxanne-we need to have inversible staff as well. Cates-requiring to LPNS so if it takes them down to 1 or up to 3, you aren’t allowing it. So basically, you can never do it. Roxanne-if you have an example, we can look at it. Cates-It was an issue for shift in progress last month as well. Our LPNs are mistreated. You can’t hire or keep them because they are mistreated. Now you aren’t allowing mutualing. You aren’t going o keep them if you continue to treat them this way. Treated as second class staff, I don’t know why. Roxanne-Its challenging when you have a pool of staff in different unions and you can’t combine the contracts.

Add Ons

  1. Hickory Days Off: Cates-Sunday/Mondays were taken off, wondering why. Scott-I am not prepared with any information.
  2. Positions Being Cut:
  3. LPN Bonuses: Steve-I forwarded an email to Alli. Allie-I looked at that and information related to it. In December of 2019 there was an update when Friday. Communication Jamie had conversation. Include Friday night shift at 9pm. NOC Friday, Early/Late NOC on Saturday. Early/Late Sunday. Annie-what was involved in that discussion. Alli-I believe someone from AFSCME but I don’t know who it was. Annie-I’m curious why I wasn’t involved. Weekend starts on overnights but what about when they voluntarily pick up a shift on their day off. The other language isn’t negated. Its really about the weekend. The other stuff still applies with picking up shifts on days off.
  4. Cates-Last week, had issues with Steve not getting time for msop meet and confer due to lack of staff. It takes place at noon. Steve told they have staff to backfill for the lead meeting but not msop meeting. Then he was scheduled to work the screening area. It seems this is just Steve having the problem, no one else. Someone is against him coming to these. I want it corrected. Alli-I will do some follow up with scheduling and let you know what I find out.
  5. Carol-they will be painting the speed bump. Steve-I go over that at 10mph. its pretty rough on my vehicle. Is this speed bump related to relative speed you are supposed to be traveling? I am going slower than I am supposed to and its very rough. Carol-I assume it was the same as the others on campus. I can reach out to maybe have a degradation done.
  6. Communication within night work areas: Carol-How do you recommend we proceed. Cates-what are you asking? Alli-Liz was working on the nights work areas. She was thinking about going to one work area. Is it something you guys are interested in? Cates-I’m not sure about that. We have a meeting about that tonight and will get back to you tomorrow.


Meeting Adjourned at 140pm