November 2019 MSH Meeting Minutes

AFSCME Labor Management MSH

November 21, 2019 1230PM

Administration Building


Attendance: Adam Castle, Emilio Florez, Ryan Cates, Steve Wilking, Kurt Crosby, Lisa Vanderveen, Alli Kuhlman, Matt Stenger, Crystal Kreklow, Denise Considine, Scott Melby, Emilio Florez, Roxanne Portner, Elizabeth Trandum, Michelle Chalin, Carol Olsen


Reflection/Celebration: Scott-years of service event at summit center. Had a lot of food and good participation. Thanks for staying with us. Roxanne-feedback from nurses and HSSS in FNH. We will allow any color of scrubs that are matching. Can wear holiday patterns December 23 to 25th. Michelle-Boulders in parking lot have been removed.

Standing Agenda Items:

  1. Osha Information-Handouts from Alli.
  2. 2.      Overtime Information-Handouts from Alli.

Old Business:


  1. 1.      Follow up on Medical Authorization for Handling Hazardous Materials:
  2. 2.      90 day follow up on RN/LPN mutual: Roxanne-said it hasn’t come up. MNA asked for 90-day reviews. Heard its going ok. Nothing else I am aware of. Cates-haven’t heard anything, pretty rare if it happens. Stenger-they like to have the option. Roxanne-we will continue on with how it is going.
  3. 3.      Roxanne-Training form. When training was developed, they thought it would be via email. We had no tracking mechanism. We got new pathlore so documentation of training is being tracked there. December 1st we will move forward with this. Stenger-complaints I have heard are while wearing PPE kit and giving meds it will cause arguments between them and patients. Why is it safe for me to take but not for you to give? Roxanne-yeah, we will see how that goes. Hopefully gloves will be a normal thing. Stenger-LPNs feel they will be the target. Carol-hopefully conversation occurs at morning meetings with patients to inform them up front. Roxanne-there were slides on that in training. If issues, we need to know. Stenger-not all attend meetings. Patients on meds, can we have sit down with them about the change? Roxanne-yeah, I can talk to them about that. Carol-we can share that with them. Would be a nice way to approach one on one.



  1. 1.      Atlas Update: Cates-update on app and complaint. To use it you have to give access to contacts and images. Crystal-some apps let you continue if you say no. this doesn’t. Roxanne-I will ask about that. Still working on getting it in apple store. Its in google store for android. Looking at expanded browser capabilities.
  2. 2.      Nurses Inversed to Direct Care Positions: Cates-keeps happening in transition and FNH. a lot of inversing of LPN to HSSS positions. Roxanne-I will look at that. We determine capable and qualified and that’s how it happens if inversing occurs. Stenger-always maintained that we would like to see staff stay in their own class. Not put cross job applications. We have a small pool of nurses. We don’t want to wear them thin. Roxanne-I agree, we would like it done that way but sometimes we have to use others.
  3. 3.      Is there a reduction in inversing at Forensic Nursing Home: Scott-looking at OT numbers… Went down then up and down again. Roxanne-I looked at schedule for 2 weeks. Very few HSSS vacancies unfilled. That’s positive change. Passed weekend was rough but next two weeks looks good.  A lot of success in HSSS for CAN in training. Michelle-more success in filling non in training positions. Several starting in December and January. Stenger-are the classes offered monthly? Carol-one starting in January at South Central. Stenger-if we hire in February and can’t get in. carol-we need to make sure there are openings. Roxanne-we have applicants in a class currently too. Michelle-no interest in the part time, part time at this time.
  4. 4.      Timelines on Grievances: Cates-we talked about consistency. We agreed on 7 days is 7 days. I got step 3 denial saying it was passed on timelines. What we agreed on was it would be within. Denise-you will have to give me the specifics on it and we can go over it. cates-they were from the month before. Should have been since we agreed on that. I will forward to Denise. Still in agreement on this? Denise-yes, correct. Thursday to Thursday. Elizabeth-for your timelines, just talking about these. Steve-for 21 days, you don’t count today. Denise-so 21 days is 21 days. Thursday to Thursday.

Steve-Responses are coming back slow and need to file extensions often. Elizabeth-same issue but 10 grievances. Outside of that? Cates-yeah, outside of that. Scott-sometimes I want to get them done asap. I have struggled to match schedules up. Steve-I have sups that aren’t reaching out initially. Not okay filing extension when no one reaches out to me. Its occurring at all steps. Crystal-when we ask for extension, we need to put a date on it also. Elizabeth-Scott, would it be okay to let me know who it is? Scott-yes. I know with night ODs its tough to get a hold of them. Scott-get specifics to us on those. Usually it instant with Alli.

 New Business:


  1. 1.      Aspen: Lisa-it has been high priority to move construction forward here. We need to get them in for timeline. We need to vacate by December 16th. Looking at patients and where they will fit within the groves. Looking at where they fit. Becky and Derek met with aspen team on Tuesday.  They let them know of the change. Came on suddenly. Not sure how staffing will look. Want them to know it is temporary. Units on east open up and team can regroup. Hoping staff can follow where patients go. Clinical looking to see if they can maintain caseload. Announcement went out today on SharePoint. Rumor is that we are trying to disband the group. This is not true. Stenger-will staff maintain days off they had on the unit? Some staff took bid for days off. Scott-right now, no, not planning that. Days off are evaluated across the program. We wont mess with rotations or days off. Its balanced. Carol-intention is to bring that team together. The units we are opening up is delayed until December. After all spaces get licenses, we can get them in January/February. Steve-the team will regroup? Anticipation is to take the original and put back? Carol-similar how we did before. Aspen moved to new spaces as a team as they exist now. Cates-while split up, lose to birch, willow. Will it affect those staff to cover? Scott-probably be assigning staff to cover and floating people. Cates-reduce overtime? Carol-still serve same number of patients. Any increase of population will need staffing. Cates-date on move? Lisa-hoping to have it broke up over next 3 weeks. A few patients each week. 12 on aspen right now. carol-Construction Company wants to start on the 16th. Allows us to keep the swing between aspen and birch. 3 beds in redwood. Scott-sometimes when we are moving quickly, we have more behaviors. We may need more staff. Possible this could increase overtime. Not engaging anything to increase overtime. Cates-I’m worried about it happening in the moment. Scott-staff has been receptive to what we need. We have tendency to be more cautious. Carol-we did a lot of drills last time. We will probably do this again. Forest view is not changing as to what clientele we have. Still evaluate on clinical status. Keep asking unit supervisors, unit directors of any questions.



  1. 1.      Coaching being done by email: Cates-complaints staff received emails from sups and then placed in file. Not talked to personally, just emails put in as coaching sessions. If you are coaching it is to improve the staffs work. It should be done in person. Lisa-being done a lot? Cates-a little bit. Scott-we agree with you on this. Kurt-some have to do with ancillaries. Who has to sign it? Carol-laid out in policy clearly. Kurt-you can see it online and people are seeing directors not on the list. Lisa-some edits are being done as we speak. Grove leadership will read and sign. Any questions, its clear in the policy. Stenger-we need to take into people not being able to get it done. Some staff weren’t able to sign then was disciplined. Its out of his control. Lisa-I encourage them to talk to a supervisor. Stenger-no one was available and was out of his control. Lisa-I agree, we need to look at the situations like that. Stenger-I will send the information to Lisa. Lisa-I agree with you.
  2. 2.      Shifts at Forensic Mental Health Program: Lisa-I do appreciate the feedback. I want a good shift exchange but I believe 630 to 230, 130 to 930, and 9 to 7….decision is. I like the hour overlap with those shifts. We thought we chose the best shift times. Thank you, its nice to have that completed. Carol-there were some nasty emails about ruining our lives by forcing management to come to shifts. Heard it was on the Facebook page. Its unfair. We made that decision because we thought it was best for mental health program. Not supporting one grove over another. Stenger-I addressed people if I heard anything. Was not driven by us.  Lisa-The times will be changed after the holiday. Kurt-I heard good things from people. I was happy with the feedback I got. Carol-we can’t satisfy 100 percent of people.


Add Ons:

  1. 1.      LPNs Splitting Voluntary overtime shifts: Steve-We had talked about splitting inverses but would be a headache. Sometimes it happens. I want the official if they can or can’t. Roxanne-I am not ready to give answer, it did come up in MNA yesterday as well. Steve-to me it looks like if people are willing to split it, I say why not. Scott-until someone files a grievance. I ask if you have a position. We will take a look at it. Stenger-my concern as well. Roxanne-MNA is going to propose some language around it. when AODS was not in place, was not offered as partial according to contract. We will see what they come up with. I can see your point but there is a lot of challenges and opportunities for mistakes. Carol-sometimes happening…Steve-yes, why ok sometimes? Carol-we need to be consistent. Scott-I am guessing supervisors hear the pain and they try to help out then this causes inconsistency but I want consistency too Steve.
  2. 2.      Radios: Steve-brought up at safety meeting. In conjunction to ICS in nursing home. Talked about cross patches. Current ESS was able to get up and running. Long ICS at FNH who operates on channel 5. Cross patch losing transitions. Had software issues. Moved to channel 11 which solved issues with console for the moment. We have had trouble for quite some time. We would like to pursue new software if possible. I have asked Michelle and Scott for consideration with moving FNH to channel 11 to help the issues. If we need a resource, we may bring system down. Emilio-cross patching never worked then and still doesn’t. Carol-only one from the FNH? Steve-not entirely, SS operates on channel one. We need cross patch or switch from desired channel if ambulance comes in. Stenger-not on north campus. We still initiate on radio so people in front can hear and come. Steve-Channel 1, 3, 5 and 11 would all require a patch. When I was training the employee, I have never seen it go down this hard. We had to go back and reprogram all settings and layouts. Scott-time to revisit. I don’t have an answer today. You will be consulted in the future too. Adam Queen should be involved too.
  3. 3.      Transport Team: Steve-would those individuals them move to transport team from Aspen? Scott-Dead bids. Right now, we aren’t ready to move forward with that. That is something we are looking at. There is value in it. looking at 6 FTEs. Fri/sat or sat/sun 7 to 3. Not sure how to handle vacation. Still discussing. I don’t think it should be part of the other pool. I anticipate high seniority interest in this. We could run into not having any transport team working. I don’t have a solution. I am interested in ideas. Steve-any discussions as far as a go to person/lead to get more info? Scott-just the 6 specialist positions. Nowhere I could take a lead from. We did that before and had to put it back.
  4. 4.      Shift availability and days off: Steve-its for the overnights vacation not merged. Do we anticipate that moving? Lisa-still looking at that. Scott-we are aware of it not meshing right and we have to find a way to address it. we don’t have a positive course of action. We would rather do it the way it is going rather than change it right now.

Adjourned at 133pm