November 2018 MSOP Minutes

AFSCME Labor Management MSOP

November 8th 2018

Pexton 289


Attendance: Adam Castle, Matt Stenger, Crystal Kreklow, Ryan Cates, Eric Hesse, Jamie Sheppard, Molly Kennedy, Michelle Sexe, Troy Sherwood, Paul Rodriguez, Bonnie Wold, Michelle Breamer, Denise Considine



  1. 1.      Follow Up Items
    1. A.     OT/Inverse Numbers- 10/3 1st watch 18 staff for 49 hours. 2nd watch 8 staff for 20.5 hours. 3rd watch 7 staff for 49.25 hours. 10/17 to 10/30 1st watch 10 staff for 29.76 hours. 2nd watch 5 staff for 29.5 hours. 3rd watch 4 staff for 19.5 hours.

New AFSCME Items

  1. 1.      Investigations-Audio Recorders- Hesse- Management using audio recorders. Asking that we can also. A lot of times the questions are being fired off and stewards can’t keep up. Keep the field even. Molly-if we did this in the past, we would sign a waiver if it was in the perimeter. If outside we didn’t have to. Denise-we have a policy that says interviews may be used by interviewer only. Molly-what is the date? Denise- ill look it up and send it to Crystal. This should be part of the process then. Denise-like anything else it would be part of the step to get the recording. Hesse-any way to get the policy changed so we can as well? Denise-ill look to see if it’s DCT wide or MSOP only and the author.
  2. 2.      CPS Staffing/No extra staffing for visits or reductions-Hesse-People saying they don’t have staff for visits anymore. Just coming from the coverage number. Michelle-first I have heard so I will look into it. We used to have movement coordinator on two units so that gives them ability to be more mobile but ill look. Hesse-reduction in staff. One bid to first watch but I heard it wasn’t being filled. Michelle-two were posted today. Hesse-also heard you want to reduce staff on overnights? Michelle-that’s news to me. Molly-well we have two on a unit so there is a float. Bonnie-there are 4 staff going through the process right now. One lead list and two starting on the 28th. 9 empty spots.
  3. 3.      Transport Staff covering instead of transporting-Hesse-staff seeing increase of covering units while others go on the transports. Especially in CPS. They are the experts and know everything. When they go to these facilities. The hospital staff are having issues with the covering staff. Michelle-I haven’t heard anything from the hospital. We have different phases and some don’t go in restraints. Transports have the expertise. My direction is that these other staff shouldn’t be covering with these new clients going on outings. There are also reviews that need to be done. We have outings staff for CPS. Hesse-yes they are experts in restraints but also everything else as well. You don’t have unit staff going on transports. Michelle-they are also restrained in the perimeter. I hear it all the time they are in the perimeter working. Hesse-coming from transport staff, they are transport staff. Troy-how many of these was in the perimeter if we need to talk to OD. Hesse-Mainly at cps.
  4. 4.      Incentive MOU Rollout-Denise-still working on the processes for it and how to implement it. I can follow up wit Melissa. But I think we are close. Her and Connie need to work through the process stuff
  5. 5.      Facility Audit-Feedback form staff that first day seemed kind of like looking to get people in trouble. One incident with Troy Weiers. Seems like it should have been more like here to help each other out instead of looking around. Bonnie-their job was to do that. Staff have been cooperative. They weren’t looking to say “gotcha.” Looking and finding things and fixing it. Professionalism is expected. No one got in trouble. I think it got bigger than it should have. Hesse-the allegation was not true in his mind. Bonnie-no one is looking to get someone in trouble. Crystal-wasn’t video there to show it was false? Bonnie-we did
  6. 6.      A-Team Covering-Hesse-OD increase in having them cover and they can’t respond. A team covered spiritual for over an hour. Bonnie-that’s not true. If they have an incident they call using the radio for coverage. If something happens they can call. Stenger-why not use that to begin with? Troy-because we might have to use someone on the unit. We are using defacto instead of leaving a unit short. Hesse-we are asking for communication that this is the process. Troy-we can follow up and talk to Jesse.
  7. 7.      Extended Care Unit-Molly-concerns about use with Hoyer. A group got trained in and didn’t feel comfortable. Michell-nursing is being trained. It requires 2 to operate safely. There won’t always be staff needed but if there is, we are training people. Troy-we are doing the best we can communicating with folks. It really was that security staff would only assist with what nurse needs. We wouldn’t ask counselors to do this, only as a backup to assist. Michelle-like get the straps on or something like that.
  8. 8.      Spiritual Services-Hesse-some staff covering are expressing concern with a secondary service going on as well. Keeping an eye on the shed with sharps and where they need to be. It doesn’t give them a good view. Set up for failure. Troy-we had talked about looking at spreading out at different times. Ill look and follow up but she is on vacation. Hesse-or if they need to use the bathroom in activity building. They  are taken away
  9. 9.      Future Labor Management Meetings Location-Asking if we can have it here because it’s a neutral site. Molly-nicer for grievances for people from the outside. Bonnie-we will try to get this room but not sure about the availability Denise-we will follow up and change location on the invite.
  10. 10.  2nd watch lead to list-Molly-it’s been 2 years since this has happened. When things land on 2nd watch we may skip over 3rd round and go to the next. Almost undoable right now but there are people that have been waiting for this. Hesse-there are hardly any lead positions in general. Bonnie-can we have time to think? Molly- Yes
  11. 11.  Intermittent working in property-Molly-if it’s an ongoing need, I see him all the time. Why not make that a work out of class. Good hours, but it would be a good position for someone. Paul-actively looking for solutions it’s been on our radar as well. We are going to keep talking and find solution. Troy-Steve is doing interviews and that should help.
  12. 12.  Health services in cps. Michelle-Getting close. Most of equipment moved in sunrise. Waiting on exam table and other items and should be open December 1st. Hesse-nursing all the time? Michelle-no, Tuesday with practitioner and a nurse every Friday. At this point not for meds but starting small and go from there.

Management Agenda Items

  1. 1.      Denise-The investigation policy is a DHS policy that states that audio recorders are used by the investigator and I will send it to crystal. July of 2018 last revision day updates august 3rd of 18 but I believe it has been in for quite some time. Crystal-can you send me what it looked like before. Denise-I can’t but Connie can.

Adjourned at 1230pm