November 2018 MSH Minutes

AFSCME Labor Management MSH

November 15, 2018 1230PM

Administration Building


Attendance: Crystal Kreklow, Marvin Sullivan, Steve Wilking, Kurt Crosby, Ryan Cates, Scot Melby, Carol Olsen, Alli Kuhlman, Michelle Chalin, Denise Considine


Reflection/Celebration: Scott- celebration for years of service went well. A lot of folks were there.  Good event.  Carol- giving appreciation to physical plant.  Please recognize your peers.

Standing Agenda Items:

  1. OSHA Information-Handouts from Alli. Asking Steve Guse to do a comparison.  There is a reduction in staff incidents.  Steve will put the information together
  2. 2.      Overtime Information-Handouts from Alli.

Old Business:


  1. 1.      Expense Reimbursement: Carol- working on universal policy before finance does anything different

Crystal- eta on that

Marv- do we have an idea of what that looks like.  Brought up parking being post taxed vs. pre-taxed. 

Denise- depends on how it is submitted

Matt- if you do it like a business expense it is not. Talking about 1. Being taxable 2. Being no taxable

Crystal- need clarification on coding.

Carol- unaware of any of the major specifics…. It’s in the policy. Scott- has the cash advance.  Has the process to get cash.  People don’t plan ahead.  Need to put in an expense form.  Carol- had sent email and haven’t gotten response….no eta

  1. 2.      Kitchen Shift in progress Vacation:

Carol- rolling out a new schedule.  Disagreement between 2 supervisors and need to get on the same page.  They want to roll out the new schedule before they identify a SIP process.  Also waiting for the AODs to get involved. 

Matt- informed kitchen staff that AFSCME can’t supervise AFSCME

Carol- we need to get there and not have an inconsistent process. 

Marv- as of right now they are not granting SIP.  Says we are granting it some days and not some days.

Carol- supervisors were informed that we need to be consistent. 

Matt- Jan 9th kitchen staff schedule well be rolled.  They will be contacted via email to assist in rolling out the new schedule.

  1. 3.      Radio on Channel 1 for Security Services:

Carol- in having conversations with Brian and Dan.  They want to stay with channel 1 for security services.  If SS wants to put together a meeting with supervisors and tell the why’s.  She will stand behind their decisions to stay on channel 1.



  1. LPN Vacation Requests similar to RN’s – Compete for SIP/SNV

Ryan- we a couple months ago brought up about LPNs to have Vacation a year out.  They do compete for SIP w/ RNs.  They are competing for vac.  

Carol- do you have specific days. 

Ryan- SIP and vacation are one in the same.  RN’s are saying no to LPN and giving it to RN.  Stating that vacation is in the same pool. 

Kurt- add on to that.  LPNs are stating that it is hard to get LPN to work out there.  Treat them the same.  Asking for MOU. 

Marv- SIP needs to get looked at.  Need to have a process.   Used to be go through your RN senior.  Now it’s how can you contact the RNOD and some are asking when they come in the door.  Other programs are getting left out…. For example Bartlett LPN.

Carol- are you hearing this from certain programs?

Marv- mostly from MSH

Scott- there is no process there is no shift in process.  Talked about granting it to someone at 3 and someone called later.

Marv- referred to a specific incident.  States that there is no process for the SIP.


  1. Kitchen SNV Process

Covered from above

Carol- saying they are doing a lot of office movement.  Mostly MAPE staff.  We are going to be using the administrative areas for practitioners.  Scott and Brian are moving to second floor of summit.  Tom moving to admin by Steve Guse.  A lot of moves and there will be many more.  She will get this out on a communication. 



New Business:


  1. AFSCME: Rescinding Vacation- Why is 14 days important?

Ryan- referred to nursing home.  Referred to a specific incident.  TO allow for rescinding inside 14 days.  Never an agreement on 14 days.  He contacted Jodi from scheduling and she stated it was labor.

Scott- AFSCME was no allowed or interested.  Didn’t want to have someone rescind and not allow someone to get that vac.  Asked if there was language.

Ryan- wanted to allow for people over 14 days to be allowed to get vac.


Carol- didn’t want people playing games. 

Crystal- there was never anything agreed to. 

Scot- asked for recommendations

Ryan- if we were going to ask it would be 14 days prior to posting. 

Ali- referred to contract. 

Scott- someone wasn’t allowed to rescind within 14 days.  If it works for us….. We will allow for them to rescind.  If not then you took vac. So now you can keep it.

Ryan- talked about someone who took vac. And didn’t have enough time to cover the vac.  If it was not rescinded then they would go into ETL status.  Ryan referred to contract about the posting of more than 14 days.

Denise- there is supplemental contract stuff.  Stated transition.  MSH says it may be cancelled if your balances are not sufficient. 

Ali- talked to Jodi.  They are connecting to Sema 4 to keep an accurate balance.

Matt- talked about vac. already on books then mom dies and takes three days. 

Denise- talked about vacation on books and using SIP throwing things off

Carol- if someone rescinds vac. It puts an extra body in the building

Ryan- what we are saying is that there was no agreement.

Denise- MSH has no language.

Scott- at MSH we were trying to help with people getting vacation then rescinding it. 

Denise- read contract and it stated about 5 days or more but noting on 1 day. 

Carol- allow people to rescind the vac.  That’s what you’re asking.

Ryan-we are willing to talk. There was no agreement.  Just wondering why it’s stated 14 days.

In past they have never had an issue with rescinding but with the lack of OT there is becoming more of an issue of rescinding.

Denise- Kind of weird to me MSH doesn’t have that langue all the other programs.  What is reasonable?

Crystal- you guys discuss what is a reasonable amount of time and we will do the same.  Want to make sure we have that same conversation.

Carol- so what I’m hearing is that we don’t want that agreement today.

Denise- do we have to have a MOA? 

Crystal- yes if we want it to be consistent.  Don’t want to mess with other programs.  MSH only

We will discuss further.


  1. LPN Issues with Scheduling, Vacation and OT – Meeting

Ryan- How is vacation is run and OT handout?  Nursing and CRP

Scott- AOD office will handle the requests.  What we are trying to do.  Some things in MSH we had to solidify. 

Ryan- LPN asked if labor and management could meet.  Supervisor asked he could meet with just the LPN.  Ryan asked to get a meeting with LPN, labor and management

Matt- Talking about RN bumping LPN to the floor.  If we have abundance of RN they should be working the floor.  We shouldn’t bump LPN out of their role.  Stated that Carrie gave the directive that RN should not work the floor.

Lisa - talked about it has happened recently. 

Marv- what is the difference if we have put the LPN or the RN on the floor.  The needs are met.

Matt- has worked with one LPN and out of 10 shifts 6 have been on the floor.

Lisa- we do call that LPN role a combined role

Matt- under the medical model we are all considered floor staff

Kurt- with the LPN and Rn competing for things.  Saturations RN have been called for LPN spot.

Carol- yeah that has been in last meeting.  She stated that she talked to the supervisors in those areas and informed them that is should be offered to than LPN role.

  1. 3.      Fraser – FSSS required to replace RT responsibilities

Ryan- when RT removed from employment.  FSS were told to cover RT duties.  1. Are they capable to fill the RT job?  2. Backfill the job.  Would like to have that filled by MAPE position.

Scott- we all have worked the units.  Anyone can cover activities.  Groups…. I would have to look into more detail of that.  If they need an extra staff hasn’t been brought to me.  Encouraged to talk to their supervisor.

Kurt- says it was brought up and their supervisors told the staff that they could absorb it.  Maybe have utility pool come down to backfill. 

Scott- issues is really the coverage.  Will follow up with the supervisor.

  1. Radios- Channel 1 cannot be heard on scanned/screened Radios

Ryan- made clarification that it’s the supervisor radio. 

Carol- was a security report put in.

Steve- spoke about channel 1 being programmed to security services supervisors/ staff only programmed to channel 1.

  1. Security Services merger and staff frustrations

Ryan- 1. Is cross training.  Hybrid training to keep their proficiencies.  Some staff for months at a time are not getting scheduled for specific areas.  How are they tracking that staff are working in all areas and being proficient?  Working all areas and being proficient is important. 

Carol- some people haven’t been scheduled and so we don’t have about a rotation.  1.5 month it has been going on

Steve- talked about prophecies. 

Marv- were told that if they couldn’t keep up with their proficiency that it would be a performance issue. 

Matt- this was one of our concerns in this work area.   It is hard to stay up to date. 

Carol- Steve in your example we have worked with labor with people that haven’t been able to do that job.  We will continue to evaluate. 

Steve- talked about only 30 percent in and let’s give this some time to work

Marvin- if you’re not proficient this will be a performance issue. 

Scott- there is a difference of not being able to and not wanting to.  If someone is not able to then we will work with them.  Sorry that communication is floating around out there.

Kurt- we have steps we have to take for discipline.  We hope that things are brought up to the supervisor and that the supervisor will follow up.  If someone in MC can’t do the job and it shows they can’t do the job… supervisors need to follow up.  There needs to be a corrective action. 

Carol- supervisors are sometimes are caught in a rock and a hard place.  Is it because they can’t or won’t do good work?

Steve – talked about training. Modules and such. 

Carol- is there a subset of you that could work on those training modules. 

Emilio- they just throw people in there and train them.  The training is not good enough.   There are things that aren’t on the checklist. 

Steve- talked about other staff not being trainers or having the skillset. 

Scott- checks in with supervisors.  He is herein different things of what Steve is saying.

Kurt- talking about how a supervisor taking it a mission to make this his baby.

Many AFSCME staff at the table staying they are talking to supervisors. 

Emilio- this area needs to be fixed before it gets better

Talking about how trainee should work that same schedule with a lead.

Matt- when I worked MSOP master control they did that all the time. 

Emilio- radio states that the policy went into effect on the 6th and he’s not hearing people doing radio checks. 

Carol- they aren’t happening because it hasn’t been communicated due to a process?

Emilio- security services staff tried it and we were told not to

Scott- if we turn on all the radios at once it will crash the system.

Emilio- with the old radios we could do them and now we can’t.  It just sucks. 


Add Ons

Ryan-Staff hospital bill was not paid after an exposure- it was not paid and you suspended him as well. 

Scott- wait a minute that’s not true

Ryan- bill wasn’t paid it was a target on him and he was given that and the appearance.

Denise- where is his insurance that should have paid it

Ryan- pt. had urine thrown in his face and it should have been paid by work comp.

Scott- urine is not an exposure incident.

Ryan- through investigation…. Towel was deemed a weapon.  If work comp doesn’t pay for it….

Scott- exposure comes out of a special budget.  No ono will stop anyone from going to the doctor

Kurt- there is another person on south who had urine in his mouth.  The staff went to the hospital and did a test.  Work comp talked to the hospital.  Work comp stated that the facility stated that you didn’t put on PPE provided and there for we cannot pay for it.

Scott- stated if he received a phone call if you have PPE to prevent urine thrown in face.

Ryan- so basically, I have to work with workman’s comp.

Kurt- are you open for IOD to cover a bill?

Carol- IOD is to cover time, not a bill. 

Kurt add on – many months ago talked about staff signing up for fire watch.  There was supposed to receive special training to do fire watch.   Talked about light duty people doing fire watch.  There is no special training.  Talking about Diane Rogow offering fire watch. 

Carol- Diane didn’t talk to me about that even being an option

Matt- when we asked about this a couple months ago…. why are utility people doing fire watch?

Scott- we cleaned this up a couple months ago… it was nothing more than an orientation. 

Did anyone talk about receiving special training last night?

Kurt- will anyone be able to sign up for overtime.

Carol- if it was in the construction area it received special training. You had to wear hard boots.

Emilio- no we were told to wear a vest, hard hat and glasses. 

Kurt- next topic the AGS position for NOCS.  Security Counselors are waiting to bid on that position. 

Denise- it is not a bid bad.  It is a promotion. 

Carol- they are waiting on me…. We are going to fill it.  I’m trying to make some decisions.

Kurt- I asked for the recording of the minutes. 

Carol- I don’t recall this. There is a lot of work that goes into it. 

Crystal- Would you be ok with us recording our minutes. 

Scott- we do have other agencies that use recording.

Denise- when we do meet minutes for this meeting.  Who is responsible for it? 

Ryan- we are.

Many discussions around the table about using audio recording. 

Scott- doesn’t want to engage of this game of gotcha. 

Ryan- put it on the table to think about it. 

Scott- talked about Implementation of the new scheduling pattern to take place Jan 23, 2019.