MSOP Meet and Confer 8/10/23


AFSCME - Steaed Doehring, Ryan Cates, Eric Manriquez, Nick Weerts, Jamie Schwartz

Management – Bonnie Wold, Troy Sherwood, Michelle Sexe, Tim Lokensgard, Eric Christenson, Michelle Breamer, Nicole Boder, HR Lea Plonty, HR Breanna Bullert



  1. Inverse Numbers

Operations – 1st watch 91 Hours, 2nd Watch 94.25 Hours, 3rd Watch 111 Hours

Health Services – 0 Hours for SP and CPS

  1. Overtime Numbers

Operations – 3,524.75 Hours

Health Services – SP 102 Hours, CPS 15.25 Hours

  1. Vacancy Rates

AFSCME Overall – 15.2%

Saint Peter Overall – 18%

Security Counselor – 19.1%

Security Counselor Lead – 6.9%

  1. Radio Battery Update

Batteries arrived and were distributed to the Units.

MS: CPS has radios coming.

  1. 1st Watch Updates

TL: 1st Watch is down four staff; there were no volunteers for reassignment, so three staff have been reassigned.

3rd Watch has 12 Vacancies.

2nd Watch has 2-3 Vacancies.

7 New Security Counselors start this month, and there are 3-4 already lined up to begin next month.

  1. Construction Updates

Pexton -Funding is approved, and the project will start in 3-4 months. Tuesday the 15th water bill be shut off in Pexton for a couple of hours 10am-Noon, to repair drainpipes leaking.

CPS/Tomlinson - No update to when the construction project will be starting. CPS Health Services will be moving to Bartlett. The property department has moved to the warehouse and will start distributing from the Bartlett basement soon.

  1. PELRA Update

BW: The intent of the added language 'staffing ratios' originally came from teacher-to-student ratios within schools. With the law change, it was not intended to trump the mandatory regulations that DHS needs to follow for staffing ratios.

  • MSOP complies with DHS Licensing (Rule 26 requirements)

Subp.3. B – The assessments must be based on factors that include but are not limited to the treatment needs of individual program participants, participants' tendencies to victimize others, participants' vulnerability to being victimized, the unit's population mix, and the influence of new admissions.

  1. CPS Staffing Plan

MS: The staffing plan has not been approved yet.



  1. Removing Internet Access in Direct Care Areas

BW: Moose Lake already implemented this; the SP site is collaborating with the IT department to solve functionality issues when access is limited. Staff Breakrooms will have internet access; take your 15-minute breaks in the break rooms.

MS: CPS is in the process of identifying the areas/access to remove.

MS: Camera Audits at CPS show increased staff with their cell phones. As a reminder, staff are not allowed to have their personal cell phones per policy.

  1. Increased Presence with Clients

Staff presence in the living units is essential to monitor client behavior and de-escalate situations before a significant event occurs.

TS: During a Significant Event Review completed recently, staff presence on the unit lasted 7 Minutes that day. Hopefully, this is an isolated occurrence on that unit/day because it is unacceptable. A workgroup is consulting with the Security Counselor Leads on increasing staff presence. The Unit Station windows in Shantz are to remain open. Staff need to raise their awareness of what is happening in the unit. Pexton is adding windows that open in the Unit Stations.

MS: Staff at CPS need to increase staff presence in the units and areas where clients gather. Video audits are conducted regularly by management. Sunrise 2nd Watch is doing a great job providing unit presence. It is not necessary for staff to be present at all times in the unit stations; staff are encouraged to monitor clients outside as well, and to work with their coworkers to provide increased presence as appropriate.

  1. Operations Drills with Medical Component

Management will be increasing medical drills, staff on the scene must perform basic first aid (Check for Pulse/ Breathing/Assess Bleeding/Provide CPR) until Health Services arrive. Please provide Health Services with pertinent information when they are requested to respond, so they can come prepared for the situation.

  1. CPS - AGS positions/interview update

MS: CPS is adding 5 AGS positions, and 45 candidates applied to the postings. ½ of the applicants were internal, possible promotional opportunities for those staff. Interviews are being conducted this week and will likely continue into the fall.


  1. Count Coordinator Weekend/Evening Hours

BW, TL, EC: There are no changes to the current practice planned.

  1. Camera in the new break room

A work order was submitted to remove the camera; the camera is currently covered up.

  1. Camera in the A-Team office

EC: A camera will be installed to monitor the gear. It will not be facing the computer area.

  1. Radio Audits for staff assigned radios. 

BW: These are required monthly. Staff conduct radio checks and update SharePoint. If a staff member is out on vacation, another staff member can check and update the site. The Supervisor is responsible for ensuring this gets completed when staff are out. Jesse Miller will send a reminder to the appropriate team regarding the process.

  1. Extra Vacation Slots for AFSCME Convention September 27-30

TL: will investigate adding a couple more vacation slots to allow staff to attend.

  1. Health services Vacancies/Contract Nurses

NB: Saint Peter has 3 LPN Vacancies and 1 RN Senior vacancy. One contract Nurse has already started, and another is starting in September. We hired one state Nurse starting in September also. Saint Peter will probably add two more contract Nurses.


TL: Incentive for Instructors to teach classes – The SNV process will be implemented soon. TL will send the process/document to Nick Weerts and Ryan Cates.

BW: MSOP is currently recruiting for all positions at the Nicollet County Fair (Thompson Building).