MSOP Meet and Confer 6.08.23

Meeting Minutes: MSOP Labor Management

Date:                                         06/08/2023                    

Minutes prepared by:         Steaed Doehring

Location:                                  Pederson Building


  • AFSCME - Matt Stenger, Ryan Cates, Eric Manriquez, Eric Hesse, Nick Weerts, Jamie Schwartz, Steaed Doehring
  • Management - Bonnie Wold, Michelle Breamer, Karen Holicky, Nicole Boder, Lea Plonty, Paul Rodrigues, Michelle Sexe
  • Operations Overtime: 3,513.17 total hours.         
  • Mandated/Inverse Overtime: 495 total hours.     (32) 1st watch staff for 202.25 hrs. (41) 2nd watch staff for 164 hrs. (26) 3rd watch staff for 128.75 hrs.
  • Health Services Overtime: SP 23.5 hrs. CPS 9.25 hrs.  0 Mandated/Inversed hrs.
  • Vacancy Rates: Saint Peter Overall 19.2%               AFSCME: HR was unable to get the exact numbers            SC 20.3%    SCL 10.3%
  • Bumping to 1st Watch: A lot of the new staff are resigning when they are notified, they are being bumped to NOCS. Can we hire for NOCS specifically or inform new hires about the process? BW- management has met with HR about this issue, postings will be clarified to include hours of work. When job offers are being made, the supervisor will give them their schedule while on OJT and talk about the bumping process. When they have completed OJT, their supervisor will talk to them about it again.                       *AFSCME will add this to the New Employee Information booklet
  • COVID Updates: Shantz 2 East (No change for now) There will be a Pexton construction project starting in the fall. SH2E will be used during this time. Construction is expected to last until July 2024.   

Follow Up Items

Pexton sally port: Can we increase the number of staff allowed in the sally port? BW – Not at this time. Management consulted CC staff and supervisors, and it is preferred to stay at 4 staff at a time. Staff are allowed to go to the lobby and wait at the end of the shift.

  • Radio Batteries – No Update       MS Put in an order for another 12 or so and will follow up with the company.
  • Known in Advance Overtime: Can we start assigning overtime at least 48 hours in advance? This will help with inversing. Contractually, overtime should be assigned when the need is known. Yes. Bonnie will follow up with Tim Lokensgard.
  • Work Areas running short: BW – Not sure when/why this is happening, the shift should always be starting with a full staffing allotment. Bonnie will follow up with Tim Lokensgard.
  • Galls uniform site: Many items on the website are out of stock. (Pants) Who is the point person for MSOP? BW – Katie Thelemann will follow up with Galls.
  • HR Contact List: Most of the contacts for HR seem to be outdated. Can we get an updated list, and have it posted on the SharePoint?  Yes. Lea will send the updated information and post it on the SharePoint.
  • Narcan Update: DCT has decided that it will only be available with a Dr. order, the same as Benadryl and Epi pens.
  • Legislative Operational Budget Increases: PR - No information currently. How about a timeline? PR - No   CPS Expansion Details and Timelines: PR – CPS will add 30 beds (with SRW remodel) and keep B1N open. It took 9 years to get the bonding, so designs are being reviewed and contracts will need to be secured. There is a staffing proposal in the works (Increasing SC and Clinical staff), but nothing has been finalized. Might have more updates in 2 Months.
  • All Staff Forums: June 20th in the Activity Building. 6-7am, 1-2pm, and 2-3pm. Overtime is approved to attend.
  • DCT Split: Marshall Smith will hold a forum on-site July 19th and a virtual forum will be held July 21st. (Operations will not be changing)
  • Staff Appreciation: September 13th at Tomlinson.

New Items

Save The Dates

Next Meeting

Date: July 13th

Time: Noon

Location: Pederson Building