MSOP Meet and Confer 5.11.23



St. Peter – HR Conference Room – Microsoft Teams

May 11, 2023

12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.


Ryan Cates, Troy Sherwood, Eric Christensen, Jamie Schwartz, Nic Weerts, Erin Wiederich, Matt Stenger, Tim Lokensgard, Eric Manriquez, Brooke Newfield, Nicole Broder, Michelle Breamer, Karen Holicky, Annie Jakacki, Lea Plonty





  1. Inverse Numbers – Operations

Total Inverse OT               287 hours

1st Watch             15 staff inversed for 63.25 hours

2nd Watch            30 staff inversed for 151.75 hours

3rd Watch            18 staff inversed for 72 hours           

  1. OT Numbers –
  2. Operations-3260 hours of overtime in April
  3. Health Services -42 hours of overtime in April
    1. Vacancy Rates – St. Peter overall, AFSCME overall, SC/SCL overall
  • Overall: 17.2%
  • Security Counselor: 17.5%
  • Security Counselor Lead: 10.3%
  1. 1st Watch vacancies/bumping-Management is continuing to ask for volunteers for 1st watch but, going to continue to bump until the dead bids are filled.
  • Survey results-The results have been communicated. Labor is still hearing that counselors still want to have a home base on the 1st watch.

Vacancies- Labor asked about the lead positions that are vacant. Management said that there are two dead bids that are leads-overnight control center, pexton 2 north might be the ones.  The WOOC lead on 1st watch and, WOOC A team lead will be done in June, so they won’t need to extend them.

  1. Radio Batteries Update-Management said they have borrowed 12 radio batteries from Moose Lake and have 5 radios and batteries that are getting programmed currently.  They will be getting the other 80 batteries when the vendor can get them to us.
  2. Fentanyl & Narcan Update-Policy is finished and passed through committee and now will be looking at doing the training.  



  • Slow down on campus
    • Be attentive to pedestrians and traffic laws-CPS has grown and there are a lot more guys walking around, so please be attentive to pedestrians.   
  • A- Team coverage- Management reported that last October we had only 37 people cross trained for A-team coverage, but we are now at 48 people trained. The most crossed trained A-team coverage we have had is 61.
  • Control center/Count coordinator- Management is working on getting more people trained in control center and count coordinator.



  • COVID Updates/Changes
    • Timebook Coding-Covid leave MSL code is still available to be used for those that have been vaccinated and updated boosters. Supervisors still must check with HR to make sure the employee meet all the eligibility requirements.  56 hours is maximum for lifetime of use of covid leave (MSL code). Labor asked for announcement to be made on the homepage so that it is communicated, as well as any other updates.
    • Shantz 2 East Future-The future of 2 East hasn’t been discussed yet.
    • Sally port capacity- The sally port capacity hasn’t been discussed yet if capacity can change.  Labor did provide information that other programs have lifted the capacity restrictions. 



  • Forced Overtime Grievance