MSOP Meet and Confer 4.13.23



St. Peter – HR Conference Room – Microsoft Teams

April 13, 2023

12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.


Bonnie Wold, Michelle Sexe, Nick Weerts, Jamie Schwartz, Tim Lokensgard, Steaed Doehring, Erin Wiederich, Matt Stenger, Paul Rodrigues, Brooke Newfield, Lea Plonty, Karen Holicky, Eric Christensen, Michelle Breamer, Nicole Boder




  1. Inverse Numbers – Operations

Total Inverse OT               1117.75 hours

1st Watch             77 staff inversed for 393.00 hours

2nd Watch            45 staff inversed for 234.75 hours

3rd Watch            85 staff inversed for 490.00 hours   

There were no nursing inverses.         

  1. OT Numbers – Operations: Total overtime for March was 4358.75 hours & Health Services-42 hours for CPS 34 hours for the secure perimeter
  2. Vacancy Rates – St. Peter overall, AFSCME overall, SC/SCL overall
  • Overall: 17.4%
  • Security Counselor: 17.5%
  • Security Counselor Lead:10.3%
  1. 1st Watch vacancies/bumping/general culture-Labor is aware that management is looking for volunteers who are currently interested in the overnight shift. Management said there are 7 positions that are dead so will continue to bump to the overnight shift. Labor asked if any consideration to hire directly to overnight shift. Management is willing to work with people that are wanting to get directly to overnights and are also willing to put it in the questions when interviewing new hires.  Labor encourages management to provide more information about the overnight shift to the new hires.  The possibility of bumping to overnights seemed to be a shock to some of the recent new hires and it’s mutually agreed that this is not a helpful practice. 
  2. Radio Batteries Update-Radio batteries are still on back order. Management said they heard that Moose Lake may get them around June so they’re hopeful that will get them sooner than then because they put in the St. Peter order before Moose Lake put in their order. Management also shared that CPS put in an order for new radios/batteries as well so they’re hopeful to be getting those soon as well.
  3. Fentanyl & Narcan Update- Policy on Fentanyl is going to DCT in early May, then the training will be rolled out once the policy is in place.  The training will be in person. 



  • AFSCME Posters-Management had a concern about a large AFSCME poster that was in the break room. They said that there are many licensing and HR things that must be posted in the small break room. Management said the break rooms in the basement in Shantz/Pexton and the locker room have bulletin boards for AFSCME communications.  Management is okay with the Union steward list being posted in the smaller break rooms. 
  • Developing Support Day- The Developing Support Day (formerly known as the family support day) will be happening in September and just wanted to let staff know that the clients in the perimeter may be asking for assistance with the paperwork.




  • Shorting Units/Work Areas-Labor brought to management’s attention that there have been work areas shorted at different times.  The security services department had issues with Shantz control being down to 1 staff and they also happened to be the count coordinator.  Labor agreed that it is a delicate balance of what can be handled with the appropriate number of staff.  Management said that they have training planned for more count coordinators and control center. 
  • Advanced Overtime Distribution – Offer out more in advance-Labor suggesting to, maybe with summer coming, offer out overtime more than a day or two in advance.  This may help alleviate the OD having to do it last minute and may get more people to volunteer since they will be able to plan accordingly.
  • Achievement Awards-Labor is being told that some supervisors have been telling staff that the employees must be trainers to receive an achievement award and asked if management can let supervisors know that isn’t the case.  Management clarified that the message may have been misrepresented because they had told an employee that their needs to be something they do that’s above and beyond like being a trainer to qualify for an achievement award.
  • Web Camera and Microphones in Unit Stations-The Web cameras and microphones in the unit stations are going to be used for Incident Command System debriefs, shift check-ins, and OD communications in the future. Management is still working on the logistics and apologize for not communicating about it ahead of time but for right now they need staff to keep them plugged in in the unit stations. Management plans to send out a communication when they are ready to make them operational.
  • CPS Religious Services-Management said that the location of where the religious services were held was difficult at the beginning for some staff so that’s the reason, they decided to have a staff presence there but now there are additional cameras in that area, so we don’t need staff presence unless there is a volunteer (aka outside visitor) present.  Management also brought up that there will be 130 clients using walks and other campus privileges, so client audits are encouraged.
  • Green Acres-Labor brought up that the drop-down computer isn’t present in green acres.  Management said that RT’s have vacated a couple cubicles so staff can use them for now with the understanding that they be used for completing work that is time/confidence sensitive.  The bonding bill may change things with this location, but they will continue to strive for a location for staff to use a computer.  Labor brought up the computer that was taken from the cps visit room and management said that was intentional so that staff focus on the visit that is taking place. 
  • Anti-racism training-Labor requested extending overtime to cover taking the antiracism training and management replied that the deadline for completion of the training has been extended a year out so there will not be any more overtime granted to complete the training currently.



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