MSOP Meet and Confer 12/08/22



St. Peter – HR Conference Room – Microsoft Teams

December 8, 2022

12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Attendees:  Lynn Hart, Bonnie Wold, Chris Hagen, Scott Halvorson, Karen Holicky, Doug Latueseck, Michelle Breamer, Michelle Sexe, Paul Rodriguez, Eric Hesse, Jamie Schwartz, Matt Stenger, Steaed Dohering, Ryan Cates, Erin Wiederich, Eric Manriquez, Annie Jakacki





  1. Inverse Numbers – Operations & Health Services- 162.92 inverse hours No inverse hours in nursing


Below inverse numbers are for the watch indicated. i.e. 1st watch numbers are for 3rd watch staff inversed into 1st watch.

1st Watch             18 staff inversed for 49.25 hours

2nd Watch            17 staff inversed for 57.92 hours

3rd Watch            20 staff inversed for 55.75 hours


Total Inverse overtime 162.92 hours


  1. OT Numbers – Operations & Health Services- Total overtime for November 2022 was 3563.08 hours
  2. Vacancy Rates – St Peter overall, AFSCME only, & SCs only-Overall 16.8% AFSCME 16.3% SC 19.2% SCL 10.3%
  3. Update on .5 part time staff-Management said they have recruited and hired a .5, and there has been an increase in Security Counselor applicants recently.
  4. Overtime offered for staff training-Management isn’t willing to allow for overtime to cover for training at this time.  Try to only have training when there’s enough staff to cover without inversing.
  5. COVID policies refresher (worker’s comp/pay codes/exposure)-There was a memo sent out on 6/30/22 on the criteria for the coding on timebooks. The risk assessment team could make the call on worker’s comp claims when COVID is contracted at work.   Kim Franek and the risk assessment team could help with specific questions. The generic email for risk assessment team wasn’t readily available but can reach out to Human Resources with questions on how to contact them.   

MN_DHS_Covid Risk Assessment Team [email protected]


  1. Radio batteries- The radio batteries have been ordered but haven’t arrived yet.  Will get them out ASAP when they arrive.



  1. Business Cards- Management and human resources have developed a business card as a recruiting tool.  Logo for DCT/ MSOP to refer to people that you’d like to refer. Labor asked if they would continue doing the spark interview process? Management said, yes, they will continue but will bring the concern that labor has heard about forward and discuss.  Labor heard that the spark interview process is very nerve racking for some people and isn’t very user friendly.  The spark process is only being used for security counselors right now. 



  1. Unfilled shift bonus-Labor asked about why the unfilled shift bonus is going away and the response from management was budgetary and will work together with labor to try to find a solution to this problem.  Weekend/days off 50-dollar bonuses are still in effect.
  2. Achievement award process-Labor asked what the process is for achievement awards and brought up that no AFSCME staff have gotten them at MSOP.  Management said that a person needs to submit nominations to management but there’s also budgetary concern when awarding these types of awards.  Management also mentioned that there is a policy on the process and can follow it from there. 
  3. Position description- Labor was asking about the new position description for security counselors.  Who is responsible for ADL’s and more specifically -cleaning up a client after they toilet? Was asked by labor. Management said that circumstances in the moment may fall to the security counselor.  If the cares continue at that level, where they can’t care for themselves, then it would go to a referral to another unit or facility.  Counselors can discuss their concerns with their supervisor before they sign their position description, but they do need to sign. There’s not a well-defined line between nursing and Security Counselor jobs when it comes to client ADL’s. 

STEP 3 GRIEVANCES – There is 1 Step 3 Grievance.