MSOP Meet and Confer 11.10.22



St. Peter – HR Conference Room – Microsoft Teams

November 10, 2022

12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Attendees: E. Hesse, J. Schwartz, N. Weerts, S. Doehring, M. Stenger, R. Cates, A. Jakacki, M. Sexe, P. Rodriguez, M. Breamer, C. Hagen, K. Holicky, L. Hart, B. Wold, T. Sherwood





  1. Inverse Numbers – Operations & Health Services


73 - 1st Watch Staff for a total of 336.83 hrs.

44 - 2nd Watch Staff for a total of 279.75 hrs.

72 - 3rd watch staff for a total of 448.33 hrs.

Health Services

0 - Inverses


  1. OT Numbers – Operations & Health Services

Operations OT – 5,219.42 hrs.

Health Services – SP 39.5 hrs. CPS 12.5 hrs.


  1. Vacancy Rates – St Peter overall, AFSCME only average, & SC/SC Lead

Saint Peter overall -18.75%

AFSCME – 15.7%

Security Counselor – 20.6%

Security Counselor Lead – 7.7%


  1. Update on 0.5 Part Time Staff

The .5 positions were posted for 3rd watch internally, they did not have any interest and are posted externally now. Labor asked if there were any plans to post .5 positions for other watches? Right now, there is a greater need for 3rd watch staffing. In the future there might be some postings for .5 positions for the other watches.


  1. Overtime Offered for Staff Training

Labor- Has there been any discussion since last month about offering OT to staff that need training instead of Inversing people to cover for staff training? Mgt- Wasn’t a work group created to discuss options for this? No Mgt- Will follow up.


  1. Quarantine and Isolation Guidelines

Labor - Can we get the guidelines posted on the Homepage for staff to reference? Mgt- The guidelines change frequently, there are post orders that are adjusted as things change and a FAQ on the Homepage now. Staff can submit questions and will get weekly updates.


  1. Radio/Phone Outage Contingency Plan Update

MSOP uses the Armer radio system. This is the system that MN DOT uses, it is extremely unlikely that it would go down, however there is walkie talkie function on the radios that could be used and there are intercoms around the buildings as well. A Workgroup was created consisting of staff from ML/CPS/SP to discuss this further.



  1. High Risk Exposure and Masking Changes

High Risk exposure – When staff receive an E-Mail from the Risk Assessment team notifying them that they had an exposure at work, Staff need to inform their supervisor and need to self-administer a rapid Antigen test on days 1, 3, and 5 following the exposure. The OD office will have the tests and staff will perform their own tests and report the results. Staff are not expected to test if they do not work on any of the days following the exposure.

A Memo will be posted next week regarding the changes.

Regarding the Masking changes -There will be signs posted at lower access (Similar to the ones we had for eye protection) to inform staff when we can stop wearing masks in patient care areas. We are not at the Community transmission level needed yet to implement the new guidance. Staff should continue wearing masks in all areas until notified otherwise.


  1. A radio battery started on fire and exploded at CPS last week. It was an aftermarket battery and all those batteries have been collected from the units. Management would like to thank everyone involved – A-Team staff responded amazingly and went above and beyond, helping to clean up and take care of the aftermath. Labor- Do we have a shortage of radios/batteries?

Mgt.- New batteries have been ordered from Motorola for SP and CPS.

M. Sexe did a critical incident review, and a workgroup was created to look at options for radio replacements etc.


  1. There will be a recruiting event at the Saint Peter Library on 11/16 with On-Site Interviews!

Spread the word. There is a Referral Incentive.


  1. DHS Licensing will be conducting interviews to determine if Maltreatment occurred recently.

They are in the fact-finding stage to determine if we followed our policies/procedures and/or if we need to change any of them. Staff are allowed to ask for a steward if they choose.



  1. COVID Policies Refresher (Worker’s Comp/Pay Codes/Exposure)

Labor - Can we get the most recent guidelines posted on the Home Page so staff can easily reference it?  HR -The guidance changes frequently and it is complicated due to MSL use etc. Lynn will reach out to the risk assessment team and see what guidance they have to offer. Contact Lynn Hart (HR) with any questions.

Labor-Can we provide a refresher memo to the clients regarding Quarantine/Isolation guidelines?

Mgmt.- Health Services is supposed to provide each client a memo outlining the expectations during a quarantine, each time, one is initiated. M. Breamer will send out a memo to the workgroup for review.

  1. Staff Masking Memo Clarification

This was answered under the Management Agenda.

  1. Holiday Pay Codes Refresher

Labor - With the Holidays coming up, can we get the payroll cheat sheet posted on the homepage?

Mgt. – Yes it will be posted for staff to reference.

  1. Radio and Battery Shortage

This was answered under the Management Agenda.


  1. Shift Change verification memo posted 11/9

Labor- Last month we discussed the placement of some of the cameras at CPS and Mgmt. stated that the intentions of the cameras are not to monitor staff.

The wording/tone of the policy reminder could have been better. Mgmt. -Camera audits have been happening for years, no disciplines have resulted from the audits, only conversations with staff as needed.


  1. Staff Searches

Labor – Regarding the staff searches last week, were they conducted at times that included staff other than Security Counselors? Mgmt. – Yes, they ended at 8am. Labor – What about privacy for the staff while they are getting searched? Could the searches be conducted in an area that would provide a bit more privacy for the staff? Mgmt. – We are open to ideas.