MSOP Meet and Confer 10.13.22



St. Peter – HR Conference Room – Microsoft Teams

October 13, 2022

12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.


Bonnie Wold, Tim Lokensgard, Kim Franek, Karen Holicky, Troy Sherwood, Michelle Breamer, Lynn Hart, Emily Samarzia, Chris Hagen, Michelle Sexe, Annie Jakacki, Nick Weerts, Jamie Schwartz, Steaed Doehring, Matt Stenger, Ryan Cates, Eric Hesse, Erin Wiederich



  1. Inversing for Staff Training- Management will look at changing the training so that people don’t get inversed but must get the training they need.  Labor suggested that people could sign up for the training on overtime instead of forcing people to stay that don’t want to, management will think about that idea.
  2. Quarantine and Isolation Guidelines and Rules- Labor would like a set of guidelines/rules for quarantine and isolation then get them posted and updated as changes happen. Management will have to get updates when it gets decided in the next week.
  3. Job Offers and Wrong Information Given Regarding Seniority- Labor asked that they don’t give wrong information if they don’t really know when hiring people to work here. Labor would like management/HR to be mindful of what is being promised. Management would like to do some fact finding on the specific situations and then try to remedy. Will follow up for the future.
  4. Unfilled Shift Bonus – Clarification for Supervisors and Possible End Date Rumor-Supervisors are giving misinformation to members so labor would like something sent out that clarifies the specifics of the unfilled shift bonus. Management will send something out.  Labor wanted to help squash the end date of the bonuses rumor- management has no information on the bonuses possibly ending as far as they know they will continue. 
  5. CPS Cameras- Labor are asking about the cameras facing into the staff office spaces in green acres and bartlett, could we get those readjusted. Management responded that it’s the best way to cover all the blind spots and it’s not for monitoring staff, and the computers are set up so they can’t be seen by the cameras.   Management would like to add more cameras to add safety.  Labor challenged the safety aspect because there’s no one monitoring the cameras so there’s no extra help coming if something is observed on the camera.  Labor brought up members feel targeted even if that’s not their intention. The camera on the light pole in green acres west is for client movement and adding more to monitor that.
  6. Radio/phone contingency plan- Labor would like to know if management has a contingency plan if radio/phone failure happens.  Management is looking at what other options are and will work on developing that the contingency plan. 
  7. HR-Labor would like an updated HR contact list.  Lynn Hart will be MSOP’s new HR consultant.



  1. Overtime Numbers – Total overtime for September 2022          3797.97 hours


  1.  Inverse Numbers

1st Watch             46 staff inversed for 168.5 hours

2nd Watch            34 staff inversed for 109.75 hours

3rd Watch            50 staff inversed for 247.25 hours

Total Inverse OT               525.50 hours

  1. Vacancy Rates – Security Counselor/Lead- 20% - SC 7.7%- SCL

Vacancy rates are going up and labor asked what management is doing to assist with lowering them.  Management responded that they have recruiting events at MSU last week and have been discussing how can we do operational internships.  The other things that they have been doing to try to recruit are using billboards and radio ads. Labor suggested trying to do exit interviews to find out why people are leaving the jobs. Labor also suggested again going to DCT about hiring bonuses or higher wages so that we are unified in our efforts as the union has already appealed to DCT. Management is willing to entertain any members that have any ideas for recruitment. Labor also suggested adding 10- or 12-hour shifts. Labor will meet separately with Tim about any other suggestions they have.

  1. Update on 0.5 FTE Staff- There was a dead fulltime spot that was moved into two spots.  One halftime spot was posted, and 2nd halftime spot management is waiting on a PCN.


  1. Security Counselor/Lead Position Descriptions-Management put a small group together to re-write the position description for Security Counselor and Security Counselor Leads and mostly the changes are in section 6-regarding ADL’s for FNH patients coming back to the MSOP.  Management will send draft to labor to get input before finalizing it.   Helping hands is a new program at MSOP where they will be interviewing clients that would like to help other clients with physical issues they have. Then the clients who are willing to be a volunteer will get training from nursing or another expert.  Staff will be doing the bathing/showering of clients.
  2. A-Team Options-There is a low number of cross-trained A team staff right now, so inversing has become a real problem for that work area.  Management is looking at options to help alleviate the inversing.
    1. Option 1 is having non-AFSCME staff who are A-team trained taking overtime so that an inverse is avoided.
    2. Option 2 is having a B+ team so they wouldn’t need to be A-team trained but they would do most of what a B team member would do but would follow an A-team trained staff’s lead. 
    3. Option 3 is not allowing a member who bids out of A-team move to their next job until management can get another person trained for the A-team job.

     Management plans to have minimum of 3 A-team trained people during the day/eve shifts and 2 during the NOC shift. Labor asked about utility pool being trained in A-team and requested that it be put on the job postings so that utility pool staff will know that will be getting cross trained.  Management also plans on training utility pool staff for lower access and more staff could potentially get trained. Labor requested that an announcement be put out that option 2 is going to start in 1.5 weeks.  The request was also made that the details of what option 2 entails be posted in the announcement. Labor is also willing to talk with members and get their input on this decision before it is rolled out.    


  1. There are 0 step 3 grievances prepared for presentation.  Step 3 grievance still out there for Eric to do.

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