MSOP Meet and Confer 02.09.23



St. Peter – HR Conference Room – Microsoft Teams

February 9, 2023

12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.


Bonnie Wold, Tim Lokensgard, Brooke Newfield (HR labor consultant MSOP), Chris Hagen, Nicole Boder, Michelle Breamer, Paul Rodriguez, Karen Holicky, Nick Weerts, Jamie Schwartz, Steaed Doehring, Ryan Cates, Erin Wiederich, Eric Manriquez, Scott Halverson



  1. Inverse Numbers – Operations-

3rd watch staff forced to 1st watch- 52 staff for 316.25 hours

                    1st watch staff forced to 2nd watch- 33 staff for 142.50 hours

                    2nd watch staff forced to 3rd watch- 22 staff for 93.50 hours

  1. OT Numbers – Operations-AFSCME 2901.25 hours & Health Services -3.25 hours
  2. Vacancy Rates – St. Peter overall, AFSCME overall, SC/SCL overall
  • Security Counselor – 21%
  • Security Counselor Lead – 3.4%
  • Overall – 16.9%
  1. Update on 0.5 PT Staff [if posted yet externally]-posted both external and internal. The two halftime positions went dead. Management believes that the postings were for 2nd watch.  Labor brought up the possibility of expanding the positions to different watches to see if there’s interest.  Management is open to looking into posting them on different watches and is planning to discuss them in a meeting coming up soon. 
  2. WOOC Opportunities [status of Count Coordinator Lead & Shantz 1W Lead]-Management originally thought the WOOC supervisor position was going to be a shorter period, but it recently got extended so they will be working on posting on WOOC position for the Shantz 1 West lead spot.  The Count Coordinator lead posting is going through the normal posting process as it was officially vacated. Management also brought up that they are going to be posting for the distribution center WOOC supervisor.   



  1. HR Updates-Achievement awards- AFSCME contract says that you may receive one of each an individual and a team achievement award.  The policy states that it can only be one or other per fiscal year.  Since the contract states that a person MAY (and not a must) one of each an individual and a team achievement award no policy change needs to occur.  If there is no funding for any achievement awards, then there doesn’t have to be any.  There’s an AFSCME achievement award at MSOP that got stuck in the process and management thinks it got pushed through to the final part of the process. 
  2. Access the fentanyl-thru the mail.  Management brought up that fentanyl can be injected into ink and then printed and sent thru the mail then the process can be reversed to get access to the drug.  Management is preparing to have Narcan ready to protect the staff from an accidental exposure that they hope to never have to use.  Management is also working to get a policy/procedure/protocol ready to address a possible exposure.  The policy/procedure/protocol is going to be DCT wide to be prepared when it happens. 



  1. 1st Watch vacancies/bumping/general culture -Three being bumped to 1st watch. Management received an interest bid on 1st watch shortly after the deadline for volunteers were requested.  6 dead bids on 1st watch in the perimeter and just received another resignation from 1st watch recently.  2 dead bids and 2 bids going to be posted at CPS.  11 total vacancies on 1st watch. 8 after bumping and one who expressed interest brings it down to 7.  Labor requested that management consider having assigned units for the 1st watch staff because that is what members are requesting. Management will discuss the suggestion with 1st watch supervisors. 
  2. “Refusing” Inverses & Level 2 reports/follow-up-Directed to writer level 2 when people refuse inverse.  Performance management of refusal of inverse. This isn’t okay and could lead to progressive discipline.  Union does not support the refusal of inverses.  We aren’t telling members to refuse.  Supervisor can ask for a report be done when they want to report to be done. 
  3. 2nd watch bid goes dead- There are plenty of 2nd watch bids open and labor requested that management at least look at helping get employees to the watch they prefer vs. losing them as an employee altogether.  Management is leery about reposting positions because it is a longer process to get the positions filled but will take the suggestion under consideration.
  4. Federal end of pandemic- Labor asked if the federal end of the pandemic means anything for this facility. Management said that they think that’ll just change it to an endemic and not change much for us. 



  • Non-Cert Grievance-presented at the end of the meeting 1243.