MSOP Labor Management Meeting 11/09/23



St. Peter – HR Conference Room – Microsoft Teams

Nov 9, 2023

12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.


Present: Steaed Doehring, Eric Manriquez, Matt Stenger, Ryan Cates, Jamie Schwartz, Paul Rodriguez, Troy Sherwood, Michelle Breamer, Karen Holicky, Michelle Sexe, Heidi Peura, Lea Plonty, Annie Jakacki



  • Inverse Numbers – Operations & Health Services

Operations had a total of 309.5  inverse hrs.        

1st Watch (16  staff) 110.5 hrs.         2nd Watch (13 staff)  46.5 hrs.          3rd Watch (33  staff) 152.5 hrs.

Health Services had   1  inverse.

  • OT Numbers – Operations & Health Services

Operations –  3,493 hrs.                Health Services - SP 15 hrs.          CPS 21.5 hrs.

  • Vacancy Rates
  • AFSCME Overall: 16.0% ≡
  • Overall: 18.3% ↓
  • Security Counselor: 17.2% ↓     
  • Security Counselor Lead: 13.8% ↑

1st Watch Vacancies – 5

2nd Watch Vacancies – 12

3rd Watch Vacancies – 12

  • LPN (Perimeter) – 1                          (We still have 1 RN contract nurse)

CPS Radio Update:

MS - The radios have arrived, and we are working on a rollout. If any area is short, talk to an OS or Gary. CPS ordered 15 more radios.


OJT Scheduling:

TS – Tim Lokensgard is not here. Follow up next month.

Uniform Availability Issues:

EC – I talked with Sue in Moose Lake. We are discussing items submitted to be added to the site (for the allotment). A few things, such as the cargo shorts, will likely not be approved. Galls is experiencing supply chain issues.

TS – We can look at a different vendor if these issues continue.


  • CPS Construction:

PR – Looking at late spring/Early Summer. The final revisions have been submitted.

  • Perimeter Construction:

TS – Still looking at starting in the Spring.



  • Advanced Overtime Calls:

Some staff have been called on their home/cell phones for advanced overtime while they were working. Also, the AGS group calls, leaves a message and sprints through the list of people signed up for advance OT without allowing staff time to call back. We are assigning OT 48 hours in advance, so there should be a smooth process to fill it.

  • Assigning Hospital coverage as advanced OT. EC/MS to follow up with Gary and Marcus, as this is not the correct process. Hospital coverage is to be assigned as subsequent shift OT.

MS – We will be meeting with the AGS group; they can pause and not sprint through the list; also, they should look at the schedule and see if staff are working before calling home phones.

  • Can there be a designated timeframe for overtime calls to be made?

MS – The post orders for the AGS group specify timeframes for when they should call staff for advance OT. Each Watch calls for OT. We can post these timeframes on the Home Page for staff awareness.


  • Inverse for Report Writing:

If staff must stay past the end of their shift to write reports, this should count as an inverse. Any staff who stay late to write reports must also be paid for that time.

EC – If staff stay past the end of their shift to write reports, communicate this with the OD, which will count as an inverse. *Staff should write their reports promptly.


  • Rochester Hospital Coverage:

Can we keep a vehicle in Rochester in case staff has an emergency and they need to leave?

EC – Can we follow up next month? Yes


  • Noon staff assignments:

When the CPS noon staff arrive and call the AGS, they are told only what their first duty is, making it challenging to plan their day. When the staff calls the OD, they can tell them what their assignments are for the shift. This process has never been an issue. Assignments are subject to change.

EC and MS to discuss this.


  • Covid Refresher:

A document is posted at the bottom of the announcement page. COVID -19 Employee Self-Screening Tool Return to Work Document.pdf

HP – We are working on drafting something. We are not using the MSL code any longer. Staff have to use their sick time. TS - If staff do not have sufficient accruals and must use ETL, write a level 1 incident report for approval.

If COVID was contracted at work, this is a worker's comp claim; work with your supervisor to start this process.


  • AGS on Duty:

Can the list of AGS on duty be posted on the announcements for the Watch, the same as the OD?

EC – Yes


  • Wage Range Reassignments:

When are staff eligible for their subsequent step increase? 10/11/24, when MMB implemented the wage range reassignments, or based on their seniority date?

HP – I will look into this. Follow-Up.

Staff can reach out individually to [email protected] if they have questions.


  • Investigation Reports:

Investigation reports that are required to investigate and process grievances are being redacted. We sign confidentiality agreements. Please see the statute below.

LP – We are following guidance given by the legal department.


Section 1. 

Minnesota Statutes 2022, section 13.43, subdivision 6, is amended to read:

Subd. 6.


Access by labor organizations.


(a) Personnel data may must be disseminated to labor organizations to the extent that the responsible authority determines that the dissemination is necessary to conduct elections, notify employees of fair share fee assessments, investigate and process grievances, and implement the provisions of chapters 179 and 179A. Personnel data shall be disseminated to labor organizations and to the Bureau of Mediation Services to the extent the dissemination is ordered or authorized by the commissioner of the Bureau of Mediation Services. Employee Social Security numbers are not necessary to implement the provisions of chapters 179 and 179A.

(b) Personnel data described under section 179A.07, subdivision 8, must be disseminated to an exclusive representative under the terms of that subdivision.

(c) An employer who disseminates personnel data to a labor organization pursuant to this subdivision shall not be subject to liability under section 13.08. Nothing in this paragraph shall impair or limit any remedies available under section 325E.61.

(d) The home addresses, nonemployer issued phone numbers and email addresses, dates of birth, and emails or other communications between exclusive representatives and their members, prospective members, and nonmembers are private data on individuals.