St. Peter – HR Conference Room – Microsoft Teams

Oct 12, 2023

12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.


Present: Bonnie Wold, Troy Sherwood, Tim Lokensgard, Eric Christensen, Karen Holicky, Nicole Boder, Michelle Sexe, Lea Plonty, Heidi Peura, Eric Hesse, Eric Manriquez, Nick Weerts, Jamie Schwartz, Steaed Doehring



  1. Inverse Numbers – Operations & Health Services

Operations had a total of 127.5 inverse hrs. 

1st Watch (5 staff) 16.25 hrs.      2nd Watch (21 staff) 71 hrs.        3rd Watch (10 staff) 35.25 hrs.

Health Services had 0 inverses.

  1. OT Numbers – Operations & Health Services

Operations – 3,161.75 hrs.     Health Services -         SP 18 hrs.        CPS 14.75 hrs.

  1. Vacancy Rates –
  • AFSCME Overall: 16.0% ↑
  • Overall: 19.9% ↑
  • Security Counselor: 18.9% ↑            
  • Security Counselor Lead: 10.3% ↑

1st Watch Vacancies – Perimeter 6 SC, 1 SCL             CPS - 1 SC

2nd Watch Vacancies – Perimeter 6 SC, 2 SCL             CPS – 1 SC

3rd Watch Vacancies – Perimeter 9 SC, 1 SCL             CPS – 2 SC, 1 SCL

With the increased shift diff, have there been more staff interested in working on 1st watch?

TL – There have been a few staff that have bid to 1st, but a lot of the staff that have been bumped are taking bids on other watches. 3 staff were recently bumped to 1st, we will see in a month if we will need to bump more staff. There are currently 3 dead bids on 1st.

  • Construction Updates


  • Pexton

TL - Still in the bidding process. It will not be starting until next year.

What about SH2E, will we still have a quarantine area?

TS – We are still planning on having an isolation/quarantine area for the foreseeable future.


  • CPS (Sunrise/Tomlinson)

MS – Sunrise construction is scheduled to start in May/June. Health Services will be staying at Sunrise until spring. The CPS visit room will be moving to Bartlett soon, the final stages are currently being worked on. There will be a communication coming out soon.





  • Vacation Pass

TL - This seems to be going well and might be expanded for Job coaches as well. There are more staff expressing interest in becoming trainers.


  • Biometrics Facial Recognition

EC – Next week we will be installing facial recognition to enhance the T-Pass system in the sallyport. It is more secure than the badge process. Most staff have current pictures and will not need to get new ones taken. Staff will be alerted if the face is not recognized. Possibly could be expanded to lower access in the future. This will not be expanded into the facility in any way, only used for in/out tracking.





  • Equipment Updates

EC – The perimeter has all the radios/batteries distributed, plus 5 extras.


  • Uniform Availability Issues

EC- Galls has a supply issue and there are issues with quality as well. They are not sending correct sizes and staff must return items.

Staff have compiled a list of shoes that are not available, and it was presented. EC- That is a lot of items, can you send that in an email. Yes – Completed.


  • CPS Radios

MS – The radios were supposed to be shipped in September; Gary called the company to follow up on where they are at.


  • OJT Scheduling

A lot of job coaches are getting burned out by the number of new staff they are training. Some units are busy, and staff don’t feel like they have a lot of time to train. Sometimes there are no job coaches working and the new staff don’t have anyone training them that day. Do we need to add more job coaches or is this a scheduling issue?

BW – Will follow up with Kyle Walter about these issues and we will discuss them later when there is more information available. We had a new staff quit after a few days and they gave a lot of feedback regarding OJT scheduling.

MS – Coleen Davis is the new job coach supervisor for CPS.


  • Internet Access

Most staff follow policies, understand expectations, and follow the rules. Blanket responses to issues create a negative impact on staff morale.

BW – I hear what you are saying and appreciate your input. We will bring this to the managers group, to have more discussion during regular supervision times. However, the decision was made program wide, and will be implemented soon.