May 2021 MSOP Meet and Confer

AFSCME MSOP Labor Management

May 13, 2021

Human Resources Room/Conference



Attendance: Adam Castle, Ryan Cates, Annie Jakacki, Steve Wilking, Alex Flores, Eric Hesse, Jamie Schwartz, Chris Hagen, Tim Lokensgard, Michelle Sexe, Nikki Boder, Paul Rodriguez, Bonnie Wold, Scott Halverson



Follow Up Items

  1. Inverse Numbers: 

    1st watch – 21 staff inversed from 3rd watch for a total of 111.25 hours. (544 OT hours)

    2nd watch – 16 staff inversed from 1st watch for a total of 63.25 hours. (166.25 OT hours)

    3rd watch – 16 staff inversed from 2nd watch for a total of 64.75 hours. (218.75 OT hours)

  2. Overtime Numbers: Total overtime on all watches: 929 hours
  3. LPN: 24.75 OT and 1 inverse.
  4. 1.      Lead Leveling Process: Denise-Discussed potential questions with HR. Pulling sample questions from SC positions, AGS, and other leads as well. Gathering them to bring back to see if we want to use these. We will get together in June to get things back to the union. Eric-You recently opened it up. I have received emails from staff on leave and vacation. If they reach out to HR, can they be considered? Denise-I am speaking with someone as well. I need to talk to Tracy. I don’t object. I would prefer to open it up again. It was only open a week. I would open it for 2 weeks. Look for that on the SharePoint. We typically don’t do an email. That was a complaint, but we don’t do that. It has always been a SharePoint announcement. We will continue to post on the homepage.
  5. 2.      Notification of Not Filling Positions: Tim-We haven’t changed anything we have done. I am requesting we take it off the agenda. Eric-I will take it off if you guys let us know if things change. Tim-we will let you know.
  6. 3.      Green Acres North Staffing: Paul-No updates at this time. Waiting on a few things still. Tentative start date is in January. I will let you know when we have more.


New AFSCME Items

  1. 1.      MSOP Demobilization Plan: Nikki-I did put the governor’s plan out on the homepage. It is a 3-step plan. July 1st is when we are guessing we can go back to normal unless something changes. Eric-will we be able to take masks off as well? Nikki-Waiting on MNDH for direction as well.
  2. 2.      Restructuring Plan: Eric-any idea when 2 East will be split up? Bonnie-It hinges on the July 1st date. The break week is the last week of June which is when we may make the moves. A lot of it hinges on the demobilization as well. They are not 100 percent sure yet.
  3. 3.      Health Services Staffing on 1st Watch: Eric-Rumor of permanent absence of nursing staff on overnights. Nikki-We posted for night shifts with no bidders. Our intent at the end of May is to eliminate 1st watch completely for this time to see how it works. We have processes in place for operations. We have 3 open positions that have been posted multiple times for 2nd and 3rd watch with no luck. Trying to be creative to meet client needs. Eric-Concerns that we are depleting a work force that is short. Nikki-Statistics show from 1030 to 630 had 158 ICS’ in 5 years for both sites. Of those, 13 were in St. Peter and didn’t require an ambulance out.  We had 1 in 5 years. It isn’t common. Positions will be rotating on 2nd and 3rd watch. Bonnie-Based on doctor’s orders, someone may be required to stay after their shift. Eric. So only 2nd watch is inversible? Nikki-Correct. There is no one nurse that is never going to be inversed. Everyone will have the ability now. If we have a client that needs services, we will inverse from 3rd to 1st to cover that need. Eric-Will you allow mutuals? Nikki-yes, but they need to do it in atlas. It is not administrations responsibility.
  4. 4.      Salary Savings Leave: Eric-Rumors of not allowing it for vacation or is it going away? Tim-We will keep it going right now and stay consistent with the rest of the sites for vacation time. There are staff trying to use it for sick time and that is not approved.
  5. 5.      Timebook Training: Eric-I am seeing increased coachings due to this. If we are going to be giving corrective action, why isn’t there training on it? Just throwing staff on to units after NEO. Michelle-I have not heard a staff being coached for this. Eric-If they are regularly doing it wrong, there isn’t official training. Michelle-I haven’t heard of this, its if they are not doing it at all, regularly. Bonnie-There have been supervisors who have sat down to go over it and they continually do it wrong. Coaching isn’t discipline. Eric-I know but can we have a training for this? Denise-Did we used to have training on this? Eric-yes. Alex-Right now it is not trained during NEO. Bonnie-SEMAFOR might be something to consider. Denise-we have a long list of codes that don’t make sense. Let me check with learning and development to get it in NEO or a cheat sheet like we did with holidays. Eric-It would be nice for new and current employees. Denise-Put it in on the follow up for next month.
  6. 6.      Client Bi-Weekly Meetings: Eric-Hearing concerns about what we do for these. Maybe its miscommunication. I encouraged Brenda to go around and talk to people about what their role is. Bonnie-Ok, we will get it communicated. We have had a few reports and have been able to help some staff. Michelle-We have a post order on it in CPS.
  7. 7.      Human Resources: Eric-A lot of complaints about the shakeup and not knowing who to contact. Is there rationale behind it? Denise-We have had people leave. Kern was HR rep and left state service. Bryce left state service. I had no choice in that. We are trying something new. We will combine MSOP and Forensics, so it is a larger group instead of having one HR consultant for MSOP. It will be a team which will help develop people to assist members and management. I have heard this from management as well. It was not intentional. Teams will be by bargaining unit which will provide consistency. Alli Kuhlman, Heidi Peura for MSOP and Kristen Heiner for forensics. All 3 will have the knowledge to assist. I will still be the director for MSOP. Still utilizing the generic drop box address. Make sure staff continue using this so that it goes to the right people. Use the MSOP and forensics mailboxes and the grievance mailboxes. Bonnie-You do not need to CC Denise and Alli because she is part of the mailbox already. She is receiving duplicates. Eric-when will HR be at facility again? Denise-I have not heard. That is Mel, Connie, and Shawn’s discussion. Eric-This is a major concern for staff. They can communicate better in person rather than email or phone. Denise-I will take that back. Eric-Common complaints are that HR seem condescending. HR seems to feel staff should already know answers to things. HR takes a long time to return emails. Denise-Email me specifics as well. Jamie-is there a way to forward emails to you if someone leaves? Denise-We were able to do that recently, so that is possible as well.
  8. 8.      8 Hour Shifts: Eric-In talking to members, I can say the majority want to keep the straight 8 hours shifts. Michelle-I received very thorough reason from members also. Tim-There was good basis for this.

Management Agenda Items

Homepage Announcement: Tim-WOOC opportunity for 2nd watch OD. We will be posting a work-out of class opportunity for 2nd watch OD. Open for anyone within MSOP if they meet minimum quals minus the experience. It needs to be a quick turnaround. Unsure about the interview process. Eric-I hear it never opens up much because it goes to the same staff. Bonnie-This is why we are opening it up. It’s a short term 6 to 8-week turnaround.

Construction: Paul-They are doing Demo. Open date is January. Completion is in November, December due to shortage of materials. We don’t know how it will impact construction. Still waiting to hear on bonding for sunrise/Tomlinson. We continue to review plan for expansion.

Adjourned at 1245pm