May 2020 MSOP Meet and Confer

AFSCME MSOP Labor Management

May 14, 2020

Human Resources Room



Attendance: Adam Castle, Ryan Cates, Annie Juckaki, Steve Wilking, Nick Weerts, Eric Hesse, Bonnie Wold, Michelle Sexe, Troy Sherwood, Tim Lokensgard, Michelle Breamer, Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Kern, Nikki Boder



Follow Up Items

  1. Inverse Numbers-Tim-5 staff on 1st for 30 hours. 5 staff on 2nd for 21.25 hours. 6 staff on 3rd for 27.5 hours. Total 78.75 Hours.

  2. Overtime Numbers- Total of 616.25 hours

  1. MNA included in MNA Contract-Eric-agree to disagree.

  2. Security Counselor Lead Leveling Process-Bonnie-Nothing on that yet.

  3. Health Services Atlas-Nick-Update. Breamer-We have had meetings across unions. Atlas information has been turned into the atlas people and they are working out the bugs. JR stepped in for Jamie and is waiting to hear back.

  4. Health Services Staffing-Nick-There was one redeployment of an RN and is finishing up to cover elsewhere. Breamer-Actually her last day is today. Nick-Another temporary MSOP staff is there until another returns? Breamer-yes.

  5. CPS Staffing Assignments-Nick-I met with Michelle Sexe and we had a resolution for not assigning duties depending on units, but to work it out among themselves. I hear it has been going well. Sexe-supervisors say it’s working very well also. Nick-staff got more detail of what the changes are and it has been going well.

New AFSCME Items

  1. PPE Distribution/Availability-Eric-what are supplies looking like? We hear the warehouse can’t order. Breamer-Nikki Boder takes it if they can’t order it. We had a deployment of gowns a week ago and there will be gloves today or tomorrow. We are tracking it weekly and we have ample supply of PPE. Eric-what about cleaning supplies? Is eco lab and the yellow stuff still good? Bonnie-yes. Eric-we need nitrile gloves when cleaning and n95 masks if we are cleaning when clients are out there. It’s still in the air. There is no protection for staff if there is Covid. Breamer-DCTs direction is that stuff is to be used for aerosol procedures, ventilators and other things. There is a face shield that can be used for this also. N95 mask is not needed for cleaning. Continue with aerosol procedures. Cates-so you are talking about staffing. Boder-I am talking about healthy clients that have been exposed. From DCT, when to utilize n95. Eric-surgical masks are fine in quarantine? Boder-no, if you are cleaning and not during an aerosolizing procedure. A surgical is ok for that. Cates-if we have a positive and a member gets covid, whose responsibility is that? Boder-let’s think. We probably brought it in to the clients. Eric-If that person isn’t the direct one that gave it. Steve-are clients roaming campus? Nick-yes, and we have had some going to medical procedures. Steve-so we can’t say for sure. Cates-You fit tested all nursing and A Team. Why not the staff working on quarantine unit? Boder-direction is that DCT directs how to utilize it. Eric-agree to disagree.

  2. Masks Expectation/Distribution-Eric-Its confusing when to use a mask.  Where, when, what is the guideline? In office alone, don’t have to? Some people say the unit station is an office. Is that acceptable? Bonnie-we have said it depends. We want you to wear it all the time. Within 6 feet. Take off to eat and drink. Shantz is different if half door is open, you need to wear it. In office with doors closed, it’s acceptable to take it off. CPS you must wear all of the time because it is an open area. Paul-take off the mask to eat or drink. But if you are taking a break, we have a room for you to do that. Eric-I’m not sure supervisors have given that direction to staff. They are saying staff can’t take a drink. Paul-If planning to eat lunch, go to the breakroom to do that. I will clear up the other issue. Some would say I am drinking all day so I won’t wear it. Sexe-When this has been presented to staff, we have had some staff say that they are eating seeds or drinking all day. Bonnie-we have had MSOP staff come in without a mask and were prompted and say “oh come on its Sunday.” We do have to do this, we are a 24/7 facility. It’s up to all of us. They are uncomfortable but we need to do this for a while. Boder-with seeds, you are spitting so that is airborne. Not a good decision. Eric-expectations for mask itself. Bandanas, neck gators? Boder-DCT, we really want people to wear face covering. We don’t want to get into restrictions. Information is on SharePoint. Close fitting covering nose to below chin and when you talk it doesn’t move. We have allowed gators and bandanas that are tied. Open on the bottom is not acceptable. We have not come out and said it has to be “this or that”. There is discussion that we will change from cloth to everyone will have to wear a surgical mask as a control. This has not passed, just in discussion. Cates-what is the thinking behind that? Boder-I am not on that group but I don’t know the reasoning. Cates-will this facility have the masks to facilitate that? Boder-DCT has 300 thousand on hand that have not gone out to anyone yet. If that is the direction, we need to make sure all sites have the supply on hand before it is implemented. Eric-timeframe? Boder-I don’t because I don’t sit on that. I anticipate next week. It’s the Infection prevention group. Eric-are designs appropriate? Any ban? Boder-that is on the dress code which goes to bonnie. DCT we talk about what is safe as a mask. Eric-people think it has to be all one color. Bonnie-You can have designs as long as it’s appropriate. Eric-The state was going to supply a cloth mask? Bonnie-everyone should have one and if you haven’t received one, work with your supervisor. Moose Lake is sending another batch. Boder-I can look into that. Bonnie-we are looking at if it’s soiled or broken. Look inside of it. Eric-if clients get it every week and working only 2 hours a day, we should probably get one every week. Boder-they usually break before that anyway. If it breaks, turn it in and get another one. Boder-I turn that over to command post. Nick-in cps we haven’t gotten the fabric one. We were issued surgical right away. Bonnie-work with your supervisor. I am thinking because clients don’t have a storage, that may be why, but I don’t know.

  3. Perimeter and CPS Split Staffing-Eric-is this happening like the flu? Why not? Bonnie-we don’t have suspected cases and we have a designated unit now. It was to limit the spread with the flu. Moving clients rather than staff. Eric-seems counterintuitive. Bonnie-we all have masks and social distancing. Eric-I filed a grievance about this. Why was that important then and not now? Paul-we didn’t have masks at that time so the strategy was different. We had active cases and they were growing. Eric-we had suspected cases. Paul-it’s a different strategy.

  4. CPR Expectations without proper PPE-Eric-The direction on CPR is now that we can only do if you have an N95? Boder-they changed it. If we have a suspected individual, that is where an N95 is required. If we don’t have suspected Covid. Use a mask but not required to do hands on CPR. Our bags don’t have a hepa-filter. We asked for them and they don’t know when we will get them. The n95 is required if the person is suspected. It’s optional if it is not suspected. Emergency packs should have n95 in them in case. Cates-if staff isn’t fit tested and doesn’t have n95, can they call someone else to do it? Boder-I can’t say that we would have an issue with that. If the staff wants to have that on their conscience. Eric-we are always told to use universal precautions but we are not doing that now? Boder-use a surgical mask. N95 isn’t universal. Eric-so if I do CPR with a surgical mask, am I safe from getting it? Boder-no, but we use n95 for someone symptomatic. Eric-so not using universal precaution. Cates-if we are treating everyone as if they have covid, whey aren’t we using an n95? Boder-we can use all of those things. It’s using universal precautions and building on it. There are a lot worse things to catch than covid. If you are not comfortable, there will be staff that respond that are comfortable. Eric-if I discover a client but am worried about catching covid 19 and I don’t have an n95, am I required to do CPR or wait until someone with n95? Boder-if the person is suspected or confirmed, someone else can perform it. That is on your conscience and ability.

  5. Short Staffing-Eric-I have heard that minimums on overnights had been dropped for a while. Shantz control dropped to one staff doing boards and count. Tim-ODs made adjustments. I don’t believe they are doing that. I think they assumed they weren’t that busy and didn’t realize how much the courtyards were being used. Cates-was it to reduce OT? Tim-I don’t know Ryan. When Eric let us know, we asked to go back to two. Overnights went to one on 2nd floor due to 2 north not having clients then we decided to not do that. Eric-ODs going rogue? Tim-I said let’s give it a shot then I was incorrect. Eric-thank you for admitting that.

  6. A-Team and Shaving-Eric-A-team has to have an N95 and can’t work on a team if not shaven? Is that forever or just during covid? Tim-as far as I know only a couple that said they prefer not to shave. Yes, in order to wear an n95 they have to have a good fit test. I don’t know what to say about covid being over. As of right now, we prefer to have staff that can wear an n95. Eric-I can assure you that not all bid members wanted to shave. There was an email that said if you don’t, you will be reassigned to 1st watch. Tim-I didn’t see it. I contacted the supervisor and he said the email said you may be required. Eric-it didn’t say “may”. I will send it to you. Cates-shaving doesn’t align with contract at all. Tim-yeah, it would be attrition. The email in question was not from supervisor but from a current A-Team member.

  7. Investigations/Social Distancing-Eric-can we have these in an area to enforce social distancing. Paul-we can do that. Bonnie-we should say something in the moment too, if it’s not being done that way.

  8. Short Notice Vacation Time-Eric-some staff are getting to the max vacation allotment. With summer and no availability or short notice. Is there leeway if they get above the 275? Ryan do you have any input? We have been looking at this. Kern-I have not heard anything about that yet. Annie-This has been brought forward with the MMB meeting as well.

  9. 1 South Covid Symptoms-Adam-There was a case on 1 south where a staff left during the shift with a 103 degree temp.  The next day, a staff that was working with this symptomatic staff, answered “yes” to being in contact with a suspected covid. The staff was sent home for a day and was back the next.  Wouldn’t it be prudent to at least keep the same staff who worked with the symptomatic staff on that same unit instead of being placed throughout the entire facility? Bonnie-as long as we maintain social distancing. Boder-we have measures in place. Adam-Are we tracing staff who work with someone who is symptomatic and will they be notified of any unknown contact? The only time contact tracing comes in to play is if we have a positive case. Did staff have proper PPE and were they using masking? Tracing does not happen according to department of health. Staff will not be looked at in a work format.  An employee who is confirmed can tell staff if they want but HIPPA is in play. They try to limit the information out there. We don’t say if someone is positive or not. Bonnie-Situation updates as far as staffing goes? Boder-I get a tracking worksheet but HR will talk to staffing as well. Bonnie-have we had any cases? Boder-we have had zero cases thus far.

adjourned at 1245