May 2019 MSOP Meeting Minutes

AFSCME MSOP Labor Management

May 9th 2019




Attendance: Adam Castle, Ryan Cates, Jamie Sheppard, Molly Kennedy, Michelle Sexe, Troy Sherwood, Bonnie Wold, Michelle Breamer, Andrew Cole, Crystal Kreklow, Andrew Cole, Tine Schwamberger, Paul Rodriguez, Michelle Breamer



  1. 1.      Follow Up Items
    1. A.     Inverse Numbers- Tim-April-16 inversed for 76.5. 15 2nd for 57.25. 9 3rd for 46.25
    2. B.      Overtime Numbers-895.75 total hours
    3. 2.      CPS Staffing-Molly-Nursing alone with clients in rooms while unclothed/safety. Tina-not normal in any clinic to have one person in clinic. Isolated and only have camera. Told we could do dressings in lobby area, no privacy. The next time was in exam room. As exiting there is a client in room and we are coming out as he is adjusting shirt, pants unzipped. Very vulnerable to be accused. While doing footcare another staff would be there but security was pulled from her and told nurse had to cover. Sometimes have to bend down. We are short and can’t always have someone cover so we have to go up there. Molly-they would call over to sunrise and I would help. Someone people think they can’t help. No one knew the directive and caused riff with nursing. We want to help but may not have the resources. Tina-We are on camera but sunrise is only one that watches but if they are gone. Molly-if anyone accuses nursing, it could mean their licenses. Crystal-it is a liability that they are so isolated. This should be enough to make you pause, it could be yours as well. Shouldn’t be in these room alone or isolated with minimal camera coverage. Paul-Not that we wouldn’t provide a second person. There are clients in situations. If a client has caused problems before we could have only when there is another staff or if there is a particular procedure there would be concerns with sharps, tools, genitals, etc. we can manage those and provide additional security. In general, cps is lesser setting by nature so we have many situations where staff are alone in community. Courts have determined they are appropriate in that setting in cps. Courts are aware of that. I want to be responsive to particular situations and if client is causing problem, call ICS if ever uncomfortable. We want to create environment similar to community setting. Crystal-you said the courts have deemed them there, does that include the people you don’t approve. Cates-these are people the courts have approved but what do you say about the ones you have fought. Crystal-to compare the two isn’t fair. It a whole other environment. Paul-court process is msop, outside, court appointed. Not just msop. In community, as I said if there is an invasive exam we can address that. Where client may need pants unbuttoned. We may want to schedule when people can be around to help. Scheduling may be a challenge but I don’t want to jeopardize your license or in danger. We can look at those. Crystal-molly indicated there was a meeting for this but it started and ended with the decision has been made above us. It was shut down. We have tried to have this and it’s not happening. Paul-I wasn’t there so I can’t speak to that. I don’t know that it was the intention to say we won’t have security there. If an absolute was communicated that wasn’t my intention, I want to be flexible. In general we will aim to not have SCs there unless it makes sense, or 2nd nurse we can look at that being mindful we can’t have that at every one. Crystal-if LPNs and nurses say we are uncomfortable they can reach out? Paul-ideally if we know in advance, me or Michelle. Communicate it so we can see what we are being asked to cover. Michelle b-the way they were doing it with cps worked best. Molly-they would come in and say we have these assessments at such and such time. If we are flexible. We would go over and sit. I sat in waiting room and had exam room open just in case. Michelle-staff was good at dealing with that. Molly-does this get scheduled weeks or day in advance? Michelle b-would have to be day by day for acute. Tina-sometimes chest pains are emergencies. Paul-trying to not have SC that has a post at all times. Extreme example. Someone needs a band aid. Those are situations we would ask do we need that. But for invasive exam. Let us know. Crystal-staff had it worked out fairly well. Why not allowed to go back to that? Not a post, it’s when nursing feels it’s necessary. Molly-with parameters. Don’t want staff depleted and nursing doesn’t want to be alone. Paul-i think it started like that but then it came to “I want an SC here” we want to avoid that creep. We want to know what those situations are. We can revisit parameters. But want to make sure they are clear and we are providing when needed. We can work more on this and revise. I want people to be safe but also run community like setting. Michelle S-we also need to manage our resources. 3rd watch is usually short. During second watch I feel we can do it. Molly-they do their procedures on 2nd watch. On weekdays during the week we have a lot that can help out. Michelle s-it happened on 3rd, they took a property person. Paul-these are the compliant clients that we are talking about here. I wasn’t at the meeting 3 weeks ago but let’s continue the discussion. Agreeable? Molly-leaving that if nurse needs assessment tor room alone and someone takes off clothing.  Request an SC to schedule it? Troy-can a nurse go with to do that. Michelle b-we can work with charge nurse to see if available. What works at that time or moment? Tina-easier to call SC for 10 minutes. Usually not needed right that second. Not always someone watching the camera. Not someone to even hear the commotion. Nursing is willing to do whatever we can. Certain things we only have so many days to do things or it will come back on us. Molly-forward going to work together to make something work? Michelle-during shift reports we phone in and we can review case by case to monitor. Crystal-possible to get a side meeting with nursing, management, and afscme? To go over situations and set up a process? Molly-cps management too. Crystal-easiest way to move forward with it. Paul-one option. Clinic has been open since January. Only have a few months’ worth of situations. If we need meeting or dialogue to resolve process and if that doesn’t work then move forward. Crystal-I agree and that is what we tried to do 3 weeks ago. I would like it to be here are the problems and move forward. It’s only a matter of time until something happens. I would like more formal setting to not monopolize entire meeting. Paul-I would like to see if we can do it amongst ourselves again with me involved. Crystal-timeline? Paul-soon, something important to people. As early as next week to chat. I have told SC its open door policy. So knock on my door. Crystal-informal in a week or so? I would like something set up to have people there to have this informal conversation. We tried once and we are getting push back. I would say I want formal to process. It’s not my space but I just don’t want molly popping in to have a conversation. Cates-its not just a couple people. We need OT deal with this a as a whole without power differential. Paul-I wasn’t there but it would be nice to see if we can be informal and move from there. Molly-it was presented by management that there will not be an SC there and that was it. No comments or concerns. Paul-Nicki and I issued a memo that said generals health services will complete these things that done need oversight. Staff will be provided for those situations that do. I wasn’t there so I don’t know how it was communicated. That’s where I would like to start. If you don’t see results, then by all means move it up. Michelle-some parameters are spelled out in this new memo. Give it time to see how it works and then we could pull together that meeting? Molly-yeah. Crystal-we will look at the memo and let membership look at it then maybe call for the meeting. Paul-thank you.
    4. 3.      3rd watch cps not enough staff to cover count. No one was told that someone was being pulled for a last minute visit. I remember that and I totally forgot about the unintentional ripples. We thought it may have been a ball dropped on our end but I agree. Jaime-there are other things that happened as well. Paul-again, we need to know the issue so I can get specifics so I can address it. I’m guessing but I don’t have the information. I will be more careful next time I approve a visit. Jaime-it’s more of an “I am here so I want to vent to you” but it’s still a problem. Paul-let us know if there are specifics. Tim-staff is getting pulled and count is called and you are sitting there. If you call the OD….we can route an A team member there. Jaime-I’m trying to get them to call the OD. Michelle-one staff I can talk to? Jaime-no
    5. 4.      Organizational Look Workgroup-Hiring Pool-Crystal-meeting with chuck in cities that we want to do an org workgroup because money isn’t coming in right now. We haven’t heard anything. Looking for an update. Meeting with deputy commissioner. Tim-I was there and thought once we figured out funding, we would figure out what positions. Crystal-no, we knew 78 ish positions and look into it now and if we get the funding we go here or here. Haven’t had initial meeting yet. Paul-I understood same as Tim. Troy- I did as well. But it is more executive level for entire program. Crystal-we weren’t looking at MSH. Just Moose Lake and here. Molly-now that we don’t have the money? Crystal-we need to schedule to start looking at that. No disrespect but a lot time’s people on the line can see holes and only know because they do it on the daily. The sooner we start the better we will be. Bonnie-we will connect with Mel. Crystal-yes we talked and we would like to start this sooner and she said ok. Paul-I will follow up with Mel
    6. 5.      Additional Vacation for Convention-Tim-I mentioned to DeAtley, we did it many years. Numbers make sure it’s on radar can’t promise anything. Get names and dates as soon as possible. 2nd 3rd 5th of October. Send Jaime the dates.
    7. 6.      Staff Running TC Groups During MNASTA-Tim-this was on agenda last month. I talked to Brenda. His ask was due to treatment hours. It is not, its TC group, no clinical so there isn’t treatment hours. Troy-been the same as the afternoon groups. Only Pexton. Tim-Eric’s concern was if it was treated as hours. Molly-what about the uncomfortability of staff. Troy-they have done a good job that the staff that do it have been trained in it. They normally pull a lead. In talks when we review it sounds like it has been going well.
    8. 7.      Hiring pool-Tim-next steps are I’m working with Andrew and Denise to figure out logistics. I’m sure I will be asking somebody about when you hire someone off the street they don’t have a spot. And with seniority…molly-much like utility. Tim-technically cant be part of our funded positions. Like a shadow positions. Jaime-I was hired as a float. Tim-has to do with PCNs waiting to go through the process. It takes a while to get to 3 rounds. During that time if we can hire off the street then if one goes dead we plug them in. not a lot of choice, they are there and ready to go. It saves time. Bonnie-if we have MSH staff taking positions, then we are over, that is the fear. Then we have a pool waiting. Tim-these are outside of that.


New AFSCME Items

  1. 1.      CPS Health Services Alone with CPS Clients-
  2. 2.      OT Release Times-Molly-1st watch folks saying when they are inversed or OT to 2nd watch. They are done at 615 then mandated to take half hour to stay till 230. Their ask is to also work straight 8 on the inversed shift. Right now getting 7.75 OT. This is what they would like. Tim-they need to take a break because they are working the 2nd watch shift. Molly-what if inversed? Tim-they are working a 2nd watch shift.
  3. 3.      Denied Mutuals-Molly-Mutuals being denied without the cross trained members. Staff see there are cross trained and still being denied. Tim-because they were already in the position. If a wants switch mutual with b and b with c that is the way. But if a wants to get switched you. Molly-I think it started happening differently but then went back to this way where you have to find the switch yourself.
  4. 4.      2nd Watch Bid at 3rd Round-Tim-Rumor-there aren’t any right now. Mary’s and Scott’s should be posted as retirements. They are 1st rounders. Jaime-how do you know? We don’t know coming across but HR tracks it. Jaime-can they put that on bid slip? Molly-we try to track too, but it’s difficult. Bonnie-retirements are always 1. Tim-I think Andrew can let you know that. Andrew-Heidi and Ryan track it. Ryan Leightum. They track the rounds. I don’t even know the 1768 is going through before it gets tagged. Jaime-I could catch these if I know. Molly-are we still discussing if a 3rd goes dead, it would go to 1st or 3rd watch? We have had 2 or 3 recently. Tim-I understand that. My stance is we are following the contract. Molly-we had an agreement. Tim-we had that we would talk about it. Bonnie-the last one went through and said we would look at it. A group other than this group did the offering and weren’t going to take it back. Jaime-can we fix it?
  5. 5.      Light Duty-I noticed policy on light duty for non-work related injury. I have had people ask me and I did also. Hurt outside of work, you go through proper channel. HR and management. I did that but no one got back to me. I’m curious if this happens a lot. Bonnie-it comes up and we look to see if we have a place to go. Depends on nature of injury and if available. Molly-and you get back to them? Bonnie-HR or management. Crystal-molly didn’t hear back from anyone. If it says they should be then it should be happening. Molly-I emailed Andrew and Annette. Troy-I can’t think of one. Bonnie-they go through Paul for cps. Or clinical it would go through Brenda or Paul. Leave management handles the requests. Not Andrew. Bonnie-first I have heard.
  6. 6.      1st Watch feeling underappreciated-Molly-1st watch feeling neglected. Like when we have staff appreciation day they always get the last of it. In forums yesterday it was mentioned that 1st watch is slacking with searches. Michelle-I was there and it was not. Bonnie-it was all staff, not just 1st watch. Paul-no watches singled out. Bonnie-this is all staff including management and clinical. Tim-I gave the new employee speech. Using the new eyes. Paul-I don’t recall any singling out. Someone mentioned that it’s hard to get 1st watch for employee engagement group. Maybe that was it? Troy-Kari came in and pleaded for some help. Paul-two different things in a row not linked maybe that is why. Michelle-as presenters we thought it was nice to have more 1st watchers there and engaged. Kari talked about how to include more 1st watchers. Bonnie-last year we actually didn’t use leftovers for the same reasons.
  7. 7.      Client from Perimeter off Campus Outing-Jaime-client phase 3 was waived for UVBS and restraints. Last time out was November 2014. I know these happen more often but nice to into phoenix that restraints were approved to be waived. It gets messy when I get emails from people outside. Michelle-I did not waive the UVBS or have anything to do with it, I just sent the email. Paul-we are looking at a lot of things on how this outing occurred and we will be asking you again. We want to clean it up from this last time. Tim-fully agree.

Management Agenda Items

  1. Utility Pool Posting Responsibilities-Tim-used to have every position had to cross train in 1 of 3 areas. We drifted away now we are back to it. Not going to force anyone into it. It’s when position goes empty. When we put in the 1768 it will say “will be cross trained into this or that.” You can cross train into all 3 if you want but we will identify the requirement in the posting. Tim-when they go empty. When they bid they will know

They are bidding into it and will also need to be trained into it. The 3 areas are a team, count, control center. Jaime-also for cps utility pool at least into cps count? Tim-that’s up to them.

3rd quarter performance evals are being done. Asking supervisors to sit down regularly. And talk about expectations, what are you doing good on and need improvement on. Molly-what is this improving upon? Tim-so people aren’t blindsided. Ahead of the game instead of “here is a letter of expectations, why didn’t you say something. Reviews are all done at end of September. Molly-wont make it into a file? Tim-no. We are going to do it now. Also emphasize strengths.

Bonnie-scheduled staff appreciation day for July 16th. Governor and commissioner will also be present.


Molly-concept of labor management. They don’t seem like they were before. We talked back and forth about items. We bring things, there is silence and then come back. We are here to represent members. When I am doing this I am not molly the SC. Nothing personal in this room. I would like to see more back and forth. Andrew is usually on the screen and we used to have more back and forth. Bonnie-I think that’s great, we need more information on topics. We get together and we ask what this is about. Sometimes we think its one thing and its something different. That is a great idea. Tim-we talked about this last time. If you have questions, let me know so I can find out. Like OT release times. I would guess something happened but have no clue. Bonnie-that’s why we have to say we will get back to you. Tim-Hesse has come to me with stuff and it’s good to know. We can do that. More detailed agenda items. Paul-I wish more staff would take me up more on that open door policy.


Adjourned at 130pm