March 2022 MSOP Meeting Minutes

AFSCME MSOP Labor Management

March 10, 2022

Human Resources Room/Conference



Attendance: Adam Castle, Eric Hesse, Ryan Cates, Nick Weerts, Jamie Schwartz, Denise Considine, Bonnie Wold, Michelle Breamer, Troy Sherwood, Nikki Boder, Heather Staff, Paul Rodriguez, Michelle Sexe, Chris Hagen, Matt Stenger, Karen Holicky, Scott Halverson, Annie Jakacki


Follow Up Items

  1. 1.      Inverse Numbers Operations: 1st watch 19 staff for 45.5 hours. 2nd watch had 5 staff for 5.5 hours. 3rd watch had 1 staff for 1.75 hours. Total of 51.75 hours.
  2. 2.      Overtime Hours: Total Overtime 1548.92 hours. Health Services had 54.75 hours with no inverses.
  3. 3.      Time Book Training: Denise sent the beginning of the project. Shouldn’t take too long to get it finished. More than likely before next meeting.
  4. 4.      Local Hospital Coverage: Troy-MNIT person said they are working on the security and the training plan. No time frame right now.
  5. 5.      Client Mail Module: Troy-Distribution center being moved out there. bags get delivered into lobby. Then taken to units and return the bags back to where its delivered. We won’t have a person coming out to deliver it. Eric-like MSH? Troy-Yes. Eric-Mail room in st peter is out of possibility? Tory-correct. Staffing. We can get the same done with what we have now. Need to staff a mailroom. We don’t have the resources to staff a room to hand out mail. We have a system in place already. Eric-We have budget to add layer of management but not for this. Will staff get training? Troy-This is what the mail module is about and with job coaching. Denise-What are you looking for? Eric-Not to have this. Staff feel this is saying we are incapable of doing the job. It costs money if mail is done incorrectly.  Eric-Policy states that staff is supposed to verify with staff and the client. If that isn’t happening. Why will these people not get followed up with instead of a broad stroke. Troy-We have had the conversations and talk to staff without the investigation. If you suggest we investigate, I am not on board with that. Eric-what is a data breach. Troy-Client opens mail that isn’t theirs. Eric-I hand mail to the client, and they say it isn’t mine and gives it back, is that a breach? Troy-Yes, we don’t know to what extent wit was looked at. Eric-If it’s an envelope. Do I need to do a level 2 incident report? Troy-I have no problem to file a report for fact finding. Bonnie-There are many situations, so it’s difficult to make a statement across the board. If a client walks away and comes back, we don’t know what happened. Eric-Client name on an envelope doesn’t make sense. Paul-we don’t know what happened in that time. There was a case that impacts us. Clients have to show what happened for an injury; the degree of proof has been lowered for this stuff. Eric-Do you have numbers for what we had to pay in st peter? Bonnie-I don’t know if the breakdown was msop wide. Eric-Can we get the numbers for st peter? Troy-yes, we can try. Eric-Will this apply to CPS? Michelle-Talking about a different process where his staff will put mail into mailboxes. We have a different system with a mailbox. Early discussions. Eric-Not doing this process in the perimeter? Michelle-Doing a different process where only Steve’s staff touch the mail. Preliminary discussions right now. Nick-Fewer hands that touch the mail, the better. Like an apartment, is a good process. Cuts down the risk for mistakes. Eric-Why can’t we do this in the perimeter? Limiting the issues. Bonnie-I don’t see an issue. Eric-This is a way to fix it. Steve and his team are able to do it without verification. Bonnie-Thank you for the feedback. We may look at it down the road but not right now. Eric-What about the Shantz 2 east unit. Bringing someone in to expose for checking mail? Troy-Bring us any questions and we will answer them for you. Matt-Why are you doing it differently than CPS when you said it was supposed to be uniform. Bonnie-It is being done to reduce data breaches.


Management Agenda Items

  1. 1.      COVID Demobilization Updates: Nikki-We still meet about this. The county rates are substantial, so it keeps us with eyewear. Nothing else has changed.
  2. 2.      CPS Medical Response After Hours: Michelle-Providing clients with deinstitutionalization. How can a client manage their own health as we do? Michelle Breamer has worked on a plan that we sent out to counselors on first watch. Does it make sense, what are we missing? We will work on rolling that out and then a communication plan. Nikki-We will also provide education to clients on this also. Urgency vs emergency, etc. There are a lot of components to it.

AFSCME Agenda Items

  1. 1.      Unfilled Shift Bonus: Eric-Decided hospital doesn’t apply for bonus. Explain why its extension of shift. It’s known in advance, need to sign up. If no one does, you inverse. That’s unfilled by inverse. Matt-Melissa always said when offering overtime, it’s a shift. Why not implementing on this shift? Denise-There is a need, I don’t disagree. We have talked about this regarding your questions. Bonnie-History for the hospital, we always looked as an extension. With the bonus we looked at it. the laptop will eliminate the need. We will shift approach to address as subsequent with notion that staff the sign up may have to work up to 8 hours depending on the need when they return to the facility. Not automatic one hour when you get back. Eric-Back to how it used to be, so you qualify? Bonnie-Yes. Eric-If it’s only an hour, you qualify. Will we pay back the staff who worked it already? Bonnie-No, we had the conversation, and we will do this but not back pay. Eric-You are with that client directly for some of the hour. You wanted to change it because you had issues, the people only wanted to cover. Then didn’t want to work the whole shift. So, you had less sign up and inversed to go. Then you said you wanted more senior staff to go so you changed it. Matt-How can you say today forward we will cover but not back. If it’s a shift, it’s a shift. You should compensate the staff. We just agreed any time you pick up is a shift. Denise-Depends on how its offered and what need is. Extension of shift. On transport and it runs over, that is work in progress. We won’t send someone to meet you. Not unfilled shift and wouldn’t qualify. If you stay to write a report, that is also an extension, not unfilled. Even though its overtime. Cates-But this is unfilled shift. You need coverage for this, and you know in advance, it’s an unfilled shift. Eric-What is an extended shift? Bonnie-Unexpected. Eric-Matt just said, you have to be inversed to fill the shift. How is it an extension? How is hospital an extension? Bonnie-We will discuss going back further. Denise-A lot of times driving is an extension. Eric-Yes, if it was driving, they are relieved to drive, but you are in direct care of client for part. Denise-We will go back to look at it. I won’t speak for management to pay it. Based on the information you gave us; we will talk through it. Matt-Members are looking to us why it’s not covered, when can we let them know? Denise-By the end of this week. Eric-Anything else that can pop up related to this if my coverage doesn’t make it? Denise-That’s an inverse, it’s not an extension of the shift. We can’t talk about every instance. If you are inversed, its unfilled shift. If the staff shows up 20 mins later. Denise-You know when you go to the hospital, you are there for an hour. Eric-Bonuses have been removed because they found someone. The supervisor should talk to the employee before changing it. Denise-You are right if inversed and worked any portion, they should get the bonus. Let us know when this has happened.     
  2. 2.      Weekend/Day Off Bonus: Parameters for what is the day off. Along with everything else posted on FAQs. Denise-Yes, weekend definition is from overnight Friday through the evening Sunday is weekend for AFSCME. Day off is from end of scheduled shift into days off through the evening shift prior to return. Rational is you can’t be mandated after shift into days off, so it makes sense it’s the next shift. Nick-Supervisors were just as confused as staff on this too. Nick-What about the corrections before these definitions? Denise-We were going to say going forward. How much is out there? Nick-I am not sure. I don’t want to say how many there are. Denise-We will get back to you on the answer and let you know by end of the week. Nick-We should honor those. Denise-It was sprung on all of us. We are trying to figure this out also. I also don’t want to do things totally different from DCT. We want to be consistent.
  3. 3.      HR Not Sending Bid Awards to Successful Bidders and Labor: Eric-It was just being sent to certain people. Denise-They were being sent, if there was something missed, I apologize. We clarified whom they go to going forward. Eric-An employee found out by looking at the schedule. Denise-I’ll make sure the letter gets to her.
  4. 4.      PPE Requirements for Staff: Eric-Do we have a timeframe to remove this stuff? Nikki-No timeframe, still following the CDC. Nicollet is still at critical rates. When if falls under that rate. Eric-CDC says if healthy. Nikki-Not for health care and living facilities. I don’t see masks going anywhere for a while. Matt-MSH we have an injury due to goggles when he was punched. It creates a hazard too. Nikki-That could be said for anyone wearing glasses. Matt-It’s a choice.
  5. 5.      Statuses of Bartlett and Shantz 2 East: Nikki-Continue with quarantine unit until told otherwise. Not timeframe. Paul-Bartlett, we are planning on a summer move. Expanding 32 beds to start. Looking at mid-summer, July-ish. We are looking for PCNs and have some for it. Staffing is going through the finance for approval. Michelle-When I get the go, I will be posting them to cover the unit and increase the utility pool. Cameras are almost done in the area on 1 north. Trying to pretty up bartlett as much as possible. we will get staff over to look at it and give recommendations. Denise-Is it correct that staff has been reassigned for two years? Eric-Yes. Troy-2 East. Eric-Haven’t received request for extensions either. Denise-I will follow-up.

Add On: Denise-I Propose we take turns taking minutes like the other bargaining units. We do take turns with minutes. What is your input? We would like to do this with AFSCME as well. Cates-We would like to talk about it and get back to you.


Adjourned at 1250pm