March 2020 MSOP Meeting Minutes

AFSCME MSOP Labor Management

March 12 2020

Human Resources Room



Attendance: Adam Castle, Ryan Cates, Annie Juckaki, Jamie Sheppard, Steve Wilking, Nick Weerts, Eric Hesse, Bonnie Wold, Michelle Breamer, Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Kern, Denise Considine



  1. 1.      Follow Up Items
    1. A.     Inverse Numbers-Tim-January 35 staff from 1st watch for 130.25 hours. 52 staff 2nd watch for 176.5 hours. 21 staff from 3rd watch for 94.25 hours.  Total inverses 392 Total hours is 1957.75. Increase due to extended Rochester coverage. 36 days which is 20 percent of inverse hours.
    2. Overtime Numbers-
    3. 2.      AFSCME included in MNA Contract- Eric-sent HR questions. Denise-do you want to meet or email responses to you? Eric-email with responses then we will see if there is a need for a meeting.
    4. 3.      Atlas App-Eric-update? Tim-vendor contract is that they ask for standard permissions. I heard it was just locations. I asked them and they said it is their contract. I don’t think it is going to change. Eric-it asks for everything. I can show you. Tim-At the will of the vendor. Eric-update on iPhone? Tim-I didn’t ask, I can ask.
    5. 4.      Incentive MOU-Eric-Sent questions to HR. Denise-we discussed this already. All I know is the referral is still being offered to all AFSCME employees in all classes. No retention incentive and no further consideration for education incentive. Recruitment is offered case by case depending on the job. Making determination. No changes to voluntary shift bonuses. Eric-is there a reason the top out and bonus isn’t being offered? Denise-just the decision made by the DCT exec team. Eric-why? Denise-I’m sure it’s budgetary. Eric-can we find out? Denise-sure.
    6. 5.      Holiday Pay Code Cheat Sheet-Eric-status? Paul-handed the sheet out to AFSCME. Denise-Do we need to talk through it? Eric-we can review later and if we have issues, we can email you. How will it be distributed? Bonnie-homepage Denise? Denise-I don’t have a problem with that. Bonnie-AFSCME will let us know when they are ready? Let Denise know? Eric-yes.
    7. 6.      Security Counselor Lead Leveling Process-Eric-any movement? Bonnie-we have a meeting on the 20th to look at it.
    8. 7.      Temporary Reassignment Count Coordinator-Eric-This is ending? Bonnie-next pay period. On the Wednesday after this pay period ends. Eric-Were the effected employees notified? Bonnie-yes. We did get a lot of volunteers from our email request. Denise-they will be sent today. Bonnie-they have been notified. Eric-reason its ending? Bonnie-we got the volunteers we needed.
    9. 8.      Hospital Coverage with 1 Staff-Eric-it’s in their hospital policy to not cover outside agencies. We didn’t get follow up. I contacted bonnie and she said a nurse can break us. Bonnie-I never said they can break you, just to let them know. Eric-so leave out of our custody? Bonnie-we haven’t changed our practices. It is case by case depending on the client. Eric-you still have to obey labor laws. Security won’t be doing it. Tim-if you need to leave, you can leave and use the bathroom. On a case by case we have allowed this to occur. If we do, there is at least one restraint. If not, notify OD you are going on break, notify nursing and we will make it happen. Cates-who is accountable, when something happens? Bonnie-if you follow policy, you will not be held accountable. Eric-if we call the hospital president and ask, that will be ok? Bonnie-if they can’t walk, can’t talk, it’s reasonable to send one staff. Eric-the one client recovered and we are still using one staff. Bonnie-we work with health services and as it changes, we reassess. Eric-we had an issue in forensics as well and now they are sending 2 staff because you need to allow breaks and not breaking chain of custody. If there are, I can see sending 3 but a staff for 12 hours is a liability issue. Steve-can I look at your polices? Bonnie-yes. Cates-we got the policies from the hospitals and they don’t allow their staff to cover outside. Eric-is it in the policy that it’s ok to leave a client unattended? Tim-it doesn’t but it says we can send 1 staff. I understand it does not say that (unattended). Eric-so you are digging your heels in but I hope you back up staff if something happens. Tim-odds are it would be more than just the staff in trouble. Tim-if client is there and can’t walk or talk. As they get reassessed we think about mobility, alertness, etc. Eric-it doesn’t necessarily prevent stuff from happening. Tim-stuff can happen anytime. Eric-lets be proactive, not reactive. Tim-we will discuss. Annie-can you send me the policy that says case by case? Tim-I can send it to Eric.


New AFSCME Items

  1. 1.      UVBS Policy/Females Performing-Eric-females are now allowed, why? Tim-In talking to Moose Lake, it was always two male staff. Now there is a curtain, it can be one female staff on the other side of curtain making sure male staff is in sight. Eric-is there a curtain now? Tim-I don’t know. Eric-our UVBS room is small, you can’t hand out clothes. Bonnie-The policy applies when it’s in place (curtain). Eric-no issues out of this? Tim-moose Lake checked with DOC and they do it there so I think its standard but I’m not positive. Cates-for female clients, is a male allowed? Tim-if there is a curtain? Eric-policy doesn’t allow it now. Tim-we can change that. It would be both ways.
  2. 2.      Military Leave/Adequate time to Show Orders-Eric-issues coming up that they aren’t being allowed time before and after their leave. Told they have to show orders about specific times but they don’t have that on the paperwork. Bonnie-I haven’t heard it. Eric-I will follow up and send details. Denise-adequate time? Eric- work a late shift but have to be a Ripley the next morning. Allowing them to switch schedules to have time. If I’m at drill to 11pm then the next day I have to work at 6am is the issue.  We were informed there have been issues. Denise-We do need to work with our military folks but it is case by case depending on times and when they need to be there. We can work with staff depending on the situation. Notice is important. Not the day before, we need notice. Eric-if asking for times, those aren’t on the orders. Bonnie-how do they know? Steve-orders say they need to be there at 0600 until whenever they are cut loose. Orders change based on what they have to do that day. I don’t think you are ever going to get a shift listed. They don’t work that way. No end time, just the beginning. Denise-If they work 6 to 2 and don’t work till 6 the next day we probably wouldn’t give you the day off but if you work till 10pm and have to be at Ripley at 6am. We would. Paul-can you get specifics? Eric-yes.
  3. 3.      Mail Distribution Events-Eric-email sent to cps staff about mail policy and if you give the wrong mail to client. A lot of staff don’t know about it as far as reports, etc. if you have a breach. Bonnie-Still the same expectations as a breach. We have to report that. Nick-the whole process is informal. A big package of mail is dropped off in the office and just sits there. It doesn’t always happen in timely manner. Whose responsibility is it? Paul-we have met on that and will hopefully have more direction soon. Nick-everyone is willing to help but the process is less than desirable.
  4. 4.      CPS Uniform Allowance-Paul-This hasn’t taken effect. I submitted a need revision to get that moved up to 300. I don’t have a timeline. If you don’t hear from me in the next week, get a hold of me. I appreciate your patience. Nick-It would be nice to give people a heads up next time. Paul-I didn’t even know until Molly told me about it. I had no idea it hadn’t gone through.
  5. 5.      Coronavirus/Sanitizer-Eric-Are there plans about it? PPE, etc. or general plan if something happens. Quarantine, etc. bonnie-What I can share is to use covid 19 SharePoint. Click on that and it has daily information from beready website with a lot of information. On Monday we had a tabletop on awareness. We put a plan together and will be giving it to Nancy. DCT meets daily on this with their people to give updates. As we get info, we will communicate it. Working on communication to give you all on how to get information. Also giving info to clients on networks and meeting in person to help address concern. Actively working on plans. HR is working on forms also for supervisors to screen staff about vacations etc. Denise-Connie is sending out FAQs online regarding covid19. Staff wondering what to do, reach out to HR about coming to work. Cates-looking at bready MN. It tells me if someone is quarantined they use their own sick leave accruals but if they don’t have sick time, they use administrative leave. Its only for covid 19. So better off not having sick time? Denise-I saw that too. I don’t know why that was made but it comes from MMB. I can bring that to them and ask. Nick-people need to be put at ease for this otherwise they might roll the dice and come to work. They need to know they won’t be disciplined. Eric-When the plan is in place, it will be shared with staff? Bonnie-yes, it may be as early as today. Paul-they will come from Heidi Menard in my place as I will not be here.


Management Agenda Items

  1. 1.      Remind of SCs staying to end of shift, not lobby-Tim-stay until end of shift. You can wait in lobby. Just stay until end of shift.
  2. 2.      Bonnie-We had a meeting yesterday. Learning and development has a monthly meeting. They would like labor there if possible. 3rd Thursday of the month from 1230 to 130. Let Julie Lang know if you want to be involved. We need a delegate for the safety committee also at 1230. Alex palmer usually attends. Anyone else interested? Eric-We will talk about it and get back to you.

Add Ons-

  1. 1.      New Process for Clinic and Referrals-Nick-Is there a policy change that all health concerns go through you? Michelle-anyone who wants to schedule with provider goes through me. Nick-The process for requests? Michelle-yes, under provider care, we have 5 days to respond, then the nurse does. Nick-do they forward all concerns to you? Michelle-they can then follow up with client. We have a good turnaround time. Nick-reason? Michelle-This is program wide in Moose Lake also. There are a lot of inappropriate appointments made. They are not appropriately triaged. Going back to basics. Nick-concerns with the primary client they are following up on. Will it slow the process down over documentation delays? Michelle-hoping to be more effective and appropriate. Set aside a team huddle to bring to the provider for appointments as well.
  2. 2.      Additional Clinic Day for CPS-Michelle-This came from nursing because we have to cut Wednesdays short. May change to a full day or adding a day. We haven’t decided. No time frame because I haven’t been able to talk to Paul. I trust the nurses and if they say there isn’t enough time… I think maybe adding another half day would be sufficient. Nick-Tuesday there were medicals with Dr. Berry and a CPAP provider.1 No one was in the clinic. Michelle-we didn’t have coverage but they should have been coming into the perimeter. It was only 3 clients. Nick-it said sunrise. Michelle-It actually should have been room 284 in Pexton. Nick-Obvious question, who is to make those things happen? Michelle-we will figure that out.
  3. 3.      Vacation Going Back to One Nurse-Michelle-This is the first I have heard. There is still 1 RN and 1 LPN for each 2nd and 3rd watch. 1 spot for overnights. Atlas program in Moose Lake is a pilot program. I don’t know the status yet. We haven’t heard anything. I was told it wasn’t built the right way due to our rotating schedules. Nick-The current way seems archaic to me. A nurse sends email to get vacation and it’s an outlook calendar? Michelle-Everyone can see the calendar. it’s good as a work around right now but I will follow up. Nick-Concern that emails may be lost, unfairly given out, cherry picked. Michelle-its date and time stamped. They can send it back to me again but I’m not aware I have missed any.
  4. 4.      Paul-There is an operations meeting quarterly at cps for management and staff on the 24th
  5. 5.      Denise-There is an announcement on the homepage. HR has changed leave management. We now have a mailbox. Instead of a person, it will go to leave management mailbox. The staff is out on medical leave and there are issues with her not getting the information. It ensures we receive it timely. The email address is to come shortly. Will be posting on MSOP homepage. Effective immediately.
  6. 6.      Bonnie-Can we get the meeting minutes before you submit them? Adam-yes
  7. 7.      Email response from grievances. Eric-An email confirming that you have received it. Denise-Sure.

Adjourned at 1pm