June 2022 CARE/CBHH Meet and Confer


Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment Services (MHSATS)

 CARE-St. Peter and CBHH-Rochester

AFSCME Labor/Management Meeting


Virtual Meeting Location: Microsoft Teams


Thursday, June 23, 2022 --- 1:30pm – 2:30pm





  1. Introductions if applicable

Ryan Cates, Steve Wilking, Erin Wiederich, Jonelle Gressman, April L, Heather Tucke, Misten Helleckson, Jim Pierce, Judy Ehrman

  1. Reports
  • Overtime
  • Vacancies


  1. Management/Program updates
  • CARE St. Peter – Heidi Holmes or designee-Misten Helleckson was present because Heidi couldn’t attend the meeting.  Staffing in St. Peter? -CDPA put in resignation -doing interviews for CDPA positions -working on 1768 to fill vacancies -an RN transfer to campus -LPN transfer to campus and there is an MHP still vacant
  • CBHH Rochester – Jim Pierce or designee- Heather onboarded some HST’s and RN, getting HST’s positions filled


  1. Labor questions and updates
  • Old Business-CDPA not scheduled with the nurse-Labor sent the dates, management did look at dates and the last date noted was in March. Management amended contract so that licensed staff don’t haven’t be on NOC shift but right now we have adequate staffing for all shifts to have a licensed staff working but we have the options not to have licensed staff working with an CDPA.

Vacation postings- 40 hours or more requested vacation needs to be posted and less than 40 hours of vacation needs an answer within 10 days-friendly reminder.  Rochester labor has postings now that are out there that would like to have granted or denied because it’s either been posted long enough or it didn’t need to be posted.    

  • New Business
    • CBHH

-          Open positions when schedule is posted – offer out the OT-medical appointments or vacancies, fill the vacancies right away don’t leave labor staff unsafe. This is more of an issue in Rochester not so much a CARE issue.

-          Schedule is heavy on 1 rotation vs the other. Look at balancing that rotation out- Management has been looking at that as they hire new positions.

-          New Employee not assigned to a person-When an employee is “in training” status then labor doesn’t want them to get shorted on training because they don’t have an assigned staff and they end up doing the remedial tasks and don’t get provided the proper training. 

-          MHPA Trained to do groups/meals – HST are doing groups and meals when no MHPA is on staff with/no training-doing a job that they aren’t supposed to be doing and leaving the HST’s short. Management met with labor they decided the get some more clarification and implementation of the training when new people start in 2 weeks. Labor needs more clarification and management will go over that. Management will provide the chief steward the emails and communication in regard to the training.

    • CARE

-          CDPA not scheduled w/nurse -already addressed this issue in the old business.


  1. Wrap up and miscellaneous
  • Agenda items need to be sent to HR the Friday before the scheduled meeting. Reminder email will be sent out the week before the meeting…then they would like the agenda items.  This was a miscommunication this past month because the chief steward wasn’t included in the email chain.  Please include Steve Wilking and Erin Wiederich in email reminder and labor will do our best to get the agenda items to HR. 
  • Meeting Location – Management has been doing the meetings on TEAMS but if you want to meet on site, please give management notice so they can plan be ready and let members know if they’d like to meet with union board members.  Union told management that they plan to do on site visits for all upcoming meetings unless something with COVID protocols happens to prevent that.
  • Vacation requests- Management would like to know if they can leave vacation requests in their inbox so they can grant it later if it’s possible? Labor would like the vacation requests to go by the contract and grant them within the 10 days and then go from there.  Three LPN, two HST positions are open right now.  Only 1 AFSCME staff can have vacation at a time. 
  • Next meeting scheduled: August 25, 2022
  •  Meeeting adjourned 1359