June 2021 MSOP Meeting Minutes

AFSCME MSOP Labor Management

June 10, 2021

Human Resources Room/Conference



Attendance: Adam Castle, Ryan Cates, Annie Jakacki, Steve Wilking, Eric Hesse, Jamie Schwartz, Michelle Sexe, Nikki Boder, Paul Rodriguez, Scott Halverson, Troy Sherwood, Heidi Peura, Alli Kuhlman



Follow Up Items

      A. Inverse Numbers: 1st watch – 21 staff inversed from 3rd watch for a total of 107.25 hours.                                                                                           778.5OT hours)

*2nd watch – 59 staff inversed from 1st watch for a total of 214.18 hours. (514.82 OT hours)

**3rd watch – 37 staff inversed from 2nd watch for a total of 169.17 hours. (325.08 OT hours)

  1. Overtime Numbers: 1618.40 Hours
  2. LPN: 2 inverses for 65.25 hours
  3. 1.      Health Services Staffing on 1st Watch: Nick-Just wondering where we are at with the nursing numbers. Nikki-We have contacted 3 employment agencies. We offered the job to one, but the person called back and declined. We don’t have any others at this time. We will not have any health services staff on from 1030pm to 6am. In June, we should see a decrease in overtime. We have a meeting with AFSCME and MNA next week to discuss possible options going forward. Eric-There are concerns with not having health services on 1st watch and with the budget. Concerns with PRNs, oxygen, etc. Nikki-We have identified those clients whom we can give Tylenol and ibuprofen to in a pouch. We will look into prescription PRNs and possibly allow some clients to hold on to them as a SAM. We would only give them a certain number of the medication and they would have to ask for more. Eric-What about oxygen needs? The OD would have to call the charge nurse in Moose Lake, who would then call the practitioner. There are two clients in the perimeter at this moment. Oxygen requires a practitioner’s order. If a client is in need of oxygen, call an emergency if it is all of the sudden. Everyone is trained in CPR. Eric-There are budget issues right now and if we are always needing to call for an ambulance, this is costly.
  4. 2.      Lead Leveling Process Update/Posting Lead List: Alli-We have a meeting scheduled for Tuesday to formulate the lead questions. Heidi-We will work with management and HR on those. Labor is typically not involved in the interview question process. Eric-This is supposed to be a collaborative effort. Alli-We can take that back and discuss it. Annie-When this came up, we were given the questions to review, why not now? Alli-I can get back to you.
  5. 3.      Green Acres North Staffing: Paul-There is no update on staffing at this time. I think we will have more information soon but no set date yet. Probably know more next month.
  6. 4.      MSOP Demobilization/Restructuring Plan: Eric-Are we still on track to open the units as planned? Nikki-Our goal is to resume by July1. MSOP has looked at a plan if there is a covid case after reopening. There was a memo that came out recently that explains the masking situation. Eric-So, the plan is to be basically go back to the same as what we were like prior to COVID? Troy-Yes, everything is planned to go back to where we were pre covid. Nikki-We will still quarantine suspected cases, etc. but we will look more into that. Troy-We will move Shantz 2 East back to Pexton 2 North. Eric-Is the plan to dissolve 2 East and make 2 North conventional? Yes, we will be busy two weeks from now. We will also discontinue using the activity building for meals and go back to using the kitchen for all units.
  7. 5.      Time Book Training: Alli-We have been working with payroll to put together a training. We just need to shorten it up a little bit. We will be finalizing it soon. Eric-It would be nice to have a training for current staff also because there isn’t any training in NEO either. Alli-I will bring that forward to be considered.

New AFSCME Items

  1. 1.      Investigations and Stewards: Eric-Is it true staff are being tasked with finding their own steward? If so, why the change? Alli-There was a recent decision made by MMB regarding stewards for investigations. We will be providing different times for those meetings and provide staff the opportunity to find a representative if they elect to have one. The decision is to follow MMBs new guidance. Eric-Well, I want to make it clear that you cannot follow through with an investigation if we cannot find a steward. Alli-We have been working with staff in those situations. MMB made that decision and no one has the authority here to overturn it but I can take back the concern from labor. Eric-Its beneficial for both management and staff to do it the same way as we have been doing it on state time. This way HR and management don’t need to wait how long until a steward can come in. Cates-It also pressures staff to go through with the investigation when they don’t feel comfortable. Alli-We are following the contract to ensure individuals that are entitled to representation for investigations are allowed the opportunity to get representation. Annie-Can we get confirmation that management wont pressure staff to go through with it? Alli-We have been working through these changes with the investigations and that has been communicated. If a staff feels like they are being pressured, we should work through that in that in the moment. Nick-This has been happening recently when staff are being pressured. Alli-We should talk through those instances if it occurs.
  2. 2.      MSOP Renaming/Cost and Uniforms: Paul-There is a big push not to label people right now. This is very preliminary. We have committed to look at this here at MSOP. MSOP is in statute and in legislation. We would need the okay to change anything. Legislature would definitely look at the all-around cost to do for the change. There is a significant cost factored in to doing this. Legislation and statute control this. Michelle-We have asked for suggestions from clients and have not received very many.
  3. 3.      Atlas App: Nick-What is the likelihood of getting a functioning app for phones? The ability to mutual, request vacation, etc. without having to contact the OD every time we need something outside of work. Eric-we can only use this on internet explorer and Microsoft is actually discontinuing that. Michelle-I would imagine that would be something in the contract with the developer. Troy-I will take that back to Tim to get an answer. Steve-Even a browser on PC would be nice.
  4. 4.      Fitness Watches: Eric-So, with not allowing smart watches, is there anything available? Troy-Looking at the technology out there, this is why we made the change. Paul-It is too difficult to know which ones are acceptable, so we made a blanket decision not to allow any. You can fill out a form to request to use one.  Eric-Is it true that a supervisor sent a request to wear one and it was denied? Troy-that is true. Adam-How would you go about reviewing watches that appear to be smart watches but are only capable of being a pedometer and a watch? Troy-I will have to talk to Tim and let you know what the plan would be.  Follow Up: Reviewed with Tim and Eric and both reported. We will not be reviewing possible watches coming into the facility. If it looks like a smart watch and/or has the capabilities of a smart watch, it will not be allowed into the facility.
  5. 5.      Count Coordinator Covering Kitchen: Adam-Count coordinator has been covering kitchen in the mornings. There are times where clients are going out during that time.   This makes it difficult for the control center employee also completing tasks. Eric-We are just asking for the OD to maybe take trips into consideration when scheduling the count coordinator in the kitchen. Jaime-That is the count coordinators primary duty. Troy-I will take that back. Follow Up: Reviewed with ODs and this did happen a few times in the last month and in each case, we were deep in OT. End of month activity building kitchen closes and this is no longer a concern.
  6. 6.      Rec Shack: Eric-The rec shed is not being staffed. During count, the client is unable to leave the shack open and they must wait until a staff happens to walk by to close it. Troy-I will take that back and get back to you. Follow Up: Count times will return to pre-pandemic schedule beginning in July.

Management Agenda Items

  1. 1.      CPS Asking for Agenda Items from Staff: Paul-We will be having a meeting with CPS staff soon. We are asking for agenda items from anyone who feels they would like to have input on CPS. Michelle-It could be from any staff, not only CPS staff. Send an email to myself with any items.
  2. 2.      Program Audit: Troy-We recently had Moos Lake staff here for our program audit and it was very helpful. We will be in Moose Lake next week to do an audit up there. The results of the audit go to Dave Bornus and he will compile a report for us. A lot of the things they found were things we get complacent on over time. Eric-I was around for one drill and it depleted staff on shift change. I know you want to run these drills to see how they go but we need to be aware of that. Troy-We had to do so much in such a short time but I will pass that on. Paul-CPS is also working on building an audit as well since we are so different than inside the perimeter. Michelle-For example, a missing client will look different at CPS as it would inside the perimeter. I will be going to Moose Lake also and bring back some ideas.


Adjourned at 1245pm