June 2020 MSOP Meet and Confer

AFSCME MSOP Labor Management

June 11 2020

Human Resources Room



Attendance: Adam Castle, Ryan Cates, Annie Jakacki, Steve Wilking, Nick Weerts, Eric Hesse, Bonnie Wold, Troy Sherwood, Michelle Breamer, Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Kern, Nikki Boder, Denise Considine



Follow Up Items

  1. A.     Inverse Numbers/Operations: Bonnie-1st Watch 14 staff for 38.25. 2nd Watch 4 staff inversed for 10.25 hours. 3rd watch 5 staff for 24.75 hours.
  2. B.      Inverse Numbers/Health Services: LPN to 3rd Watch 2 staff for 11 hours.
  3. Overtime Numbers/Operations: 995 Total Hours
  4. Overtime Numbers/Health Services: LPNs total of 131.5 hours.
  5. 1.      MNA included in MNA Contract:
  6. 2.      Security Counselor Lead Leveling Process: Eric-Update? Bonnie-On Hold. Denise-Cindy Jungers was going to put together a work group on this.
  7. 3.      PPE Stock Supply: Eric-Where are we at? Breamer-PPE is sitting fine with gloves, masks, sanitizer, etc. Bonnie-good shape with cleaning supplies.
  8. 4.      Status of ATLAS Scheduling for Heath Services: Eric-Status. Breamer-Had a meeting on Thursday to review developers input. He input it in the wrong weekly cycle, so the meeting was cancelled to reconfigure. I have called him and no response. JR is also emailing him. We can’t get a hold of the developer.

New AFSCME Items

  1. 1.      COVID Unit-PPE for Staff: Eric-Going round on this for a while. Nursing has to come to assess once a shift. They are in full PPE with door shut. Unit staff is outside of the door at a minimum looking in. if client turns on staff in the room, etc. or are weak and fall down, the person outside the door will need to decide to help or not without the proper PPE. Last month we talked about CPR is on our conscience due to fears of COVID. Will you be able to live with it on your conscience of security staff getting injured or get COVID? Or the health services staff getting hurt? So you are digging your heels in just to prevent staff from getting full PPE?
  2. 2.      COVID Unit-Timing of Leaving Open: Eric-how long? Bonnie-Nikki? Any ideas? We are getting direction from central office command post. Nikki-at least through the summer for the covid unit for sure. They would change their mind if there was a decline but discussion is through the summer. Governor is in phase 3 with some limitations, they anticipate a spike. So instead of opening the unit and scrambling, we will stay open.
  3. 3.      Temp Reassignments-Units/Shifts/Days Off and How Long: Eric-staff temporarily reassigned. There are a couple of months left. And those pushed to overnights are wondering for how long. Also the staff that were moved off of rotations. We are also interested in if the new people hired can take their set days and move more senior staff to rotations? Bonnie-As HR is calling people back, depending where they are going, then those others would end and go back to their original area. As far as new least seniors, we can discuss that with Tim and staffing. As long as we have that open, we may need to extend the…Denise-we will need to reevaluate and look at how the people coming back fit back into the picture. We should be able to go back to the least seniors but I don’t want to keep on shuffling. We can look at every 3 months or so. Whatever looks best.  Eric-I get the reshuffling from shift to shift is a lot of work but the rotations of days off is less paperwork. Denise-let’s get these people back and maybe it will alleviate all of it. We will keep you posted. Should know more in the next week.
  4. 4.      Health Services Staffing Numbers/Shortages: Nick-Still have low staffing. Curious where you are at with fixing it. Boder-There are a total of 4 nurses out on leaves. One is afscme, rest are mna. Reached out to 2 staff agencies. Received one interest. The staff and the agency couldn’t agree on numbers so that fell through. I am interviewing another over the phone from Iowa, so we would need to pay a lot for this. Reached out to forensics to see if they have staff willing to come here. Mna has spots that people would like to pick it up. I have a meeting to look at how this would work. Met with senior admin to talk about decreasing our clinics temporarily. One day in cps and eliminating a night shift nurse and moving to days/evenings. Adjusting start and stop times is an option as well. 3 to 4 hour blocks without a nurse is a possibility and how to cover that with others is an option too. Breamer-I am assisting with covering shifts also. Nick-thank you Nikki. I talked to all LPNs since the covid meeting. Consensus I got was they had more than their share of OT so they are not concerned about someone taking the overtime. The help is appreciated. Breamer-I would only be offered the shift after others are offered and decline. Nikki-the 8/10 people are offered full time too? Breamer-yes. Nick-discussed with mna how OT and inversing goes. Breamer-between both unions, we agreed that whatever the spot is that is vacant, it is offered to them first then if it isn’t picked up, it is offered to others. Then, if that isn’t picked up, it will be mandatory for that classification vacancy. Nick-Based on the eligibility of staff to be inversed. If someone has been inversed multiple times. Breamer-we decided it’s the classification of the vacancy.
  5. 5.      Hands on Training Continuation: Eric-self-defense is continuing again? What is the rationale right now? We still need distancing but we are continuing training? Bonnie-Doing the best they can with gloves, masks, etc. We need folks to get the training and it’s a delicate situation. They have come up with a good plan with cleaning, etc. we can’t not get staff trained. We need to do our best. Eric-Admin, professional staff involved too? Because it seems like counselors are always the guinea pigs. Bonnie-Yes, we are all required. It goes by training plan and what is required. If I need it done, I have to as well.
  6. 6.      Reinstatement of PRPs (TSS): Eric-why? Troy-yes, it is our goal. We got lead feedback on this. It enhances our clients’ treatment. When they leave here, they work with reintegration agent. They are operations, there is a want and need for clients to work closer with operations. In alternative program, it will help them get closer and in Shantz it gets them closer to cps. We can’t open it up right now with covid. We will keep you up to date. Eric-initial thought of what the meetings will look like? Troy-different per program. Pexton is more daily living and in Shantz, Kristen will help us figure that out. Eric-suggestion is if TSS meetings will be more treatment, there has been such a divide and we need to bridge the gap before that is implemented. Staff aren’t familiar with their treatment. Troy-I will bring that back. We have talked about when we went away from it, operations has felt left out of the treatment. Nick-is there a work group? Who is heading it up? Troy-Mark Zika started putting it together with Michelle Sexe. Hartman went to the lead group to ask for input. Nothing official but we will share it. Nick-would be nice to have staff input since they are doing it. Troy-that is our intent. Paul-CPS had discussions as well. The staff asked for this to come back at CPS because they feel disconnected. The meeting with Gary, was part of that to get operations and clinical to speak the same language. Counselors feel that has helped from a year ago. When it rolls out, we will have those work groups. Counselors want this and they reference back to it when we did have it. Nick-staff connectedness isn’t where we want it. Reach out to them. Bonnie-Does forensics still have SC’s do 1:1s with patients? Steve-yes.
  7. 7.      Leaving Areas Short Staffed: Eric-More specifically in control center on weekends. I emailed Tim about it. Bonnie-I talked to the OD office to ask what it was. They said they pulled CC out to cover OT in control center when transports/movement were halted. Now we have added more transports and stopped doing it. Count didn’t have a lot to do lately but count covering has since stopped. Won’t happen anymore. There wasn’t a lot to do. Eric-I get the saving money. But shorting one work area to cover another…Bonnie-Well that wasn’t the plan but there was a lack of things to do. That was creative actually.
  8. 8.      SNV Continuation: Eric-Is there a timeframe for this to get back to using it? Staff are seeing clinical using flex time, why can’t we. Bonnie-They aren’t involved here so we can’t speak on them but as far as staffing goes… When we have extra staffing from staff on leave coming back, we will provide SNV again. We may also have to help in screening tent prior to inversing for the tent. ODs will know about snv when we get more back.


  1. 1.      COVID Unit Change of Shifts: Bonnie-In the email, it made it look like we brought the idea forward. Security counselors thought it would be beneficial to not leave while others are. It looked like it was our decision, which is not the case. The union presented it to us. What you presented for PPE is something we need to talk about. We talked about an MOU or MOA and we don’t need to do that. If we need to open the quarantine/isolation unit, we will pay the penalty pay. Denise-that sounds right. Eric-If I framed it wrong, the jest is that we are changing shifts to reduce cross contamination but not giving higher level of PPE to those on Covid unit. Bonnie-The guidance is from our CDC direction. Nick-I would think, you would happily use more masks to put someone at ease, I would hope you would be ok with me using a mask. Bonnie-it’s not the inventory, it’s the fit testing process and logistics involved. Nick-if you can put people at ease, instead of a hard no. People might actually think “oh, wow, I really matter” it’s a simple thing to let people know you care. Some would go in and help and risk it but I would like to have the option. Eric-I don’t foresee many having an issue. We are not asking for an N95 for every shift. I think people would be fine. Boder-it’s the actual fit testing. Does it provide more protection than procedural? I don’t know. Having the fitting hood available when it is used all over DCT. Annie-At the weekly meeting at forensic. We know there are a large amount of nursing and staff that have been fit tested. Doesn’t sound like we are trying to get 100 staff. It’s a small amount that work the covid unit. Boder-I understand and we can look at it. It goes to Marshall’s level for direction.


Add Ons

  1. 1.      Mail Distribution: Eric-There is a rumor that staff will deliver packages. Troy-that is rumor. At one time, due to policy, trying to get it out in 72 hours is difficult. Steve was trying to look into saving time in property. We looked into it and it won’t be happening.
  2. 2.      Masks: Eric-why the change from cloth to procedural? Boder-there was letter sent out. It was directed in a memo to all DCT staff. Eric-concern there is more policing on operations staff than others. People feel the policing is one sided. Paul-should be consistent. Denise-we can take that back. Paul-I will make sure it’s the same across clinical.
  3. 3.      Extension of Rounds for SCL: Eric-interested in expanding passed the 3 rounds of bidding? We have done it once or twice to more than the three rounds due to limited movement. Denise-I don’t want to commit to anything. I want to talk to bonnie and troy. If we do that beyond the 3rd round, we have to continue 3 more rounds technically. Eric-I don’t think it will go beyond that. Overnight lead is open and I heard someone wants it. Nick-thought it would be nice to present it.
  4. 4.      Eric-DCT asking for supplemental budget? Any idea what that looks like? Bonnie-I think there is aforethought but we aren’t privileged to that.


Adjourned at 1pm