June 2019 MSOP Meet and Confer

AFSCME Labor Management MSOP

June 13th, 2019 12:00PM

Admin Building – HR Conference Room


Attendance: Bonnie Wold, Troy Sherwood, Denise Considine, Andrew Cole, Ryan Kern, Eric Hesse, Molly Kennedy, Joe Broege



  1. Follow Up Items
    1. Inverse Numbers: Troy presented that for the month of May, there were 22 1st Watch staff inversed for 96.5 hours, 22 2nd Watch staff inversed for 76.5 hours, and 17 3rd Watch staff inversed for 75.5 hours.
    2. OT Numbers: Troy presented for the month of May, there were a total of 1,350.25 hours of total overtime.
    3. OT Release Times – 8 hour shifts: Eric stated that 1st Watch is wondering if they could be afforded the same privilege that South House staff are getting when they work in the perimeter and have the option of only working 8 hours shifts when they get inversed or get overtime. Bonnie and Troy said they would look into this and follow up.
    4. Sunrise Clinic Staffing: Eric asked what the plan is going forward on staffing this and also asked if staff at Sunrise are expected to sit this, that it at least get distributed throughout the CPS program instead of having only one dedicated unit running low, such as one unit takes an hour, then another takes the next, etc. Bonnie asked that wasn’t A-Team brought up to help out if needed. Molly stated that since A-Team has a lot of duties to perform and they want to be in the perimeter in case of having to respond to an ICS, that they don’t want to call A-Team over to help out. Troy said they are looking at it and since there is no additional PCN’s to fill this spot, they have to look at pulling from somewhere and that will take some time to do. They are also looking at the hours that the clinic is open.
    5. Nursing Providing Coverage on Transports: Eric brought up that recently nursing was forced to cover a transport to the hospital or otherwise it would have been cancelled. Troy and Bonnie stated that they both thought that it was medically necessary for nursing to be on this particular trip. Molly stated that there is a fear that this is going to happen regularly and Troy said that it shouldn’t be. Eric asked if it was management’s stance that it should be two security staff going at all times unless it’s medically necessary and they stated yes.
    6. Zone 10 – Security Unloading Trucks: Bonnie started out by saying “I sure hope not.” Eric said that they have been doing this. Bonnie stated that this should not be happening and security should only be inspecting the truck when it enters Zone 10, not unloading it. They stated they will look into this issue.
    7. Rotation Number not on Job Postings: Eric asked why the rotation number is no longer included in the job postings for MSOP. Denise stated that it should have never been happening and it’s not contractual to have it in there. She also stated they are not doing it anywhere else. Joe stated that is contractual and read the contractual language on what is required to be put on the job posting and said that a rotation should be put on there because you know what the initial days off are. Denise stated they can’t because they don’t know if it will change our not. Eric asked how many times in the past two years have they put a posting out there with a rotation that it ended up changing. Eric stated he figured there was probably none. He also said that every position has a set rotation attached to it, so people should be notified of it. Eric said that while we disagree with their stance that it’s not contractual, but if it wasn’t contractual before, it was still being done, so what changed? Denise reiterated that it should never have been done. Eric said it’s the right thing to do and people should know what rotation it is. He also said that by not providing this information, it now may take longer for positons to get filled because if people don’t do their due diligence and find out that information beforehand, it will just slow down the process since they will ask at the time of offering and then take longer to make their decision. Joe said it would be beneficial to both parties to have the information to try and move this forward quicker. He also requested who to talk to in MMB to see if they have this same stance.
    8. 1st Watch Deliveries: Molly stated that 1st Watch staff are wondering why they can’t get deliveries in Shantz like 2nd and 3rd Watch do. Bonnie stated that she didn’t know deliveries were going through Shantz and that this should not be happening as people are entering the secure perimeter when doing so. Molly stated that it’s not really the secure perimeter since there is still two locked doors in the Shantz Lobby separating the lobby form the secure perimeter. Bonnie said they are still going through two locked doors to get there and that means they are in the secure perimeter. Eric stated that this has been the practice since he came down to MSOP over five years ago. Bonnie again said it should never have been happening and that she will put a homepage announcement out that states that all deliveries need to go to the Pexton Lobby.
    9. OT Known in Advance Offered Out to Reduce Inversing: Molly brought up that there is numerous time where they are short scheduled in advance, but the overtime is not being offered out to those that are signed up and that makes it that the OD’s then have to inverse people to cover those shifts. Molly asked that if there is openings known in advance that they should be offered out to people that want to be here on overtime and not wait until the subsequent shift beforehand so they then have to inverse. Troy said he’d make sure he’d follow up with the ODs about this. Molly then brought up that the 8-4’s seem to be getting abused because the ODs aren’t trying to figure out that if something is going to end towards the end of the 8-4’s shift to send staff that are working past it in case those things go long, that way you don’t have to inverse the 8-4’s a lot. Eric also said that it seems like it’s going back to the stance that they want to reduce the amount of overtime, so they are putting the onus on inversing the 8-4s for these types of situations, which isn’t contractual. Bonnie said she’d look into this as well.
    10. CPS Mail Being Done by Security: Molly stated that yesterday there was a security staff that was sent to get the mail and distribute it, but they have not training for it and the mail was not gone through because of it. CPS Administration has stated that if the mail person is gone, that they can’t utilize the one in the perimeter since it’s a different budget. Troy stated that is the case with property, but not mail since both the perimeter and CPS do mail the same. He said the perimeter staff should be helping out with mail and they will follow up.


  1. Monthly Safety Committee Meetings – Labor Representation Needed: Bonnie said they needed to have an AFSCME rep at these meetings as they are not coming. Eric said that he had previously volunteered to do this, but has not received an invite to this meeting. Bonnie and Troy said that they will make sure that it’s happening going forward
  2. State Vehicles: Bonnie wanted to give all staff an FYI that all state vehicles now have the tracking devices on them that track if people are going the speed limit, so if you are speeding, it will be tracked and a report will be sent to your supervisor and you will be talked to about it.

Meeting Adjourned at 12:40pm