June 2018 MSH Meet and Confer Minutes

AFSCME Labor Management MSH

June 21, 2018

Administration Building


Attendance: Adam Castle, Matt Stenger, Crystal Kreklow, Ryan Cates, Steve Wilking, Marvin Sullivan, Carol Olsen, Lisa Vanderveen, Scott Melby, Alli Kuhlman, Denise Considine


Reflection/Celebration: Melby-Float report we were working on is working. Carol-We had zero citations in the last review.

Standing Agenda Items:

  1. Osha Information-Handouts from Alli
  2. 2.      Overtime Information-Nothing currently due to updates on Atlas. Melby-increase on inversing lately.

 Old Business




  1. 1.      Radios-Cates-Will be on here until they are fixed. Issues on Tamarak there was an ICS. Asked for more staff and no one heard it over the radio. Staff was assaulted and called an ICS and then it was heard. Carol-let us know all instances. Crystal-I asked that last night and if they are using that for reporting. They said they have but nothing is getting done. Carol-Put it on incident report and all other reports and the radio number. Two incidents on Tamarak. Sullivan-We had a similar situation at vocational. Staff were calling to send back clients because they didn’t hear anything coming through. Crystal-Some units say keep your radio on a certain channel so its confusing.  Cates-we went around last night and saw some. Carol-Anyone that sees incorrect posting, please change it. Crystal-People don’t know, the communication people aren’t sure what to trust. Carol-rely on most recent sharepoint. Marvin-Vocational called down to send back clients. Melby-Ill follow up. Cates-Rovers weren’t hearing transmissions as well. Crystal-did ICS testing last week, and 80 percent failed. I had not talked to Luke. Our members said they failed. Carol-I will look into it, we haven’t been hearing that. Luke has been good communicating to Brian about the issues. Melby-we need that information for the vendors. Melby-Man down buttons aren’t working the way we are used to. They go to the control center. It’s a lot easier to put forward when they are working properly. They are working but I’m not broadcasting its working because I am not confident about it yet and don’t want staff being misinformed. Carol-We are not satisfied with this until the run the way they should and build up staff again. More often than not there are more staff around and other ways to get assistance. Once we have radios sorted out are we going to go back to channel 2? Stenger-Yeah. Carol-My hope staff will start using radios in their programs without being judged. Melby-My hope is that when its straightened out that we can all be on the same channel. Then add a channel and have nursing home on their own. Cates-Master control has to run all of these channels so its distracting when it comes to ICSs. Marvin-Are they going to potentially miss an ICS on a different channel? Steve-when I was in there we were given training, we did have option to change volume levels on other channels and they are recorded to play back. When 5 people are talking to you, its hard to focus. As far as other programs being on there, some off site would typically make a phone call anyway. You don’t ever want to minimize a radio channel. When you are concentrating on one channel, you may miss something. Stenger-I worked master control in MSOP, we tuned out the other lower volume. Melby-They are maintenance and others though, not units. Steve-I advocate to keep them all on same channel except nursing home.
  2. Information on Radio Pricing-Carol-I have not gotten that information from Brian. We will get it before next meeting.
  3. 3.      Fire Watch/Residential Inverses of Security Services-Cates-SS was inversed due to fire watch. Residential sign up so why can’t they do fire watch. Before you said it was due to training. I have talked to coverage and they say there is no training, just given a radio. Melby-I’m not sure I can answer that. We will have to talk to TC and Brian. Carol-There is special training, we are trying to get this to an end. That’s all the answer I have. Crystal-can one of these guys be shown the training then if there is? We heard there is not. Carol-I will take that back. Melby-is it an access thing? Steve-yes, we were shown what areas to check. I hate to say there is training. There is a different key that you use but I am curious to see what the training is. Carol-So if someone new is doing this all the time, maybe its that where you have a consistent person doing it. I’m not sure. Cates-incident where they moved rover to fire watch and were short a rover. They had to ask master control Melby-it was an evening where the od thought there would be minimal rover duties that night. Steve-but the policy says the fire watch shouldn’t have any more duties. You said they need to call master control. I just want to make clear that fire watch only has one duty. Melby-it could be one of those things where there were no staff available, so they had to pull someone.

New Business


  1. 2-Way Radios-
  2. 2.      VA internal Calling option; responsibility of Nicollet County with VA reports- Carol-Do you have any questions? We incorporated internal lines as a mandated reporter. Doesn’t have to go to mark. Calling into risk manager Jen Erickson. When she is not here, it goes to RN od in MSH. We have responsibility to report back to mark. MARC takes report and decides of potential risks and will call their county and they answer and have obligation to follow up by talking to knowledgeable people in the facility or coming to the facility to make sure they are safe. If a patient says they are being beaten up. They file the report. The county may want to talk to the staff and may come to the site. Its happened once and EOD was called. Crystal-why the change? Carol-its very complicated and a lot of work but you can still call Brian.


  1. 1.      Holidays for part time staff; forced to use accruals because holiday is considered one of their shifts-Cates-Part time staff was forced to use accruals. Alli-I followed up and they did make the correction on their end the scheduling office wasn’t aware, but it has been corrected and Jodi did do some more training with her staff. If it wasn’t corrected let us know.
  2. 2.      Scheduled Turn Around shifts in Transition, can scheduled turn arounds be reduced? -Cates-a lot of scheduled turnaround shift in transition, why? Carol-we will have to follow up with Jodi. Alli-We will try to get back before next meeting
  3. 3.      Forensic Nursing Home Inversing against contract-RN od trying to inverse Late, Late, Early. Which violates 24 in 48. They didn’t understand it falls in a 3-day span, 48 hours span. Carol-That’s all been cleared.
  4. 4.      Aspen patient intentionally trying to infect members with HIV-Cates-Actively tries to infect others with HIV. 3 staff on anti-viral medications. Nothing been done to change. Nothing physically or programming. This is very serious and stressful. Makes them sick. Has anything been done? Carol-I knew of this individual but wasn’t sure if it was brought to other areas through clinical to think how to manage clinically. I do know where someone had HIV and director called prevention to talk through that and option s to protect themselves. Contacted Kevin Mueller. I know you can’t be wearing suits but please PPE up. Cates-also have 2 to 1s so staff are always on. Melby-I talked about the reality for staff being infected and it’s a low probability but its tough to say this to staff affected. I have been affected and taken the meds myself. We are exploring legal charges. We have been discussing how to treat him and qualify imminent risk. To say nothing has been done, inaccurate. If you have been bitten, they won’t be satisfied until he’s moved. Stenger-have there been supplementals done? Melby-yes, we have. When we talk to jails, and prisons, they say “this is what you guys do, we don’t know how to deal with these people. We ill continue to make adjustments as needed. Carol-we have a behavioral support team and they are working on this. They can answer questions for staff. Cates-you are saying bitten but he makes his mouth bleed. Melby-oh, yeah, it’s very intentional, we aren’t minimizing it. Melby-Our OSI is doing their work. If we bring something to police, we want to make sure its good and they take us seriously.
  5. 5.      Least senior numbers not being given to 1-9 staff in MSH-Cates-less senior staff are not being given least senior numbers. Melby-we did a fix on atlas that least senior only went to 5 people. Cates-1 to 9s aren’t being put on as inversible because of the inverse need. Its still the same shift. Stenger-same as 830 to 4 issue. Melby-atlas designed with contract in mind. I will have to look into that. Its going to matter more now. We are into inversing. Steve-It happened last Tuesday.
  6. 6.      Forensic Nursing Home NOC shift changes-Cates-changing shifts for noc staff making some work 12 to 830 instead of their usual times. Told about it by Becky. Joe Owen informed Becky Kern wanted to change shifts for staff who work 2 shifts a pay period. I realize it’s not against contract, but people have lives they have to plan. Its supposed to happen mid-July. Stenger-If adjusting shift by 2 hours you don’t need a 28-day notice. Carol-In nursing homes they have 2 hours shifts to do bathing etc. They have wanted to introduce some shifts like that. You get interns who love to do that. We don’t have that option, so I understand the need for that. Buti hear what you are saying, and I will bring it back



  1. HSSS nursing home forced to do GMW duties. -GMW will only clean room once a day and after it’s soiled, the HSSS have to do it now. Could be infectious control issue. GMW don’t have time. Asking nurses to assist. Denise-are all staff trained in infection control? Carol-yes. I don’t have a comment. Stenger-if gmw are overworked maybe we can add gmws. Melby-is it a certain time of day? Cates-I’m not sure. Steve-I understand that we are all trained but there are also things that HSSS are not trained in CIVAC, etc. we don’t know what equipment may or may not be used. Carol-I’m hearing something has changed. We don’t have gmw ON WEEKENDS. I am curious what has changed. Cates-not sure
  2. 2.      Birch patient not doing well. Staff are upset because the patients on their unit are supposed to be in control-I understand he’s trying to stab people with pens. Melby-no, there was a situation where he didn’t want staff coming into his room and brandished a pen. They were able to deescalate the situation. He is now on emergency meds and is doing well. I understand that some staff think they shouldn’t have to manage crisis on that unit, but they did a very good job. I have learned that heightened emotions may cause a person to hear things differently that what was said. If you have an email let me know and I will follow up.


Adjourned at 130pm