June 16, 2022 FMHP Meet & Confer


AFSCME Labor Management

June 16, 2022

Facilitator / Chair

12:37pm Denise


AFSCME  404 & Management

Marvin Sullivan, Matt Stenger, Ryan Cates, Eric Man, Cory Moon, Becky Robinson, Scott Melby, Denise Considine, Michelle Chalin, Roxanne Portner, Patrick Patterson, Erin Wiederich




Meeting Called to Order

Approval of Minutes

Thank you for the staff participation with the licensing issue on Birch.


Reflection / Celebration

Partners in care met and volunteered last minute really highlighted the work we do.  Check in with people before giving kudos so I will get names later.  We are in this area because they are having recruiting event and celebrating that even with the 2 counselors that have applied.



Standing Agenda Items

  1. OSHA Information
  2. Overtime Information 
  3. Budgeted Position Review



Old Business:



  1. Number short of AFSCME positions
  2. Covid Issues
  3. Cameras in Staff Areas
  4. GMW Radios in Grove A
  5. Staff Visit Control
  6. Willow/Tamarack – Blinds or Shades to Limit View and increase Privacy on other side of the unit
  7. Virtual Platform Meetings
  8. Emergency Language Definition
  9. Supervisor OT as FSS – Priority Given on Units
  10. Staffing Shortage



  1.  HR asking to remove number of short AFSCME positions as it is in the budgeted position review which is a standing agenda item.
  2.  HR asking to move covid issues to the standing agenda items and remove them from it in old business.


2a.  This was an add on item that came up in the discussion of the removal of old business items.  NOC shift needs more clarification on the achievement awards because can’t get past the supervisors.


2b.  This was another add on that came up when discussing the above-mentioned items.  Send minutes to the people on the calendar invite.  Denise will follow up on the people on the invite.


  1. #3 and 4 are combined
  2.  Cameras and radios have been on the agenda for a while and HR would like it removed as we have no more information on these.  Management has checked with security and radios for GMW’s and no issues were reported.  Management would like concerns that arise be brought to direct supervisor.  Cameras hasn’t changed.


  1.  Staffing visit control has been on here a couple of months as well.  Labor continues to bring it up in the meeting because it continues to be an issue.  Labor makes the argument that it can help mitigate potential security concerns as well as take the pressure off the master control.  Management argues that they are trying to use staff in the most efficient ways and don’t feel like it’s an efficient use of staff.   


  1. Management have been working with the line staff on getting something between the units on tamarack and willow to help with privacy issue.  When they come up with an idea, they will bring it to the physical plant budget and move it forward. 


6.   The virtual meeting platforms are getting addressed with the newly ordered iPad.  The additional iPads are here now, and they are trying to get the programs on the iPads to facilitate those meetings. WebEx is up on one unit to see how it works.  Management plans on troubleshooting it on the pilot unit then will roll it out.  Labor brought up that CARE/CBHH has a generic login that would work for the platforms.  Management would like to find the person to talk to about getting a generic login if Labor could give them the contact information.

7.    Emergency language needs a clear criterion. 24/48 rule continues to be violated. Labor would like to know what appointing authority deems as an emergency. HR does agree that it’s difficult to define and would like to table it until next month so that AOD office can uniformly use it.  Labor would like more discussion, so we have less contract violations.  Management feels stuck because they don’t want to short staff the units either.  The reality is that we are 48 positions short, and management feels they’re doing the best they can.  Labor brought up that staff are fed up with always being told it’s an emergency.  Management would like to see if we could problem solve and come up with list of people’s experiences and talk about it more with AOD involvement as well…to try to get a definition.

9. Staff shortage—what’s being done?  HR asked if labor has any ideas? HR has put up a billboard, advertising, stand at the Nicollet co. fair, hiring bonuses, retention bonuses, etc.  Higher base pay is a labor suggestion.  Desirable schedules is also a labor suggestion.  HR says it’s not only our facility that has this problem…labor agrees.  Intermittent was also a suggestion.  Management has been thinking about it and evaluating it.  Maybe part time positions…


10.Windows on north campus.  Doing wellness checks on north campus is a problem due to the windows in the doors and/or having to open the doors. Labor is wondering on the update.  Physical plant is going be going over there to assess the situation and management plans to go forward with what we have then go from there.  Will physical plant confer with direct care staff?




New Business




  1. Bumping to nights despite shortages on Days
  2. Unit staff not given OT on own unit due to other classifications wanting to work on that unit.
  3. OT Burnout increase due to current shifts
  4. Rescinded MMB HR/LR Policy 1446 Consequences – Changes to other procedures- Staff Reporting Vaccination Status
  5. Add-on


  1. Overtime Offering MoU
  2. Staff leaving mid-shift


  1.  Labor is wondering if we can look at bumping less people to NOC shift since it’s going to hurt everyone.  Management is going to do that as much as possible.  3 volunteered, 3 reassigned 4 keep vacant.
  2.  Unit staff should have priority of getting the overtime on their own unit. Management said they are trying to get shifts filled with people that are comfortable with what they are doing.  They also said that there has been a communication sent out on the expectations on what is expected as direct care staff.  Labor asked if we could we see the list of MAPE staff that might be interested in overtime.  Management is going to see what our options are in Atlas and otherwise in regard to getting a list of MAPE or others that are interested in overtime. 


  1. Labor requests any way to increase the overlap so that we have more time at home so less burnout.  Lots of interest in going back to the shifts we had according to the survey.  Help alleviate the last-minute inverse.


  1. Rescinded MMB HR/LR Policy 1446 Consequences:  HR says there are new criteria with MMB so changes are coming up and they still have questions so MMB and DCT will be putting out more announcements.   HR advises to please keep an eye out and they will be in touch.


  1. Discussion hiring straight to NOC shift. Management had 2 candidates that wanted to go straight to NOC shift.  So, management reached out the NOC supervisors to get their thoughts. Labor believes every current NOC staff would not support hiring straight to NOC’s.  Management forensic FSS is the ONLY group that doesn’t hire to straight to NOC. Management states it would be only after completion of 6-month probation that they would go to the NOC shift.  Labor is worried that we’re not getting the experience that we use to and we have lots of reservations for staff safety. 


  1.  MoU-review was sent by HR …Labor asked what are the major changes? HR said they just put it in the standard MMB format.  Labor agreed to look over it as e-board.  HR is good with that and will look into a transport team MoU that labor sent when they submitted the MoU for security services.    


2. Staff leaving mid-shift:  Management wants labor to know that they’re aware of it and continue to monitor.  They don’t want people to work that are sick, but they don’t want to leave units short staffed either.  Unfilled shift bonus was discussed if going staff are home sick.  They are still getting it currently but that might not always be the case.    Labor brought up that using hours as the parameters are a little sketch…so trying to define it with some sick calling parameters instead.  Management agrees that they need to do something that is consistent.  HR says they are going to discuss it across DCT but if other places aren’t having problems, it may be defined locally. 



Add on:



CNA Leads/RPL’s, in FNH, have been included in correctional early retirement program after 2 years of work to accomplish this.