July FMHP Meet & Confer


AFSCME Labor Management

July 21 2022

Facilitator / Chair (IN BOLD)

Roxanne Portner, Becky Robinson, Denise Considine, Marvin Sullivan, Ryan Cates, Matt Stenger, Rick Pitts, Eric Manriquez


AFSCME  404 & Management





Meeting Called to Order

Approval of Minutes



Reflection / Celebration

Resilient staff that work here…general thank you.

Reviewing fiscal year 2021 to 2022 there was a

reduction in 39% of restraint seclusion from last year.  Great job Direct Care!!



Standing Agenda Items

  1. OSHA Information
  2. Overtime Information 
  3. Budgeted Position Review/Staff Shortage
  4. Achievement Award Data
  5. Covid Updates/Concerns

1.OSHA Information was provided to the union

2. Overtime information was provided to the union

3.  Budgeted Position review/ staff shortage information was provided to the union

4. Achievement award- Labor informed management that it seems like the supervisors aren’t pushing the applications forward, they will discuss it at executive level so that we can get a uniform process.  Labor would like a follow up response after applying, so they know it’s being reviewed or what is happening with it.  Leadership plans to review the overall process at a future Leadership Meeting. 

5.  Covid updates/ Concerns: Discussion on eye protection-DCT is reviewing the guidance, staff should still be wearing until management meets again on Wednesday. Labor asked if there’s been any discussion on removal of masks-management says no discussion at this time, going by CDC data tracker for mask removal Management are hopeful for eye protection removal, management is no longer required to post on the Inet about the low-risk exposure at work.



Old Business



  1.  Drills for behavioral emergencies on N Campus



  1. Virtual Platform Meetings
  2. Increase in OT Burnout
  3. Willow/Tamarack – Blinds or Shades to Limit View and increase Privacy on other side of the unit
  4.  FNH-inversing RN/LPN process


  1.  Drill on north campus-fire drill yesterday. 
  2. Becky will connect with Grove A and NOC managers to partner with Safety to coordinate drills pertaining to behavioral emergencies.


  1. Pilot project with Webex on redwood has gone well and plan to expand to the other units.  Until the other units get the Webex it may be able to remove the keyboard and leave the mouse. 
  2. Increase in OT burnout-Labor need the overlapping shifts back. Management hoping to be able to talk about tangible scheduling soon.
  3. Willow/Tamarack-Proposals that were put together by staff for the blinds or shades to limit the view and increase the privacy on the other side of the unit were forwarded onto Safety officer Steffl and he approved. He passed on the proposals to Todd and then a there was a possible breakdown because Todd retired.  Gabe will be picking up the project. 
  4. Labor asked if there is anything that has changed in the process of inversing RN/LPN at the FNH.  There has been more inversing in FNH. Management agreed that can certainty look at LPNs to make sure it’s equitable…



New Business



  1. Vacation Rescinding Memo Reminder
  2. Security Counselor Postings
  3. Overtime Responsibilities
  4. Clarification of Bonuses
  5. Hiring Update



  1. Part time Postings
  2. Weekend/Days Off Bonus
  3. Schedule Patterns
  4. Safety Issues- Patients in Hallways
  5. Lack of Vacation
  6. Min quals for Supervisory Positions
  7. Supervisor standing around-how many supervisors for one work group?
  8. MAPE not getting called-voluntary/inverses
  9. Inversing for training
  10. Open to bid for GRW if one leaves or will it be posted for outside applicants only
  11. Calling out overtime in GRW
  12. Emergency inversing language


New Business:



  1.  Vacation rescinding memo reminder:  The memo went into effect yesterday.  Management wants to stop the gaminess and increase employee satisfaction.  IF you notice things then let management know.
  2. Security Counselor Postings:  Lots of confusion about what the part time positions were because they didn’t have hours.  They also didn’t have the days off listed and labor suggested they define what the part time primary working days would be.  The other positions that came out more recently didn’t have the units on it. It was also brought up by labor, the number of supervisors in utility pool and by having so many that communication is getting lost. Management said that has to do with the AOD pool and keep the compliment going. They are going to be moving the AOD office so that they can be closer to the people they supervise.  Postings are all going to be posted at the same time to streamline things and be more efficient.  We will post on the SharePoint the posted spot and then the only successful bidder will get an email.  Save on timing with the schedule so we can move the people quicker to their new spot.  It will be under the specific work program until HR can get a designated spot on SharePoint.  HR would like any concerns to be brought forward next month.    
  3. Overtime responsibilities- Non-AFSCME should not be bringing in other job tasks to do while they are doing direct care duties.  Sick time use happening on overtime may become an issue where they will be taking the bonus.  That discussion couldn’t happen so will hopefully have more information next week.  DCT must make that change to the bonus vs. our HR making the change.  There’s no talk of changes to the bonus currently. It appears that bonus is doing some good…with people willing to come in for other people who are inversed.   There has been no talk about the bonus going to program to be paid out of their budget.
  4. Clarification of the bonus:  The difference between the unfilled shift and the voluntary weekend.  Voluntary is on weekend or your days off.  Days off must be called out by the appointing authority so not a person on vacation taking an inverse.
  5. Hiring update- Large NEO group in July (14) mix of all the job classes.  Lead spots in FNH did get 11 applicants.
  6. FSLA audit- HR adjusted 8000 paychecks. It had to do with the bonuses and how those were paid out.  The documents explaining should come out in August.  No paybacks will be needed.  Payroll files will be put out in August.

AFSCME new business:


  1. Part-time postings: Was covered in the above agenda items.  Recommendations to enhance clarity for postings will be provided to those helping with them. 
  2. Weekend/Day off bonus: was covered in the above agenda items.
  3. Schedule patterns- Labor still would like management to go back to what we had (ie, 6:30a-2:30p, 1-9p, 9p-7a) for scheduling pattens.  It helped with overtime burnout, shift in progress, and shift communication.

Management still is planning to spread the vacancies for NOC, though continuing to investigate options that may get closer to preferred scheduling pattern.

  1. Patients in hallways- policy will be made
  2. Lack of vacation-It’s difficult to get any vacation in the summer next year, every weekend is gone.  This is more of a problem because of the comp and requesting a year out of vacation is also an issue.   Management wants to start with the math of how much staff can earn for vacation without factoring in comp time leave then talk some more.
  3. Min qualifications for supervisory positions Put on hold to discuss later.
  4. Supervisors- The number of supervisors that are in work areas (ie. Security Services, Utility Pool) There was a unit search that supervisors were standing there and not helping it felt not good for the direct care staff that were doing the work.  Management will give feedback to the supervisors. Labor asked why DOC dogs haven’t been used in the unit searches. Management said that they can only use them quarterly.  Management looked at using them intermittently which isn’t possible.  The dogs aren’t going pick up on all the drugs and can’t be used for large areas.
  5. MAPE not getting called for overtime: Not calling other AFSCME or MAPE for OT-because they are not eligible for the full shifts and there were LOTS of complaints for the small shifts.  Labor asked, can we get access to the list people that want the overtime?

Management will check on getting access to the list and follow up.  AOD’s have been inversing for not full shifts so need clarification on how that is different.  Management will follow up.

  1.  Inversing for training- emergency language for lots more trainings-Management agreed that they are going to suspend Core 4 training currently and look at trainings at command post and re- assess trainings at those meetings.
  2. Bidding for GRW: Labor asked, will GRW go to posting be external or internal? If someone were to leave, then they would post it as BGW, and so no internal bids would be open.  HR and management are looking at trying to get to a higher job classification.  GRW’s will be grandfathered in. 
  3. Overtime for GRW: HR said that BGW and GRW will be inversed into the same position.  Labor asked about the overtime process.  AOD or Scott Berg?  Labor told management that they have been just running short and not calling the overtime out.  HR will follow up with the supervisor.  Clarification would be good.  HR will verify with the supervisor of the work area.  Labor asked if the GRW and BGW’s are inversible?  Clarification on the overtime for all spots will be done by HR.     
  4. Emergency inversing language: The emergency inversing language is getting out a hand- 6 OT in a row.  HR and management are concerned about the safety from what people are doing in number of hours worked.  Management said they plan to reorganize our priorities with the trainings. No triple shifts! :)









What Items/Points need communication:





To Whom (groups/level):

How (method): 

Who will initiate/responsible?