July 2019 MSOP Meet and Confer

AFSCME MSOP Labor Management

July 11th 2019

Human Resources Room



Attendance: Adam Castle, Ryan Cates, Jamie Sheppard, Nikki Boder, Eric Hesse, Crystal Kreklow, Troy Sherwood, Bonnie Wold, Michelle Breamer, Andrew Cole, Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Kern



  1. 1.      Follow Up Items
    1. A.     Inverse Numbers: Troy-1st watch 40 staff for 130.5 hours. 2nd watch 14 staff for 21 hours. 3rd watch 9 staff for 27.5 hours. Total 63 staff for 179 hours. A lot of the 1st watch hours came from ECC meetings during break. We can do better with scheduling in the future to limit this.
    2. B.      Overtime Numbers: 1147 for June
    3. 2.      Overtime Release Times: Bonnie-I checked with Pete and hasn’t happened or is rare but if it is. They would get whatever the shift is. Whenever a staff is from south house, they are getting 8 hours. Not a possibility for 1st watch. Scheduled whatever shift is
    4. Sunrise Clinic Staffing: Paul-looking at options for scheduling ahead of time so we know when clients are there and when we will need counselors at the clinic and narrow the amount of times clients can be there. Hesse-timeline? Michelle-meeting next week as a team to go over the option. Hopefully august 1st. Crystal-why hasn’t this meeting happened yet? We talked about this over a month ago. Michelle-wanted to gather data about client schedules too to see what works. I did meet with Michelle to get a sign-up sheet also. Hesse-includes that security will be there for duration or just cares? Paul-I don’t remember. It wasn’t my intention to have staff there when there weren’t clients. I only wanted when clients were there. I don’t know how that happened. Wasn’t my intention. Hesse-focus just on cares? Paul-yes
    5. 4.      Zone 10: Bonnie-It’s not in post order. Eric thinks that staff thinks they are expected to help and they do it. He has talked to leads and others so they know it is not expected. They should not be doing the unloading. Hesse-contact vocational.

New AFSCME Items

  1. 1.      Vacation Requests when accepting bid to another watch: Hesse-what are the guidelines for putting in vacation when accepting other watch. When can they put in for vacation? Bonnie-we said it wasn’t until actually moved into position? Ryan-I don’t know. Bonnie-we will have to look more into that and get back to you. I want to make sure we get it right. We can bring that back.
  2. 2.      Antenna Television Local Channels: Hesse-this is affecting entire campus based on MSOP decision to not go with cable. Why allow local channels and news but not newspapers: Troy-the only channels are 12 and it’s spotty. 12.1 and 12.2 in Mankato KEYC. Crystal-has local news? Bonnie-yes. We can’ control it. We checked it and it’s not even there today. But we can control the newspapers. If a client was to come up with this, we have to manage the client. Today it wasn’t even available. Nothing we can do about it. I mentioned to jess in Moose Lake legal. They are in same boat up there. Paul-we can’t restrict an individual station. Bonnie-up in moose they had local. Crystal-there are parental controls. Hesse-they were able to take what they wanted to drop 4 years ago. Bonnie-antenna doesn’t have that option. Hesse-staff are concerned campus wide. Paul-if you hear the channel is coming in a lot let us know so we are aware. We can continue to try to manage it.  we will do random checks

Add On-Addendum: Ryan-there is a CBT for it. Overly broad asking too much to follow. Council 5 is working with DHS and advising to not sign it until we have had the meeting. Asking to hold off on discipline for not signing or doing CBT until the DHS and union have reached decision. Hesse-this is a union decision, not individual. Don’t hold it against them. Bonnie-this isn’t an MSOP or DCT direction. Its DHS, we don’t have the power. Crystal-but you can talk to supervisors. Bonnie-we haven’t heard anything about that and it wouldn’t happen unless we give that direction. Crystal-we ask that you hold off. Sups on campus don’t know about this. We ask you have that conversation so they are aware and ease up on staff until we make a decision. It’s so broad. You already have all of these policies but the PD says all DHS policies. Statutes, ADA, it’s impossible to follow 100 percent. For our members to stare down July 15 deadline, they are afraid of discipline. That’s what we would like paused. When it’s figured out, we can move forward. Bonnie-we don’t have authority to say to postpone. Sups shouldn’t be telling employees they will be disciplined. We only ask to complete CBT, not the physical addendum. Paul-we did ask but then withdrew based on the meeting on Monday. Just do CBT. I may have said could be subject to discipline. I gave directive Tuesday. Bonnie-we can correct that with the supervisors. Paul-if someone has been reprimanded, let us know. Could you please ask that person to confirm what happened and have them let us know? Hesse-on first watch.

Management Agenda Items

  1. 1.      Scheduler/Vs Self Service Accrual Time-Bonnie-supervisors have said staff mention on ETL that they checked scheduler and it says “this” Staff should never follow what it says on scheduler due to delay of data dump. Only check self-service page for their accruals. This just came up. Bonnie-it is one person in particular. Hesse-I have heard this from others also. Bonnie-seems to just have come to the surface. Crystal-not willing to put anything on the homepage? Bonnie-it’s very isolated.
  2. 2.      Tuition Reimbursement Link: Came out with new tuition reimbursement. Permalink on DHS intranet DCT homepage for more information.
  3. 3.      FMLA update. Ryan-end of fiscal year. Intermittent leave have expired if they were on intermittent leave. If you would like to continue, contact leave management.


Adjourned at 1230pm