January 2022 MSOP Meet and Confer

AFSCME MSOP Labor Management

January 13, 2022

Human Resources Room/Conference



Attendance: Adam Castle, Eric Hesse, Ryan Cates, Nick Weerts, Jamie Schwartz, Michelle Sexe, Steve Wilking, Bonnie Wold, Michelle Breamer, Troy Sherwood, Paul Rodriguez, Tracy Johannsen, Nikki Boder, Heather Staff, Ashley Shanley


Follow Up Items

  1. 1.      OT Numbers Operations: 1st watch had 66 staff for 169 hours. 2nd watch had 26 staff for 105.5 hours. 3rd watch had 42 staff for 236 hours. Total Inverse 300.5 hours.
  2. 2.      Inverse Numbers: Total overtime hours of 1363 hours. 1 inverse for health services.
  3. 3.      Time Book Training: Tracy-This is on the to-do list. We are having meetings on this and we will let you know when we have something ready.
  4. 4.      Different Classifications Taking OT at Point of Inverse: Hesse-Have people been requesting to do this? Bonnie-There have been 4 people interested. 1 person has done the training and is ready. The 3 others asked questions about it but have yet to move forward. Paul-1 more staff has just expressed interest to me as well. Bonnie-Not everyone can do it. MAPE can but MNA has not been approved. No MMA. GMWs are not allowed to cover in MSOP because they are under the Forensics umbrella. They are able to cover in the kitchen only. Hesse-They are very interested in helping out.
  5. 5.      Local Hospital Coverage: Hesse-This was mentioned to save on overtime and inversing. Troy-Tim and Eric processed this using a laptop. They took it to MNIT team to evaluate its capabilities.
  6. 6.      New Chairs for Offices/Workspaces: Troy-We gather these yearly and then our GMWs and clients go through them and replace parts to get them back out. We are going to reach out to forensics and the GMWs to help us out.

Management Agenda Items


AFSCME Agenda Items

  1. 1.      Lack of A Team Trained Staff: Hesse-Schools are going back to this virtual schedule. Is there any plan for the lack of A team staff if they don’t have a choice but to stay home with their children? Tracy-We will defer to MMB policy. They are always making changes accordingly. I will bring it forward. Hesse-Follow up with us as soon as you know. Nikki-This has not been a topic at MMB yet, I will bring it forward. Troy-There was just an A Team training done. People don’t want to be inversed. We would like some help from you guys if you have any ideas.
  2. 2.      Hands-On Training: Tracy-We requested a variance. We got a 3-month variance granted for hands on training. It has been tabled until April. Nick-Can we get this soon to make sure everyone is on the same page.
  3. 3.      Inversing for Partial Shifts: Hesse-Hearing that staff that come in early and then also being inversed for the remaining hours. We can’t plan on a partial shift. We need to schedule according to contract. The schedule needs to reflect what the need is. Michelle-Inversing was so high, and we have a new OD. I think he tried to be creative with the schedule. You are right, we can’t assume its only for a certain amount of time. It has to be for the need.


Add On:

  1. 1.      HR Signature: Hesse-A staff emailed the HR drop box. They did get a response very quickly but there wasn’t a signature with whom the email was from. Tracy-We can make sure that gets on there. Nick-Does the new general address auto reply have the names on it? Tracy-It was placed on the SharePoint. A sheet was placed on there with all of the necessary information of all the phone numbers staff may need. Please look at that SharePoint post.
  2. 2.      Offering Advanced OT: Hesse-Wondering if it would be possible to offer advanced overtime sooner than the usual 24 to 48 hours.  Then we don’t need to struggle to fill the open positions at the last minute due to sick calls, etc. It is contractual to fill the schedule when the need is known. Bonnie-We do try to fill advanced overtime ahead of time.
  3. 3.      Quarantine Guidelines: Nikki-DCT group was very strict when this all started, then we kind of loosened up. Now, we will be going back to quarantine like it was at first with the clients staying in their rooms and come out for specified periods of time. If one client is positive, he/she will be moved but it is up to health services discretion if the roommate is moved. Bonnie-We take guidance from health services to move clients to isolation. M. Sexe-Post orders will be updated to reflect the new policies. Staff will also be notified.
  4. 4.      CPS Moves: Paul, Bonnie, Michelle would like to express their appreciation for all of the hard work by staff. There were a lot of moves and things that came up. Staff did a great job and thank you for volunteering your assistance. Any ideas for next time let us know how we can improve. Jamie-Move all of the clients from a unit before or after count so we don’t have to update multiple times. Eric-The bins came back to the units. We don’t need them so I think they can go to property.

Adjourned at 120pm