January 2021 MSOP Meeting Minutes

AFSCME MSOP Labor Management

January 14, 2021

Human Resources Room/Conference



Attendance: Adam Castle, Ryan Cates, Eric Hesse, Steve Wilking, Nick Weerts, Annie Jakacki, Troy Sherwood, Paul Rodriguez, Michelle Breamer, Chris Hagen, Bonnie Wold, Tim Lokensgard, Michelle Sexe, Denise Considine, Tracy Johanssen, Bryce Fazekas



Follow Up Items

  1. Inverse Numbers:  Tim. December. 36 from 1st for 124 hours. 26 from 2nd for 134 hours. 17 from 3rd for 77.5 hours.
  2. Overtime Numbers:  Total 1244.75 Total for 2020 12424.48 hours. 2518.3 inversed or forced. 20 percent. 0 hours inverse and 82.75 total overtime for health services.
  3. 1.      PPE Supply: Breamer-no problems. Recently able to get nitrile gloves for quarantine unit. N95 masks were delivered. Hagen took 100 of them and will be doing fit testing with this new style. I have the remaining 400. Hagen-just started the process. I have documentation for 7 right now. We will start with the current fit tested people.
  4. 2.      Health Services Staffing Update: Breamer-as of yesterday we filled the rn vacancy and lpn last week. Both will be starting if February. Zero vacancies remain in both classifications. The LPN is a transfer. The member was with us 9 years ago.
  5. 3.      Lead Leveling Process: Hesse-we did finally meet earlier this week. Any progress with meeting next week? Denise-I will get something out by this week.
  6. 4.      Notification of Not Filling Positions: Bonnie-there are no positions at this time.
  7. 5.      Holiday Pay Code Cheat Sheet: Hesse-where are we at with distribution? I sent updates. Denise-We have one sheet with codes. Staff should be able to figure out if they want all vacation. Asking for example? Hesse-you laid out cash, comp, but not all vacation. May as well lay it all out. Denise-I can do that. Tim-I was going to check to make sure it is on roll call site. I will make sure its on there. I believe we can put attachments on there. Hesse-people are confused by the shift differential as well. If you could place that on there as well. 8 at y65 or 8 at s65. If there is a preferred one. Denise-preference is y65 with 8 hours, then they know it is a holiday when they pull the reports.
  8. 6.      Hazard Pay: Cates-Any progress? Denise-No, there has been no additional follow up.


New AFSCME Items

  1. 1.      1st Watch Inversing: Hesse-There has been a lot of inverses from 1st watch. They are saying they are going through twice now. Is there a reason why there is such a drastic inversing situation? Tim-A multitude of reasons why it occurs. Its not just 2nd watch sick calls, there are loa, work out of classes, increase medical appointments. Could be more yet. We try to mitigate knowing 1st watch is smaller. We have moved 4 staff from 3rd temporarily to 2nd watch to help with coverage issues. Right now, 1st has most overtime and 2nd and 3rd are balanced. We keep track and sometimes it happens. On Friday we had 80 on 3rd. Saturday we had 70 on 2nd. I can’t explain it sometimes. Eric-morale is low and I have a few suggestions. Admin can maybe do rounds on overnights and talk to them. Hearing it from you may be better. Eric-I have suggestions for this. At point of inverse, call advanced overtime list to show that management is trying to alleviate the stress even though people may not take it. it shows you are trying your best to not inverse. Tim-I am writing them down. Michelle-I did rounds and staff were frustrated with 2nd watch peers coming in after 6 o clock. So, they are being held until those people come in and are considered inversed. You are going through the list quicker. Eric-yes, that comes down to us. If there are a lot of woocs. Try not to focus on one watch so it gets spread around. If there are a lot of loa, do temp reassignments to spread out inversing so its not on one watch. Med trip scheduling reduction or modification. Bonnie-we are looking at that also.
  2. 2.      Point Prevalence Surveillance Testing: Eric-Whoever was on duty, CPS wasn’t allowed? I heard msop was only facility in dct that wouldn’t allow off duty staff to take the test. Can we rethink that and maybe have a centralized location on campus so people can come? If the point is to sniff out covid, we need to have the most people we can, take it. Bonnie-we can take that back to NIkki. Breamer-it is meant to be a snapshot in time. Perimeter and cps are two different sites. Outbreak was in perimeter so that is why it was done in the perimeter. If they were scheduled in the perimeter, they had the option. It is meant to look at the rate of infection. Nick-plan do to away with the snapshot and do mass testing? Breamer-DCT has opted not to do a facility wide testing. Multiple sites did this also. They all did a snapshot as well. There is a significant cost as well. What is the rate and identify why? What do we need to start doing? Eric-the budget shouldn’t be an excuse with protecting our employees. Annie-I get the point of it, but when you are testing the same group, that doesn’t mean there isn’t something else going on. If infections are coming in by night staff, you will never catch that if you are not looking at it. I pushed back on that because point prevalence in other sites did allow people on other shifts to come in. If it comes back, you are looking at the same time. We should be looking at different areas, times, people to identify it and improve it. Why is this so much different than other locations. Tracy-I was hr director for msats. In Anoka, we picked the units we had spikes on. They would notify all locations staff had visited that through contact tracing without testing another unit. Annie-we brought that forward because Anoka was doing that. That was not at msop. The only way they were tested is if they were working at that time. It was very inconsistent across DCT. Denise-thankfully we didn’t have outbreaks all over. If we had a lot of night staff getting covid, we would have done that. Thankfully, we did not have to do that and now the numbers are under control. We aren’t saying no, we do need to have more discussion.
  3. 3.      COVID Vaccinations for Staff: Eric-In the memo, it said it was being delivered to forensics. Breamer-Forensics are getting vaccines because they can store it. They will be the hub for distribution. Eric-getting one dose to as many people as possible. Michelle-when they receive the first dose, they will need to sign up to get the second 28 days later. Staff will be asked to stagger out getting the vaccine so that if they have side effects, we don’t have a lot of people out. Denise-We did talk about scheduling those appointments. More to come on that with more decisions on how they will take place. Eric-a date in mind? Breamer-it was delivered today. Shooting for next Wednesday. We will figure It out. Denise-I am confident we will have it figured out. Eric-week long process? There will be people that can’t schedule it due to days off, etc. Denise-I understand that, I can take it back. There are a lot of moving parts, I don’t have the answers. I will talk to Roxanne. Annie-I am hearing that yes st peter received 3k vaccines. They will have 2600 administered next Wednesday. Working with homeland health to get it scheduled. They will have clinics in st peter also. They are hoping to have more info soon. Most likely be signing up for appointment. Trying to stagger these with areas as well. Nick-28 days exactly between doses? Breamer-28 days exactly. Eric-will people be able to come in on off time if they want? Breamer-at this time, yes. Eric-that could change? Why? Breamer-I can’t specify why as that decision has not been made. The information I have now is they are allowing it. Nick-there needs to be flexibility. Breamer-yes, it’s being worked in.
  4. 4.      Health Services Scheduling/Mutual Exchanges Contact: Eric-Wondering if when they submit, Jaime works during the week. If there is something overlapping, exchange shifts, etc. is there a contact person to get that done. Breamer-yes, they call me for mutual. The majority of mutuals should be completed in advance and not day of (except for urgent situations). I have spoken to the ODs about them taking care of that in the future and will be disussing more with Nikki.
  5. 5.      Construction in CPS/Staffing: Eric-Green acres north. What is the time frame? Paul-tentative. Hoping it will begin in march. Estimates for completion before the end of the year. I can’t say it would be on time but that is the goal. Nick-staffing structure like it is now? Paul-we will look at total staff and maintain the anticipated proportions. I think it will run separately but I don’t know for sure. Eric-how are we going to staff it? Paul-I don’t know how we will staff it. we will look at reallocating but not sure. Eric-not looking for money for additional staff? Paul-I don’t know. We didn’t get money in the past. Eric-I am worried we will lose positions without losing positions. One open unit right now. I assume it will be shut down. We have extra staff and they will be shifted over there. Paul-I haven’t heard that option but I don’t have an answer. Ask me again next month. Nick-let us know when you do have the answers. We have concern and it cuts down on the rumor mill. Eric-if there isn’t funding and not asking, we will have to staff with what we have now. It doesn’t make sense to not ask for the money. But the budget will be an issue coming up.

Management Agenda Items

  1. 1.      Driving Precautions: Paul-Ask members to be careful when driving when leaving the screening area and driving. When they get to cps, stop at the stop signs. We have had people complain. We are looking to bring more attention to that. Nick-I make that walk a lot, it’s often people I don’t even know, that I am dodging. Paul-I don’t know who, I just want to put it out there for everyone.
  2. 2.      Salary Savings Leave Clarifications: Tim-I have heard some staff are confused that it is taking spots from vacation pool. That is not accurate. It is still granted per allotment and contract. Salary savings leave is only given out once a schedule is posted, or short notice vacation. It is not in lieu of vacation spots. Eric-if I say I want July off as salary savings, I have to request vacation? Tim-Yes, that is how you would have to do it. Once it is posted and up, you can then request salary savings leave. Cannot ask and grant in advance. If they have accruals and vacation, they can sign up. Then if its approved, once that schedule is posted in 28 days, they can say they want a certain day as salary savings leave. No pay. Annie-so if someone doesn’t have accruals, they don’t qualify? Tim-they can within the posted pay periods. They need the time off to back it up. Denise-this is consistent across DCT is how we are doing it.
  3. 3.      Security Counselors Being Assigned Clients: Troy-Pexton 1st floor have been assigned a case load of clients. They will assist with daily living. Property, cleanliness. Looking at IAPP with them as well. Starting on the 19th of January. We will be meeting monthly as we will be rolling out across the programs here and moose lake. Sexe-I went to case consult to ask questions about cps. We will be going to all groups and rolling out on the 25th. We will be looking at bank accounts, property, etc. Eric-if you will be gone, you have to find someone in your place to meet with the client? I ask there is leniency on this. If I’m out for a month, it shouldn’t be on me. Sexe-that is meant if an SC is on extended vacation, they ask another peer to help keep up to date. Troy-looking at leads to help. Bringing on a team and utility pool who has good rapport as well in the future.
  4. Revisions to Incident Report Policy: Bonnie Update-When staff must document a quote in an incident report that contains a term that is vulgar, crass, offensive, or disparaging, staff place that word in quotes the first time it is used in the report. If it is necessary to document the use of that word more than once in an incident report, staff note use of the word using the first let, followed by asterisks for remaining letters surrounded by quotes. (Example “big” the first time and “b**” every time after the first.

Bonnie-Revisions effective in February. Ods may send back for corrections if needs. Specifically, for quotes. Write each word once individually, then use the other symbols.

  1. Troy-congregating at sally port when leaving. Stay at assigned post until straight up. Use social distancing. Large gatherings 5 to 10 minutes prior we need to put an end to. Eric-If Shantz leaves a couple minutes early, you wont fret about correct? Troy-Yes, but my hope is straight up. Pexton will be out by the time Shantz gets there. Eric-only allowing 3 in the sally port, you will naturally get people there. Troy-straight up is preferred but not congregating at sally port.
  2. Denise-we should point out that there were updates to tardiness and reporting to work policies as well. More to do with mape and exempt qualifications as well to look at.


Adjourned at 104pm