January 2020 MSOP Minutes

AFSCME MSOP Labor Management

January 9th 2020

Human Resources Room



Attendance: Adam Castle, Ryan Cates, Crystal Kreklow, Jamie Sheppard, Eric Hesse, Tim Lokensgard, Bonnie Wold, Michelle Sexe, Michelle Breamer, Paul Rodriguez, Denise Considine, Ryan Kern



  1. Follow Up Items

  1. Inverse Numbers-10 3rd watch for 30.25. 29 1st watch for 98.5. 41 2nd watch for 118.5. Total 247.25 inverse hours.

  2. Overtime Numbers- December 1459 hours. 2019 16770 hours. Down from previous years by 21.8 percent.

  1. AFSCME included in MNA Contract-Hesse-waiting on meeting. Denise-didn’t know you wanted a meeting. Hesse-why you think MNA can be added in MNA meeting? Denise-I don’t. We ended up paying the grievance. Management has right to determine what classes. 99.9 percent we will use the class. Hesse-therefore should not be benefiting from our collective agreement if you say they can take our overtime with the language we bargained. Denise-we can disagree on that. If we have a business need for RN…if we determine we need an RN, we have the right for the purposes. Hesse-but for this is was not. Denise-and we paid that. Hesse-but your response was that contract wasn’t violated. Denise-we can set something up for a meeting about this. Hesse-ok.

  2. Atlas App- Tim-nothing new on app. Denise-I reached out to Jodi Culver about this. They said they said they will try to see if they can fix it. She is going to talk to them again to see if they have any more information.

  3. Payroll Code for new IOD hospital language-Hesse-any update? Denise-IOD. Still talking with Doreen because I have concerns. Does it affect their cap? Tracking purposes of how often used for next round of bargaining. We are going back and forth, if we have to use it, use IOD for now until something changes. Hesse-makes sense if you want to track it. Denise-my concern is if we are giving additional hours. I will keep you posted on that.

  4. MSOP Legislative Agenda-Bonnie- I emailed Nancy and she responded she sent it to Laura. Hesse-its sometime in march. Crystal-we have people lobbying right away in January so the sooner, the better.

  5. Holiday Pay code Cheat Sheet-Hesse-A lot of different versions floating around. Can we get an updated version on INET for what we use? Tim-we just need an updated one Denise-which we use. Cates-and we need to make sure we have the supplemental language included. Jamie-is there a way to filter our codes that we use? Tim-I don’t know. Denise-we probably can’t do that, this is why we use the sheets. We can get the information for what codes to use in what case. Can someone send me a version they have? Jamie-I have one but a lot has changed. Michelle-I just covered time books for counselors and I wish I had a cheat sheet.

  6. Client Schedules-Jamie-yesterday there were three call outs for clients. There are a lot of areas to look. I didn’t think about unit to unit or mentoring. Can we combine? Michelle-They are looking into getting unit to unit and mentoring into phoenix. Stacy Sonnek is working on that and it should be next month. In operations calendar as well.

  7. Changes to W4-Cates-Can we get the updates added to the W4? Denise-You can still go in to that spot but you could change a number. Now you have to fill out a form. If you put you have 12 dependents. It means they will calculate it on their own. It’s a new federal tax law. We were told people can’t change it themselves, they can but just need to fill out a form. It also says in a memo that if you have questions, call IRS. Crystal-will you send us the memo for our minutes? Denise-yes, I will send that to Adam.



New AFSCME Items

  1. Incentive MOU Implementation-Hesse-any plans on paying this out again like last year? Denise-incentive package is a DCT wide decision which they have not made any decisions yet. We talk about it frequently and we have not had any information yet. As soon as we do, we will let you know. Hesse-true that it wasn’t budgeted for? Denise-I haven’t heard that. Crystal-I have hear that form a lot of people. Hesse-frustrating that we got this pushed on us and wasn’t implemented the way we agreed to. Classes were left out etc. disheartening that staff now think we are getting this again and you guys didn’t budget for it. Denise-those funds were out of DCT, not individually. I can do follow up to make sure. Hesse-members get it one year and expect it, entire process was flawed. Denise-I get it Eric, everyone wants to know. I will take it back and let you know. Crystal-there have been some decisions. Folds at moose getting pieces of it right now, so we aren’t hearing all of the information. Denise-referral incentive hasn’t changed anywhere. Still paying that out. Hesse-why not all of it then? Denise-they are individual. Hesse-but normal person doesn’t see it that way. Denise-I am writing your questions down. Mel sits on the DCT board so I will ask her about this.

  2. Client not getting charges-Hesse-talk amongst staff about the client on 1 south who continues to assault staff continually, I get its Nicollet counties decision but doesn’t seem admin is kicking back at all. Bonnie-we have had a liaison also talking about this. We asked and OSI has had forums. I get the frustration and we can’t control it. Crystal-what are we doing internally? Tim-we follow our policies. He has been placed in HAS twice in a week. Working with clinical. Bonnie-we can’t control it but we try to manage it. Tim-we do what we can. Hesse-has it been kicked back to attorney? It’s a pattern. He’s not a PSR or VA. It’s hard for staff to grasp it. Bonnie-when we do rounds we can help explain the process.

  3. Security Counselor Lead Leveling Process-Hesse-you mentioned this last month. Bonnie-yeah, with the holiday we can meet with our group and get it started.

  4. Hiring Freeze-Hesse-rumor of a hiring process. Bonnie-rumor. Tim-we just moved to hiring two times a month. Just hired seven counselors. Denise-It’s all rumor.


 Management Agenda Items

  1. NEO-Peer Guidance-Bonnie-I talked to Eric about asking for assistance with sharing expectations and try to ensure new employees understand professionalism. Eric-I don’t know if we as a union want to tell people not to date their co-workers. Bonne-don’t want to say not to, we want to frame it to be professional and not gossip. How do you want to represent your members? Hesse-we have a blurb about being respectful to each other. You don’t have to get along with them but be professional. Bonnie-just keeping stuff to yourself. We don’t want to say don’t date but just keep it to yourself. Crystal-and we need to know that rumors aren’t always true.

  2. Call in procedure when doubling-Tim-when mutualling into a double. They call in and make sure that you are saying which shifts you are calling sick for. One or both. Reminder to call in for the correct shifts. Denise-when an employee does shift change. Mutual to double. Make sure you use SFX code and not putting 16 regular hours of work. 8 hours of regular and 8 hours of SFX. It will flag payroll. It’s not eligible for overtime. Tim-it also affects if you mutual within pay period. But mutual 2nd week day for 1st week day. It flags the first week of over 40 if you code regular. Denise-this is an FYI across DCT. Trying to get into everyone’s minutes. Use the SFX code so it doesn’t flag. Cates-mutual into a holiday, how does that work? Denise-still trying to figure that out and I will let you know.

  3. Shantz Windows being opened and not closed-Bonnie-Shantz staff to have windows open when on the station. Just a reminder. Hesse-all the way? Bonnie-one window completely open. Hesse-more for staff safety when sitting point so there is a warning just in case. Prevents clients from grabbing things. Bonnie- I am happy if one window is completely open.

  4. Staff working hospital coverage must contact OD and request SNV when they want to leave prior to their end of shift-Tim-contact OD if leaving early. I don’t want people getting in trouble. I know that staff get there early. Make sure to contact OD to let them know.


Adjourned at 1238pm