January 2020 CBHH/CARE Minutes

CBHH/ CARE Meeting Minutes (01.23.20)

People present at the meeting: Judy, Christina Anderley, Jim Pierce, Patrick (management), Emilio Florez, Ryan Cates, Steve Wilking, Kristine Wahlberg (HR), Tiffany Brown (HR), Monica Brown (OASI), and Heather (nursing supervisor)


Staffing is down (end of October to Mid-December) -- Interview/hiring currently



Number of Vacancies

1-CDPA (.8)

1-LPN (.8)



Number of Vacancies

                1-HST (.75) NOC

                2-Mippa (.75)

                1-LPN (.5)-candidate was no call

                1-Peer specialist open

                1-GMW open

--Outside facility is providing coverage to CARE. Management decides which class performs the work.  If a license is needed –inverse an LPN.  If license is not needed --inverse CDPA.

OT could be picked up by MNA but it would be voluntary. One RN needed per week.

--Incident with a WOC employee

--Complaints about the short staffing.

                Recent concern about 2 staff on weekends, recently been scheduling 3 on weekends.

--Will extend grievances. Need to meet. More communication.


                Steward here on a regular basis –there is some misunderstanding/need more clarification

                Timeline on vac/holiday/sick etc. informed Rochester-HR can reach out to higher officer to        extend timeline



                (Patrick) Can we do OT sign up sheet? IF we can come to a mutual understanding

                Previously understood that not called on day off for OT.

HR-questioning interpretation.  Recovering complaints about this. Make actual language to make it more consistent

Talking about OT –if you are on vacation, can you pick up OT? Refer to page 345.