General Membership Meeting 11/16/23

11/16/2023 4:30pm

Called to order by Ryan Cates

In attendance


Jamie Schwartz, Nick Weerts, Cory Moon, Mike Hohenstein, Eric Hesse, Matt Stenger, Kyle Heinze, Antonino Guerrero, Michael Jacobson, Logan Goettl, Porsha Wright, Nikolas Weiers, Travis Snyder, James Kibler, Steaed Doehring     Via Zoom – Eric Manriquez, Suzanne Kocurek,   


Secretary Report

Steaed Doehring Made a Motion to approve the minutes from last month.

2nd by James Kibler - Passed

Treasurer Report

Antonio Guerrero

Cash Balance Beginning of Month – $104,815.13

Income for the Month – $7,958.04

Expenses for the Month

  • Officer Allowances – $3,655.18
  • Reimbursed Expenses – (Mileage) $299.99
  • Supplies – 0
  • New Member Orientation – $107.57
  • Labor management Meetings – $332.66
  • Donations – 0
  • Good & welfare - $500.00
  • Surety Bond - $342.00
  • Convention Hotel - $4,504.28

Total Expenses – $9,741.68

Amount in Checking Account End of Month – $103,031.49

Amount in Savings Account End of Month – $257,879.92+$813.91 (interest) = $258,693.83

Combined Total –  $361,752.32


Motion to accept, subject to audit by Matt Stenger

2nd by Kyle Heinze - Passed


  • None


Comitee reports

  • Holiday Party – January 18th from 6pm to Midnight @ the Wow Zone in Mankato

Matt Stenger presented 2 options, Wow Zone, and The Pond.

A motion was made by Eric Hesse to spend up to $10,500 to pay for the party at the Wow Zone and door prizes. 2nd by James Kibler – Passed.

Details include bowling starting at 6pm until 11pm plus Soda and Food. There will be a raffle with prizes. Members must be present to enter the raffle but do not have to be present, during the drawing, to win.

Bring your family – it is a family friendly event!


Officers Reports:

  • President - Ryan Cates


  • Vice President - Administrative -Matt Stenger


  • Vice President - Steward Coordinator – Eric Hesse                                                     First off, I would like to apologize for not submitting a report in a while.

In the past month, I have submitted and working on a couple grievances, attended the union presentation for Forensic new employees (one for MSOP was cancelled), attended the MSOP Labor Management meeting, and have been available for member questions.

In the next few weeks, I will be participating in meetings to discuss staffing ratios within MSOP and discussing improper inversing and will also be attending the union presentation for new MSOP employees..

Local 404 will be holding a steward training on Thursday, November 30th from 10am until 2pm. If you are interested in becoming a steward or if you are currently a steward and would like a refresher, please contact me with your interest.

As always, please feel free to reach out to any officer if you have any questions or concerns.

“Unity is strength, division is weakness.”  – Unknown

In solidarity,

Eric Hesse

Vice President – Steward Coordinator

AFSCME Local 404



  • Chief Steward Lower Campus – Kyle Heinze                                                                        This past month I have attended NEO, attended meet and confer, attended the local meeting, met with members from Physical Plant, sat an investigation, and worked on resolving members concerns with HR and management.  If any members have questions or concerns, please reach out to  me and I will try to help.


  • Co-Chief Steward FMHP and Nursing Home – James Kibler                                            This month I sat multiple investigations for members in the FMHP, Transition Services, and the FNH. I attended local meet and confer as well as both the monthly E-Board meeting and Local General Membership meeting. I presented several step 3 grievances and spent time meeting with members over concerns such as insurance, step raises, bereavement leave, paid parental leave, coaching/discipline, FMLA, ADA, grievances, and much more.


  • Chief Steward Communications / Membership – Eric Manriquez


  • Chief Steward Overnights – Cory Moon


  • Chief Steward CBHH / CARE – Rick Pitts


  • Co-Chief Steward FMHP / Nursing Home – Marvin Sullivan


  • Chief Steward MSOP – Nick Weerts                                                                                        The last month I attended our monthly Labor Management meeting and E-board & General Membership meetings. I also facilitated the NEO class & did seniority lot draws for Forensics & am scheduled to do the same for MSOP later this month.

I sat a couple of investigations, as well as coordinated the investigations for a significant event in MSOP. I did have a first step OT grievance come back as a win for the employee.

I visited a few different MSOP units, as well as the works areas of some support staff in the last month. I continue to make it a point to visit a variety of work locations and connect with staff but am easy to reach via email & phone if our paths do not cross.

Communication continues to be key to our success & strength, so Members are encouraged to reach out with concerns/observations. Please see for all meeting minutes. I would encourage all members to reach out for accurate answers & information when they are concerned about something.

Onward & Forward!

Nick Weerts

MSOP Chief Steward


  • Executive Board – Mike Hohenstein


  • Executive Board – Jamie Schwartz


  • Executive Board – Jacob Schoenecker


  • Council 5 Field Representative – (Temp) Suzanne Kocurek



Old Business:

There will be Steward training on 11/30 from 10am to 2pm.

Please reach out to Eric Hesse for details. It will be a virtual training.



Wage Range Reassignment – Step Increases

We reached out to HR regarding when staff are eligible for their next increase. We have not received a response yet.



New Business: We have a temporary C5 field rep – Suzanne Kocurek


Officer elections are in January.

Nominations for Officers will take place at the December 21st Meeting (4:30pm at Jake’s Stadium Pizza in Mankato). If you are unable to attend the meeting, Email - Eric Manriquez prior to the meeting with your nomination. (Eric will reach out those that were nominated to make sure they accept the nomination)


Lobby Week – 2/26 - 3/1   Dates are posted on our website under calendar of events.

Day on the Hill – Tuesday 4/2

Members must have the time off in order to attend.

 A Motion was made to pay Per Diem and Mileage by Eric Hesse, 2nd by Matt Stenger - Passed

Forensics – Discussion at Forensics Labor Management today regarding the FSS Daily Checklist. Management agreed that the sheet could be laminated and that it is not mandatory – Use as a guide to ensure tasks are getting completed.



Good and Welfare:

Tina Schwamberger (LPN at MSOP) Retired – Congratulations!


Next meeting

Jake’s Stadium Pizza in Mankato         Time: 4:30pm

Adjourned at – 4:51pm