General Membership 8.18.22

General Membership Meeting-AFSCME 404

August 18, 2022



Ryan Cates, Eric Hesse, Matt Stenger, Cory Moon, Eric Manriquez, Mike Hohenstein, Annie Jakacki, Nick Weerts, Steaed Doehring, Jamie Schwartz, Steve Wilking, Ben Zarn, Antonio Guerrero, Anthony Larson, Dianna Delomba, Rick Pitts, Zach Thompson, Tim Lisa Brandenberg, Heather Rheaume, Kevin Brady, James Kibler, Brian Bayer, Chris Splett, Beau Droulliard, Kayla Evers

Apologies to anyone missed on the list of whom attended as I couldn’t see the zoom screen.

1.Secretary Report:

Motion to approve meeting minutes made by Erin Wiederich. 2nd by Ben Zarn. Motion passes.

2. Treasurer-Antonino Guerrero:






SAVINGS: $ 151401.34

SUBMITTED BY: Antonino Guerrero

Motion to accept subject to audit by Matt Stenger.  2nd by Rick Pitts. Motion passes.

3. Correspondence:  Convention is coming up the end of September

4. New Business:  

1. Anti-viral medications were not made able to get (in forensics) by a staff that was bit by a patient.  The following link is available to anyone that might need it:  Workers' compensation / DHS Intranet (


2. Management is proposing that HSSS’s be a part of utility pool between FNH and grove A.  E-board is requesting information be emailed to them about the potential benefits and deficits this would cause so that we can be ready to discuss them with management when we meet again. 

5. Old Business:

1.  HR hasn’t let us know about if they would make people pay back if they got the $50 bonus.  The audits are still being done.  IF a supervisor is asking for you to make changes to your timebook don’t agree to it.  They aren’t supposed to be changing timebooks. Union doesn’t agree with the members having to pay it back since mistakes were made across the board with supervisors and others. 

2.  Union wants to clarify that sweatshirts were proposed by a member, and we wanted to be sure that people could give feedback so it was tabled for a couple months so that discussion could happen. Proposals can be made by any member.  During this meeting, a member brought to our attention that she hasn’t been receiving the meeting minute emails for a couple of years.  The union no longer receives a list of new employees but will try to improve on finding out about newly hired members.  We encourage members to talk to each other and if they hear of someone not getting the emails to let us know.  A member brought up that they don’t want to buy sweatshirts with union funds because they aren’t able to wear them in their work area and feel like the funds could be appropriated to a more worthy cause like a charitable donation.  The union does make donations to charities.  The president also brought up that the savings account has been getting larger because we haven’t been spending.  One member requested the funds allocated to sweatshirts to go to strike funds.  It was explained that the funds allocated to sweatshirts wouldn’t nearly cover anything close to what is needed for strike funds.  And any monies designated for striking can’t be used for ANYTHING else even if the need arises.  Another member brought up grocery cards or gas cards as a possible way to give something to the membership that everyone could use more than sweatshirts. It was explained that the union has tried to do gift cards in the past and was unable to make that work.  It was also explained that we can’t put a motion in to ban others from making a motion.  Motion to approve buying of the sweatshirts for the membership was voted on and denied. Members continued to discuss other money saving options for the membership. 

3. Meeting September 15, 2022, will be for contract proposal voting at 4:30pm at the Redman in St. Peter and ONLY in PERSON because can’t vote over the zoom.  A member was asking about what has been proposed so far and vacation and raises are two of the things the e-board has heard proposed.  Membership is talking about this is the year to get raises. Dr. Hirachen is going to DCT to see if we can get more money.  MSOP agrees that we are behind the private sector in wages.



6. Items from the membership:  

1.  A member asked about how the extra vacation slot came about at MSOP.  The extra spot that MSOP got on second watch was given because they’re fully staffed, and the second watch can earn more than could be taken so it was evaluated and granted.  The audit will be completed on the other watches when they get fully staffed. 

2.  Another member asked about becoming a steward and there is a Steward Training August 29, 2022, virtually. Contact Eric Hesse if interested.   

3.The membership meetings were asked about in terms of finding out when and where the meetings are held.   You can find the information on the website under calendar of events.

4.  Some people are having issues getting their frontline pay.  Frontline pay -if they couldn’t identify you…then you can appeal-they give you a timeline to do that and ask for different ways that you can verify your identity. IF you went through COVID leave you do still qualify.  If you got an email about being in the appeal process, then that shouldn’t be a problem.    

5.  A member asked if there could be two meetings to separate the general meeting from the proposal meeting.  Another member questioned if a second meeting were to happen if 10% of the membership need to be present to vote on the proposals?  President said he’s willing to check into that question.  Union leadership said they usually try to have a short meeting at the beginning because they know that it goes long to when discussing the proposals. 

7. Good and Welfare:

8. Officer Reports:

President: Ryan Cates-

VP: Matt Stenger- This month have been answering questions about the $50 bonus for weekends and if the state is going to require people to pay it back. Also have been filing grievances and sitting meet and confers for MSOP, MSH and CBHH/CARE. Also have sat in on a couple of meetings about a new schedule for MSH. They are proposing 10-hour overnights, 2 staff per unit on 8 hour shifts and 2 staff on 12 hour shifts but are only proposals at this time.


VP: Eric Hesse-

Executive Board: Chief Steward Rick Pitts- I filed one grievance and met with several physical plant employees. Thanks Rick

Executive Board: Chief Steward - Eric Manriquez-Attended meet and confer.

Communication regarding proposed schedule pattern sent to the FMHP staff for input.

Executive Board: Chief Steward Nick Weerts-

Executive Board: Chief Steward Marvin Sullivan-

Executive Board: Chief Steward: Cory Moon-

Executive Board: Chief Steward: Steve Wilking-

Hello Everyone,

     I have sat investigations, fielded many calls, and attended CBHH/Care Meet and confers.  Please reach out to any officer about the recent schedule for forensics so that we may answer any of your questions. 

Executive Board: Jamie Schwartz-

Executive Board: Mike Hohenstein-

Executive Board:  Steaed Doehring-

Annie Jakacki-

Motion to adjourn by Matt, 2nd by Eric. Motion Passes

Meeting Adjourned at 5:24pm