General Membership 08/17/23

General Membership Meeting-AFSCME 404

August 17, 2023



Erin Wiederich, Ryan Cates, Eric Hesse, Matt Stenger, Kyle Heinze, Antonino Guerrero, Jessica Butler, Ben Zarn, Steaed Doehring,

My apologies for anyone that I missed via zoom.

1.Secretary Report:

Motion to approve meeting minutes by Erin Wiederich. 2nd by Ben Zarn.  Motion passes.

2. Treasurer-Antonino Guerrero:






SAVINGS: $256360.59

SUBMITTED BY: Antonino Guerrero

Motion to accept subject to audit by Matt Stenger.  2nd by Steaed Doehring. Discussion on the interest rate on the savings account was had and the rate was 3.46% APR.  Motion passes.

3. Correspondence: 

4. Old Business:

1.Scheduling changes went into effect on August 16, 2023 for forensics. 6:30-2:30pm, 1:30-9:30pm, 9p-7a. Please do not contact scheduling after you’ve put in a mutual to see if they’ve approved it; they are down to two people in the scheduling office at this time and don’t have a lot of time to be taking extra phone calls. Discussion on Shift In Progress was had today but it will be implemented after Teddy Wondra gets the official process figured out and then an announcement will be put out for everyone to understand the process.  Different scheduling options for Grove A for HSSS are being discussed.  Member asked about some straight shift options and union leadership will bring that up in meet and confer next month.  LPNs would like a straight shift option as well and they are willing to discuss with management as they have surveyed LPNs in other work areas as well.

2. September 28, 29,30 for convention in Duluth, MN.  We didn’t get enough delegates that we need to vote on who’s going but there was some interest.

5. New Business:

1. Contract was ratified- 66% voted to approve the contract. Mental health clinic won’t have copay if you fall under the appropriate tier, and it covers dependents that are covered under your regular health insurance.  The implementation of the contract hasn’t happened yet, and we don’t know a date but will let people know when we do. Member is asking if there’s a way to see the breakdowns of how all the locals voted.  There really isn’t a way to see the breakdowns as they were public voting sites with no names on the ballots so there’s no way to know who voted for what after the ballot is cast.  Should be able to get number of how many of the local members voted though and will communicate that when the union finds out.  

2. GRW’s back from BRW-Human Resources needs what the delivery drivers are doing that is different from the scope of what they have been doing in their job description. Union leadership suggested keeping a journal of what you’re doing daily. Will look at the position descriptions for each job class. 

3. LPN lead and LPN 2 position-Management will be looking into LPN lead or LPN 2 position and are willing to discuss. Member has the documentation needed for this and will forward it on to union leadership.


6. Items from the membership:

1. Motion to pay per diem for officer attending meet and confers on day off made by Matt Stenger. Seconded by Ben Zarn. Motion passes.

2. Motion to pay up $450 on survey monkey made by Matt Stenger. Seconded by Ben Zarn. Motion passes.

3. Member asked about getting a general membership agenda before the general membership meeting so that they can brainstorm if there’s anything else they’d like to discuss.  Union leadership said that they can try to get that out so members can talk about it.


7. Good and Welfare:  Congratulations to Tony Goodwin and John Wright on retiring!! 

8. Officer Reports: Please get these into Union Secretary as the membership wants to know what you’re doing.

President: Ryan Cates-

VP: Matt Stenger-

VP: Eric Hesse-

Executive Board: Chief Steward Rick Pitts-

Executive Board: Chief Steward - Eric Manriquez-  

Executive Board: Chief Steward Nick Weerts- We’ve had some full months this Summer at MSOP! I continue to attend monthly Labor Management meetings, as well as facilitate our New Member Orientation for new employees and the Seniority Lot Draws. This month saw over 20 new employees begin across Forensics & MSOP, so please be sure to welcome them to your works areas as they begin filtering in from NEO.


I have sat a number of investigations, with uncertain outcomes at this time. As well as filed a few grievances. Grievances regarding missed OT opportunities resulted in wins for the employees.


While I continue to try and visit MSOP work areas and check-in with staff monthly, I’m always available by phone/email as well.


Thanks to everyone who participated in this months contract vote! It’s important to make our voices heard, even when we may disagree with results, that is how democracy works!


Communication continues to be key to our success & strength, so Members are encouraged to reach out with concerns/observations. Please see for all meeting minutes. I would encourage all members to reach out for accurate answers & information when they are concerned about something.


Onward & Forward!

Nick Weerts

MSOP Chief Steward



Executive Board: Chief Steward Marvin Sullivan-

Executive Board: Chief Steward Cory Moon

 “Noc’s Chief Steward”- Fielded questions/concerns regarding grove-A. Presented 4 grievances at step 3, Filed 3 others that are currently active and also just won a grievance for one of our fellow Noc staff. Sent cards out for goodness and welfare. Congratulations to Tony Goodwin and John wright in their retirements. After a long process with the help of other union members we have our 4/10’s for overnights back. If anyone tries to email me and does not get a response please let me know and I apologize for that.   

Cory Moon

Security Counselor Lead “Noc’s”

Afscme Local 404

Noc’s Chief Steward


Executive Board: Chief Steward James Kibler

Executive Board: Chief Steward Steve Wilking

 Greetings AFSCME members. 

As an elected official it is my duty to represent YOU the member the best I can.  We were elected to lead, you the union, and I believe we must continue to grow as leaders.  I believe we have failed to grow.   We may not agree and that’s ok.  Therefore, my leadership was ineffective.  

It is with great honor that I have represented you for as long as I have.  Thank you! However, I believe the time is now…… Effective Immediately I am announcing my resignation as an Officer of the Union.  I wish the best of luck to the future LEADERS of AFSCME. 

In Solidarity, Steve Wilking     


Executive Board: Jamie Schwartz

Executive Board: Mike Hohenstein-

Executive Board: Steaed Doehring-

July Report

I presented at new member orientation, attended the MSOP labor management meeting, E-Board, and general membership meetings, went to the delegate assembly, submitted inequity proposal documents for the OAS and Account Clerk classifications, and researched how the updates to statute affect state employees.

August Report

I attended the MSOP labor management and general membership meetings, sat an investigation and a Loudermill hearing, reached out to DHS HR regarding denied Step 3 contract violation grievances, and am updating the new member orientation PowerPoint and booklet.


Executive Board:

Annie Jakacki-

Motion to adjourn by Matt. 2nd by Ben. Motion Passes

Meeting Adjourned at 10:54pm