FMHP Meet and Confer 4.20.23


AFSCME Labor Management

April 20, 2023

Facilitator / Chair

Sarah Aili


AFSCME  404 & Management

Roxanne Portner, Becky Robinson, Brian Wills, Marvin Sullivan, Rick Pitts, Scott Melby, Eric Manriquez, Matt Stenger, Ryan Cates, Erin Wiederich, James Kibler, Michelle Chalin, Sarah Aili, Allison Kuhlman, Cory Moon





Meeting Called to Order

Approval of Minutes



Reflection / Celebration

Management mentioned that the years of service celebration is next week and staff appreciation next month which are both things to celebrate as we are now able to do them in person.  The celebrating of having to not wear masks was also brought up.  Tub/shower remodel at FNH is a celebration because it's been a project that has been discussed for a long time.


Standing Agenda Items:

  1. Short Staffing


  1. Short Staffing- Management brought up their recruitment efforts calendar of events starting April 22 in Mankato.
  2. April 26 High school event-St Paul


  1. April 27- DHS wide event in St Paul


  1. May 3- Veterans recruitment event


  1. August at the Nicollet County Fair-is on the radar for recruitment event


  1. There has recently been an increase in the number of applicants to our facility-Word Of Mouth is working for our facility and would like to remind people the referral bonus.


  1. Forensic Nursing Home is doing more CNA recruitment to our facility since offer the training on site.


Old Business




  1. Ironwood Closure
  2. 12-hour shifts



  1. Update on generic login for when patients need to use the computer without staff supervision
  2. 12-hour shifts- Questions - Any consideration of SCL positions
  3. Transport team scheduling
  4. Vending Machines for staff
  5. Any consideration for split shifts of overtime




  1. Ironwood Closure- ironwood closed and a couple people stayed in the utility pool. It seems that it has helped some of the staffing issues.  Labor asked about if ironwood would reopen would people have to re-bid to the openings.  Management said the postings would be new bids as they can’t foresee how long the unit will be closed or if it would even reopen with the same clientele so may not appeal to the team that worked there anyway.
  2. 12-hour shifts- Management said that there was a good turn out and feel like all of them will be filled. Scheduling and HR will contact those bid award winners. Management also confirmed that they have proposed a budget for 12-hour shift leads for next year -one for each grove.  Management will look at area impacts for the 12-hour bids then figure out what the next steps are going to be.  Four 10-hour shifts are still being considered for the NOC shift.


  1. Update on generic login-Management feels like their pilot program (for grove D) of using devices instead of logins went well enough that they can roll it out of all units. The next step will be to get the training/instructions to all units.  Once the roll out happens then management plans to take inventory of what our needs are with equipment and purchase it.  One member of the management team is continuing to research the generic login working with MNIT in St. Paul
  2. See above in management #2.
  3. Transport Team scheduling-Labor brought up the concern of transport team wanting their schedules back to what they were.  Seems like the appropriate time since Ironwood staff are now in the mix.  Labor brought up that overtime is getting offered to cover the appointments that occur over shift change. Management replied that they will keep looking at the needs and evaluate when the tipping point is to switch it back. Labor brought up the concern that there are members of the transport team actively looking for new jobs as the hours don’t work out for their personal lives.
  4. Vending machines for staff-Management was under the impression that the electricity and space in Itasca was what needed to be investigated.  Various options on what might be provided for food options to staff.  Labor said they would appreciate a beverage machine at minimum for what is provided.
  5. Split shifts on overtime-Labor told management that the AODs have ideas on how splitting of overtime shifts could play out.  Labor also brought up that splitting shifts could help cut back inversing and burn out. 



New Business




  1. FMLA not working inverses- Is it counted as their inverse?
  2. LPN OT sign up
  3. Who determines what day building wide cleaning day is and why was it on March 8th?
  4. Why do we not have more caged vans?
  5. Where did the money go that was set aside for NOC’s why wasn’t it used before being taken away.
  6. A member wants to know why all the questions from the forum have not been answered.
  7. Utility Pool/Grove float pool
  8. Aspen Lead/weekend
  9. GRW Meeting/Connect 700




  1. When staff aren’t working their inverse due to an FMLA reason that should be counted as their inverse. Please let know if it’s not getting counted as an inverse so they can get it corrected in the moment.
  2. LPN sign up- Labor brought up that LPNs only have one signup sheet for overtime per contract. Scheduling supervisor thinks it’s fixed it in Atlas so please reach out if you think otherwise.
  3. Cleaning day-Labor asked how the cleaning day is selected. Management said that the date is selected by the leadership team and Wednesdays usually have enough staff as it is not a highly used vacation day. Management emphasized that they only picked it on operational level not intentionally on international women’s day.
  4. Caged vans-Labor brought up that there have been several times where we’ve ran out of caged vans, so transports had to be cancelled. Management said that the facility is getting another one soon and getting the other fixed.  Management is also looking at other options for making it safe for travel with highly volatile patients.
  5. Money set aside for NOC’s achievement awards-Management said that all achievement awards were suspended at the same time. It is one collective pot of money for achievement awards, there not specific pots for each work group.
  6. Forum-The question that was posed but not answered was: how much is the state paying for the baldridge leadership training? Management said that the baldridge leadership training only charges a fee to do the assessment of the facility otherwise it’s just a framework for how to do the work.  It is a DCT strategic plan goal for each division under their leadership.  Management reassured labor that no staffing positions were cut to pay for this.
  7. Utility Pool- Lots of concerns with the grove float designation.  Grove language is not part of the contract even though it was proposed and highly encouraged in negotiations.  Staff are frustrated by the proposed process of having grove floats because of the worry that it will ruin relationships that utility pool staff have established with the units.  Labor bought up that they feel that supervisors may not all have the same information regarding grove float language.  Management said they wanted to provide more structure around the “building extra” staff so that people that don’t normally work in the position know what the expectations are but also said that grove floats shouldn’t be assigned yet. Management also said that this is an effort to mitigate some of the problems of knowing the whole campus of patients.  Labor feels like conversations need to happen from the bottom to the top before rolling out a plan and they feel like there weren’t any ground level conversations.
  8. Aspen lead-Labor brought up that there were no lead days off added to Aspen’s compliment even though they received an extra lead.  Management will investigate whether other units that received former Ironwood staff were allotted extra days off.
  9. Van driver meeting-Labor brought up a concern to management about employee misconduct.  Management will investigate the situation.









What Items/Points need communication:





To Whom (groups/level):

How (method): 

Who will initiate/responsible?