FMHP Meet and Confer 12.15.22



AFSCME Labor Management

December 15, 2022

Facilitator / Chair

Patrick Patterson


AFSCME 404 & Management

Brian Wells, Michelle Chalin, Matt Stenger, Marvin Sullivan, Rick Pitts, Erin Wiederich, Steve Wilking, James Kibler, Eric Manriquez, Becky Robinson, Cory Moon, Scott Melby, Annie Jakacki, Sarah Alli




Meeting Called to Order

Approval of Minutes



Reflection / Celebration

Reflection/ Celebration: November was a good month regarding OSHA recordable injuries from aggressive patient behaviors, there were zero. 


Standing Agenda Items

  1. OSHA Information
  2. Overtime Information
  3. Budgeted Position Review


Standing Agenda Items

  1. OSHA Information
  2. Overtime Information
  3. Budgeted Position Review


Old Business Management:

  • No previous topics



  1. Proposed schedule - details on the staffing on individual units


  1. Lack of vacation- data request for compensatory time earned


  1. Hospital vs Residential OT


  1. COVID Exposure – Forced not to work and unpaid


Old Business


Management: No topics



  1. Proposed schedule- Management is still working on this and the MOU (dealing with number of hours worked) is at MMB and waiting to get that approval.  Miscommunication with management about AFSCME holding up the process. AFSCME is not holding up the process. 
  2. Lack of vacation- Labor inquired about the 5 extra slots of vacation because of comp time earned by labor.  Management has reservations to adding vacation slots as it would increase the amount of incurred overtime.  Don’t want to add more slots but also increases the likelihood of mandated overtime. Labor reminded management that it helps with retention as people who have the vacation time need to be able to use it. It boils down to a balancing act of the numbers and granting vacation.
  3. Hospital vs. residential overtime -Labor asked if there were any updates in Atlas sign-up sheet for hospital vs. residential overtime. Management and labor agreed to move the subject to the workgroup discussion with Jodi Culver-scheduling dept.  Management wants to make sure following contracts with all job classes that are doing the overtime.
  4. COVID exposure- Labor asked about whether we are still offering the MSL timebook code? Human resources said yes, the timebook code is still being used, but it is a 56-hour allotment.  Human resources said if exhausted sick leave can they use vacation or comp time for positive instances.  High exposures are treating the vaccinated and unvaccinated the same, if you refuse to test then still must go home for 10 days, can still use your vacation and comp.  Labor asked about where are we at back pay on those people that were forced out? Employees were verified that were forced out by HR and they were legit to be off work.



New Business



  1. SCL/SC days off
  2. Unfilled Shift Bonus



  1. Amount of vacation being rescinded inside of posting


  1. What classifications are allowed to do SC OT


  1. Staff Treatment at Rivers Edge – many unhappy and want to be able to get treatment elsewhere when injured at work


  1. Camera Monitors at desks in Forest View


  1. Unfilled Shift bonus


  1. SC/SCL days off


  1. SCL pay


  1. LPN’s getting forced to be HSSS


  1. Curtains inside the windows at prairie view


  1. Art tools in grove A


New Business


  1. SCL/SC days off-Management is not going to pursue any schedule changes for security counselor and security counselor leads right now.  [RRJ(1] 
  2. Unfilled Shift Bonus- Kudos to the communications sent out about the bonuses to commissioner Harpestad and Marshall Smith.  They were very diplomatic, respectful and understanding given the difficult decision.


  1. Amount of vacation being rescinded inside of posting. - Labor was just wondering how much rescinding vacation inside the posting is happening and requested the last 2 months of data, rescinding of vacation within the 28 days.  Labor is getting multiple reports that it’s still happening.  Labor wants vacation to be able to get granted as much as possible. Management will work with Scheduling to pull a report. 
  2. What classifications are allowed to do Security Counselor overtime?

OASI staff with 4-hour refresher TSS are allowed to do security counselor overtime, at the point of inverse.  Contact supervisor and get the training if you’re interested in doing the security counselor overtime. Management will refresh postings related to how other residential staff can sign up for OT. 

  1. Staff Treatment at Rivers Edge- You can seek medical attention where-ever you want but management hopes that you go where you can receive immediate attention if needed.  AOD’s have been advised of this as well.
  2. Camera Monitors at desks in the views (Forest and Prairie)- Labor has brought up the camera monitor concern since Sept. Management wanted to clarify that staff want the cameras in the laundry room, sensory room, and courtyards. Permanent camera placement has been ordered on the doors of those areas.  Cameras and monitors have been ordered we’re just waiting on them to arrive.  Management can get the list of cameras of where they are approved to labor. Not sure when they will be here.
  3. Unfilled Shift bonus- Management and labor agreed that we’re all afraid of what it will do the mandated overtime.  Labor is hoping that we can get together with management to fight to get the bonuses back.  Weekend shift bonuses are staying in effect.  Labor is wondering if there could be a system of how the overtime is assigned so that more people do preassigned.  The balance is tough from everyone’s perspective. Retention is going to be tough without the bonus around.  Labor talked about the old schedule coming back as a retention and potential recruitment tool.   
  4. SC/SCL days off-Labor is staying neutral but the stats from informal survey out of 127 total people who responded 19 said yes to changing days off, 99 said no to changing days off, and 9 people said maybe to changing days off. [RRJ(2] 
  5. SCL pay- The overpayment of those Security Counselor Leads that got their pay increase too high could just to wait until they’re due for a step increase and not get it so they wouldn’t have to pay it back in a lump sum. This happened to 6-8 leads (between both programs) happen to; HR can reach out Eric Hesse, Matt Stenger, and Ryan Cates to talk about more details.
  6. LPN being moved into HSSS role -NOC in Grove A say there’s a double standard with day/eve.  LPN on NOC gets moved into HSSS where the HSSS don’t get inversed to cover the LPN spot on days.  Management wants to make sure we factor in the RN.  Forty-five LPN’s have been forced to be HSSS’s since March of this year.  AOD’s don’t make the final call it’s more the program leaders.  Communication chains need to be completed between the charge RN, the program leaders, and the AOD’s so that everyone knows what’s going on. 
  7. Curtains on the inside of windows in PV- Multiple options were discussed like taking the curtains down at the beginning of the evening but the patients don’t want it to change.  Management said that North campus had side windows added because of concerns about sleep disturbance issue then it helped with wellness checks as well. Prairie View-still has concerns with patients not being able to have privacy.  Another option is to have curtains on both sides of the window, then they can take the curtain on inside down at NOC.  Fine line for safety and security vs. patient privacy.  Patient right supersede a staff’s security is a concern for labor.  Management is trying to find a compromise. Nonsecure units feeling the “old MSH” push. It is not always appropriate to provide universal practices throughout the program, particularly when we need to provide patients environmental and programmatic opportunities to assess readiness for transitioning back to the community. 
  8. Art tools in Grove A- Labor brought a picture of the art tools in grove A that they would like to be considered controlled items. Management will follow up with that.







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