FMHP Meet and Confer 11.17.22


AFSCME Labor Management

November 17, 2022

Facilitator / Chair

Alison Kuhlman


AFSCME  404 & Management

Sarah Alli, Annie Jackaki, Michelle Chalin, Scott Melby, Roxanne Portner, James Kibler, Marvin Sullivan, Matt Stenger, Ryan Cates, Erin Wiederich, Eric Manriquez, Becky Robinson




Meeting Called to Order

Approval of Minutes



Reflection / Celebration

Licensing went well as to be expected and apologized for not having many citations for the facility. Everyone did well with the questions from licensing and management appreciates all the hard work that labor put in to help things go smoothly. 


A mobile app for ATLAS is being piloted by a few staff and it’s hoped to have that available program-wide in the future! 



Standing Agenda Items

  1. OSHA Information
  2. Overtime Information 
  3. Budgeted Position Review

Standing Agenda Items

  1. OSHA Information was provided to the union
  2. Overtime information was provided to the union
  3. Budgeted Position Review information was also provided to the union.


Old Business






  1. Proposed schedule - details on the staffing on individual units
  2. Lack of vacation- data request for compensatory time earned
  3. Achievement awards not being approved
  4. Radios – outage plan
  5. Minimums being cut- staffing minimums not increased when units come off isolation- short staffing Spruce
  6. OT Placement- Consistent process
  7. Hospital vs Residential OT
  8. Cameras in prairie view/forest view plus monitors
  9. LPN in grove A calling in last 4 weeks
  10. Pat downs forest view
  11. Curtains on inside of patient rooms
  12. Staffing of north campus



  1. Proposed schedule- Scheduling has made up a proposed schedule in detail for grove D including how many 12-hour shifts will be offered. Management said if there’s not a lot of interest in the posted 12-hour spots and they would like to keep with the same rotation as much as possible, so they are looking at 3 early 3 late and one 12. Management is talking about the proposed schedule with supervisors in grove D to get their feedback.  10 hour shifts for NOCS is still being pursued with the proposal.  Management doesn’t want to force people into 12-hour shifts. The update to MOU regarding working 26 in 48 applies to anyone working a shift more than 9 hours.  The work area MOU for transport team will be discussed more and brought up in next meet and confer.
  2. Lack of vacation- Labor was able to do number crunching after receiving the comp time hours earned for members and it turned out that 5 vacation slots short for what members can earn between vacation and comp time hours. Management will talk about it in the staffing meeting.
  3. Achievement awards- Labor is requesting a more consistent supervisor and/or more objective process. Management brought the concern about the process to the executive leadership team, but they didn’t have lot of time to talk about it.  Management talked to supervisors and circumstances; they discussed that there is nothing substantial or tangible to be identified, so it makes it hard to push forward. Union brought up that it can create animosity between members and that’s why they don’t support the achievement awards. Management brought up that the lack of transparency has been a problem and are willing to work at it.  With the routing system there are difficulties for the program to track and identify who is submitted at each step, and where they are routed to. 
  4. Radios- Management has developed a work group, out of the FS Safety Committee, to address an emergency radio outage plan.  They are working towards having an issue like that never happen again. 
  5. Minimums- Labor brought up that units are not returning to their unit minimums after isolation has ended. Management will investigate it.  An example of Spruce running short staffed was provided, and management will investigate that as well.
  6. OT placement-Labor would like a consistent process so all AOD’s do the same thing when placing people on the units for overtime.  Management said they are trying to give the overtime to regular unit staff.  If the unit doesn’t have a need, then try to keep it in the grove, then after that they try to just fill in the spots the best they can. Labor brought up the hesitations in placement can cause people not to sign up or rescind.  Management wants to be giving overtime so that staff will get safe and successful.  Management said these are still unprecedented times, so it’s hard to be consistent. Labor brought up the concern of inversing in a timely manner, last minute notice isn’t easy for members to address their needs if they can’t go home.  Management would like it if members can give as much as notice as possible for sick calls to help alleviate some of the last-minute inversing stresses.
  7. Hospital vs. Residential overtime- Labor brought up having a separate list for people to sign up for their preference if they would like hospital coverage.  It was brought up in the Interest based problem solving work group and Jodi was going to investigate it, to see if it’s possible to add something to the Atlas program.  
  8. Cameras in Forest/Prairie Views-Management has a meeting to discuss the cameras/monitors on forest/prairie view coming up next week.  They may have temporary cameras/monitors until they can get permanent ones. 
  9. Pat downs in forest view- The policy for pat downs is up for review and management is wondering if staff are letting their concerns about the pat downs be known. Management brought up that they are trying to bridge the phases from pat searched all the time to not having to be pat searched at all.  There has been some consideration of a randomized pat searches.  Labor brought up that they would like there to be a standardizing of the randomizing of the search so that it doesn’t bring up targeting concerns from the patients.  Management is trying to find the right balance of pat searching the patients.  Let the team know that is reviewing the policy if you would like to have input.
  10. Curtains on the inside of the rooms in grove A- Patients are supposed to take curtains down at NOC so will follow up as the FV should’ve moved the curtains from the inside to the outside of the room.  In PV, patients will be asked to take their curtains down when they go to sleep. 
  11. Staffing at north campus- Labor would like it if it’s consistent that staffing is 4 staff on north campus especially on the NOC shift. Management is following up on this and will work with supervisors to discuss staffing compliment with staff. 



New Business



  1. FSS Lead days off
  2. FSS/L Proposed Schedule/Status of MOU


  1. Masking Policy
  2. LPN’s being moved into HSSS position. When is it justified?
  3. Chairs
  4. Staff inversed to overnights who work a 12-8pm the next day- Now not allowed to use vacation until 2- What changed?
  5. Eye wash stations on all units– access for all staff (other than nursing)
  6. Vacation Approval - supervisor or scheduling?
  7. Coffee pots- Why Keurig are the only option allowed- Monetary, hygiene and environmental costs.
  8. Weather call in procedure (Call in due to weather)
  9. Video Visits – roll out hospital wide?  Staff are logging into their PW#’s still
  10. Vending machines
  11. Doors on patients’ room in hickory/fraser



New Business



  1.  FSS Lead days off- There was discussion about leads getting weekends as their days off and it’s going to cause a mixed bag of reactions so labor would like to stay neutral.  Management is going to continue gathering information.
  2. FSS/L proposed schedule/Status of MOU- was discussed in the old business




  1.  Masking policy- Management is going with the numbers of cases of COVID need to be below 100 per 100,000. Labor would like a uniform guideline to define patient care area. MSOP has 6’ guideline they are using when staff need to wear masks around clients.  Management is planning to investigate the possibilities for masking when the numbers get low enough.  They are trying to strike a balance on what makes sense for the staff and can also withstand the scrutiny from an outside entity.
  2. LPN’s being moved into HSSS position.  During day/eve they don’t make LPN be HSSS but on NOC they do.  There is also a schedule that has an LPN scheduled as a HSSS. Management will investigate the issue.
  3. Chairs-Tamarack chairs are not good, and management did some follow up and found out that several work orders were not active.  New work orders were placed. Management would like it if each unit would track the work orders in a centralized location like possibly in the notes at the bottoms of the controlled equipment inventory or Shift Report, so staff can look back to verify a work order was submitted. The chairs are getting parts replaced by people on campus otherwise warranty requires them to be sent out.  It is noted that some equipment damage is being caused by picking at arm rests, and it is requested that we all work to take care of what we have as best possible.
  4. Staff inversed to NOC who work 12-8pm next time-Staff have used 2 hours of vacation for the beginning of the shift or have asked to switch their shift to a 2-10pm when getting inversed to the NOC shift.  Labor asked if something has changed because staff have been getting denied those possibilities. Management doesn’t know of any change so will check in with AODs.
  5. Eye wash stations- access for all staff-Management did some follow up on looking for the eye wash stations on the units that labor brought up were a concern.  Birch has an eye was station in their treatment room.  They also found out that most of the chemicals on the units don’t have the potential to need the eye wash stations but they will investigate possibly having the med rooms open for all staff to have access as the medications are locked up anyway.
  6. Vacation approval- Labor asked who has the final say on approving vacation whether it is the supervisor or scheduling.  Management said supervisor has the final say but have supervisors that are new in physical plant so there’s a scheduling department that know that contract better.  There may be times when scheduling makes the call because the supervisor may not realize all the factors. 
  7. Coffee pots- Labor brought up several concerns of having only a Keurig option. Management identified the need for safe option and budgetary.  They were not aware of the hygiene issue and would like to know more if physical plant could maybe help with cleaning them.  Management plans to stick with the Keurig option for now as they feel they surveyed the staff when they were coming up with a plan. 
  8. Weather call in procedure- Labor wanted to get ahead of the weather-related concerns when calling in.  The procedure for calling due to weather is call the sick line and the member can use comp/vacation time to cover the hours not able to be here. Be ready MN is also available if an emergency weather condition occurs. Do NOT have to call in every 2 hours but can if you want to call in and still come to work whenever you can. 
  9. Vidyo visits- Staff continue to have to login with their pw#’s to use Vidyo.  Management is continuing to work on the situation.
  10. Doors on hickory/fraser- Management is investigating the safest way to remedy the door situation on hickory and fraser, so that the doors close fast enough but not too fast.  Ligature risks must also be factored into possible solutions.    
  11. Vending machines- Labor requested a sandwich vending machine and a pop machine for a staff breakroom (Itasca possibly). Management will look to see if theirs enough electricity and if vendor will be able to. 









What Items/Points need communication:





To Whom (groups/level):

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