FMHP Meet and Confer 09.15.22


AFSCME Labor Management

September 15, 2022

Facilitator / Chair (IN BOLD)

Roxanne Portner, Becky Robinson, Marvin Sullivan, Ryan Cates, Matt Stenger, Rick Pitts, Annie Jackaki, Michelle Chalin, Emily Samarzia, Brian Wills, Scott Melby, Steve Wilking, Erin Wiederich



AFSCME  404 & Management





Meeting Called to Order

Approval of Minutes



Reflection / Celebration

Thanks for all the staff that continue to come to work. FNH getting good applicants.


Standing Agenda Items

  1. OSHA Information
  2. Overtime Information 
  3. Budgeted Position Review/Staff Shortage
  4. Achievement Award Data
  5. Covid Updates/Concerns

1.OSHA Information was provided to the union

2. Overtime information was provided to the union

3.  Budgeted Position review/ staff shortage information was provided to the union

4. Achievement award data-union was provided the data

5. Covid updates/concerns- Labor asked about the masks going away. Management responded with they are waiting on the next CDC guidelines. Labor then asked what is the process for sending people home that aren’t vaccinated and have been exposed to the virus? The members felt targeted since some are getting sent home and some are not.  Management will discuss with infection control and then bring it back to labor.  They were members sent home for 5 days and that’s the isolation timeframe.  Received notice via email at noon to go home until tested negative.


Old Business





  1. Virtual Platform Meetings
  2. Safety Issues-patients in hallways
  3. Lack of Vacation
  4.  Grove A-Cameras in quiet room and curtains on inside of the patient doors
  5. Emergency Inverse Language
  6. Proposed schedule-more details on staffing individual units

Old Business





  1. Virtual Platform Meetings-The new alternative (instead of employees having to abandon their login on a computer) has been rolled out in grove D and management hopes to work out the kinks for a couple more weeks.  Then get more iPads and rollout the implementation across the program.  Each iPad has their own email that can be used to do an invite through WebEx.  Attorneys tend to continue to use video so management/MNIT will need to troubleshoot that avenue in the future.
  2. Safety issues with patients in the hallways- Management is working on the policy update. They have a good hard copy of what needs to be in the policy for example, a map of the building, a hall pass agreement, and tracking sheets for hall pass usage.  Chairs have been swapped out by tamarack/willow.  Socializing of patients is encouraged by the canteen area and by linden.
  3. Lack of vacation-Labor put in a data request for comp hours accrued for the last year a couple months back and still haven’t received the data.  HR will check into this request and get back to labor.
  4. Grove A cameras in the quiet room and curtains on the inside of the doors-Management is still waiting to hear back from the vendor on the cameras.
  5. Emergency inverse language- Labor brought up if they are not calling MAPE/AFSCME (not FSS); how is can it be an emergency?  Scheduling was able to add a tab in atlas to show who has signed up as far as non-FSS and hoping this helps with people who are looking for people to take their inverse.   There are some complications with that new process in atlas, but it seems fixable as Jodi in scheduling finds out from people who are affected by the problem.
  6. Proposed schedule-Labor requested more details on the proposed schedule as far as how each individual unit is broke down for staffing.  Labor brought up the problem of no overlap from late to NOC and having only two staff scheduled from 7-8am which leaves the unit short for duties.  Management is willing to stagger the 12 hour shifts to try to get some overlap and will provide what a schedule will look like for one pay period for one unit. Management will also provide the breakdown of numbers per unit for this scheduling proposal.


New Business



  1. Utility Pool Postings
  2. 6/2 rotation
  3. Part time positions




  1. Staying late to do paperwork not counted on inverse
  2. Grove A staff being asked to stay late outside of seniority
  3. Grievance process
  4. Communication regarding relief of inverses
  5. OSI not giving information
  6. Shutting down units
  7. Meetings FNH/MNA


  1. Utility Pool Postings- Management is wanting to add some more utility pool postings.
  2. 6/2 Rotation- Management is proposing a 6/2 rotation for new utility postings. Labor brought up that trust is going to disappear because the scheduling survey doesn’t support members wanting a 6/2 rotation.  Management assured labor that this scheduling pattern would only affect new postings- no changes with existing positions. Management said that they heard from members of the union that they didn’t feel safe answering the questions on the scheduling survey.  Management is looking for way to keep employees that we have while also trying to give options for newly hired people as well. Management is saying that it will only be trying this scheduling pattern on possibly six positions on utility pool. It was discussed that it seems that the younger generation doesn’t really care about wages as much as having home life. Management did agree with labor that wages need to be more competitive with the job market of today.  Labor brought up concerns about bidding when vacancies arise. How many will be 5/2 vs. 6/2? 
  3. Part time positions- There was a mistake with the offering the 12-hour (.5) positions as they weren’t offered to external applicants. The postings will be getting reposted to external applicants.  NOCs has expressed interest to management for some part time positions (8-hour positions). So, management and labor have agreed on offering 2 part time NOC positions with the caveat that if NOCs should go back to ten hour shifts that those bids will get the same chances to bid.   


  1. Staying late to do paperwork not counted on inverse- Management is willing to work on cleaning up the process of making sure things get accounted for regarding inversing but would like labor to do their part in notifying the AOD of needing to stay late and why.
  2. Grove A- staying late outside of seniority

HSSS’s are getting asked to stay until staff shows up and then are getting inversed out of order due to, they’re answering the phone when everyone else has already left.  – Cory and Brian will connect on this to clarify

  1. Grievance process- Labor requested a meeting to talk about the lag time and timeliness of presentation of step 3 grievances.  HR will contact the union president to set up a meeting. 
  2. Communication about inverses-People are trying to make their own lists of people willing to do overtime to help those being inversed. Labor doesn’t see a problem with this, and management agrees that if this process happens, they are willing to let it to keep labor people happy.   
  3. OSI- Labor were not feeling supported by management in a recent discipline of a patient because they didn’t have all the information.  Labor is willing to witness the interaction of the conversation that must take place for the discipline or be given a script on what to say so they don’t fill left out of the equation without compromising the situation. 
  4. Shutting down the units if staffing continues to be a problem- Management said this is one of the topics that has come up because of the current situation but are trying not to raise peoples’ anxiety about what that may look like.  Currently management says it doesn’t seem like much of a possibility due to the need for the facility by the people we serve. 
  5. Meeting FNH- RN/LPN inversing meeting situation was a problem a couple months back when Labor requested the meeting.  Management thinks the situation has been resolved but will follow up as will the union with the FNH members.











What Items/Points need communication:





To Whom (groups/level):

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Who will initiate/responsible?