FMHP Meet and Confer 07.20.23


AFSCME Labor Management

July 20, 2023

Facilitator / Chair

Jonelle Gressmen


AFSCME  404 & Management

Eric Manriquez, Ryan Cates, Matt Stenger, Brian Wills, Marvin Sullivan, Cory Moon, Becky Robinson, Erin Wiederich, Annie Jakacki, Michelle Chalin, Roxanne Portner





Meeting Called to Order

Approval of Minutes



Reflection / Celebration

  1. Labor expressed gratitude to management for 10-hour shifts for NOCs.
  2. Management said they encountered people in good spirits on the weekend rounds.
  3. June was one of our lowest months for restraints and seclusions. Management expressed gratitude to the staff for doing great work with patients.
  4. Good licensing outcomes for the last few months. Awesome job with cares for the challenging patient in Grove D.
  5. Management in FNH expressed hopefulness with 7 new employees that started and possibly 5 more in the next month.


Standing Agenda Items:

  1. Short Staffing


Short staffing can be removed from the agenda as it gets addressed in Dr. Hirachan’s weekly updates.  Labor is welcome to join the recruitment efforts at Nicollet County fair.


Old Business






  1. Split OT shifts for SC’s.
  2. Update on generic login for when patients need to use the computer without staff supervision.
  3. 12-hour shifts-Questions
  4. SC’s working HSSS OT and HSSS’s working in SC OT
  5. AFSCME being able to pick up AFSCME overtime before other bargaining units.


Old Business



  1. OT between programs and splitting overtime- Splitting overtime shifts has been tabled until all the new scheduling patterns have been rolled out to see if there will still be a need to split overtime.  Fss/HSS for both programs- each job class working overtime in each program will be talked about it in the work group.
  2. PV doors-Management was able to talk with management on NOC shift and they are working to get the doors in Prairie View locked on the NOC shift.  The doors will be locked both directions at night and in adverse weather. Programming on the computers behind the doors must be completed but management is hoping to do the NOC piece quicker than adverse weather.





  1. Split OT shifts for SC’s- remove until after the shift changes/overlaps are in place to see if splitting is still needed.
  2. Update on generic login-Management is still working on getting the instructions written for using Webex and Vidyo so that they can be attached to the policy, and it can get rolled out altogether.
  3. 12-hour shift questions- Floating from the unit is highly opposed. Management is wanting to see how things go with the PCN’s getting reallocated. We’ve been operating under pass practices of the unit staff staying on the unit so we need a bridge the gap into what the new practice will be. If there are more than enough 12’s then they will float to cover another 12 spot so they don’t get stacked on a certain unit. Management is trying to be equitable with the floating.  Labor suggested dropping float/utility names from the postings and just leave them as designated groves so that people get out of the mindset that the 12’s are floats. Labor also suggested having 12’s have primary units to help with the expectations. Management has received the funding for 4 lead spots 1 for each grove. The lead spots will post in the fall.  The days off for the lead spots will be discussed.  Management also said that it is their intention to use 12 for the whole shift on one unit.  Labor asked how they will know if the 12-hour shifter gets moved. Management will work on that communication with the AODs pool.  Labor brought up what the expectations for 12’s will be.  Management said they would like to discuss that along with the service delivery plan for residential/support staff. The meetings would be to discuss lead vs. direct care staff.
  4. SC’s working HSSS OT and HSSS working in SC OT-Labor talked about doing overtime as a subsequent shift, so it doesn’t leave either program short.
  5. AFSCME being able to pick up AFSCME overtime before other bargaining units- This will be discussed at the work group.


New Business



  1. Step 3 Grievances



  1. HR needs to be faster on getting back to candidates especially in the not so desirable job areas.
  2. BGW Driver position- Needs to be realigned back to GRW.
  3. FNH- Without transport team and with no restraints, how are assaultive patients transported?
  4. Transparency with new staff about potential to be bumped to nights.
  5. LPN Lead or LPN 2 position- Looking for discussions or meetings
  6. HR responses to members/ Union busting.
  7. HR promises to potential staff.


New Business



  1. Step 3-HR requested some advance notice as to which grievances will be presented so they can be prepared with paperwork and the appropriate staff. HR is also willing to add meetings to hear the grievances so that they can maintain timeliness.
  2. FSS shift in progress-Management plans to put out a SharePoint announcement about shift in progress vacation. They are going to see how it goes for 3 months before they rollout shift in progress and then lay out the expectations for shift in progress. They want to determine the right amount of people that can leave.


  1. HR-Labor was informed that there were people that didn’t get notification that they got the kitchen job until after they took another job so requested that HR notify people in a timelier manner.  
  2. BGW Driver position- Labor asked if Building Grounds Worker could be realigned back to General Repair Worker so that they would be more enticing for people to apply and fill the vacancies.
  3. FNH-without transport team-Management said that if a resident needs to be restrained during a transport they would have to consult the appropriate program to figure out how that would be handled. The nursing home staff over there don’t have training have mechanical restraints.
  4. Transparency with new staff- Labor wanted to make sure that management is being transparent with the newly hired staff about the possibility of getting bumped to NOC’s. Management have worked it in to the script with new hires and when supervisors do meet and greet as well.  They are hopeful with the new schedules that it will be less of a problem in the future.
  5. LPN lead or LPN2 discussion meeting-Labor brought up that certain LPN’s do more tasks and would like to have a lead position or and LPN2 position to acknowledge that.  Management said they don’t have LPN2’s classifications anymore so that would have to be a bigger discussion, but Roxanne Portner supports this idea of opportunity.
  6. HR responses to members-leads make more than a current lead HR blaming the contract/HR equity adjustments isn’t mentioned specifically in AFSCME’s contract/ message may have not been received or intended the way it was/new contract has it addressed.
  7. HR promises to potential staff-A staff member was promised by email from Human Resources that when he was brought back, he would retain his seniority. Human Resources did not intend to give misinformation and appreciate the feedback.
  8. Requesting a meeting for staffing ratios-PELRA staffing ratios term of employment took effect 7/1/23. HR and MMB is looking into the new statute. Labor is requesting to have discussion and be informed when HR has more information.  Labor would also like to know what current staffing ratios are across the programs.
  9. Nursing getting access taken away for staffing rosters-Atlas accesses have been changed and labor is requesting that the old accesses come back.  Jodi is working on it and an Atlas update will more than likely fix the issues.
  10. Hospital coverage- This probably should have been addressed as old business, but labor wanted to ensure hospital inverses are getting relieved on time.  Management hasn’t heard anymore issues and neither has labor.








What Items/Points need communication:





To Whom (groups/level):

How (method): 

Who will initiate/responsible?