FMHP Meet and Confer 06.15.23


AFSCME Labor Management

June 15, 2023

Facilitator / Chair

Ali Kuhlman


AFSCME  404 & Management

Eric Manriquez, Matt Stenger, Ryan Cates, Cory Moon, Rick Pitts, Marvin Sullivan, Erin Wiederich, Roxanne Portner, Annie Jakacki, Michelle Chalin, Becky Robinson




Meeting Called to Order

Approval of Minutes


Reflection / Celebration

Parking lot is done!  Parking has been greatly improved. 

Standing Agenda Items:

  1. Short Staffing


Standing Agenda Items:

Vacancy rates for AFSCME total positions and SC/SCL positions will be provided to union leadership by HR.

2 FSS started June NEO

Old Business



  1. FNH: CNA in training program
  2. FMHP: 12-hour shift rollouts



  1. Update on generic login for when patients need to use the computer without staff supervisor
  2. 12-hour shifts- questions
  3. Floating Holiday issues
  4. Split OT shifts for SC’s



Old Business



  1. FNH: CNA in training program- 2 initial students passed the training program and 3 more students will be starting in July
  2. FMHP: 12 shift rollouts-Management asked about observations for what has been happening with the 12-hour positions.  Plan to talk about the details in the work group meeting following meet and confer. Labor brought up that many members are upset about floating out of their bid position on a specific unit. Labor also brought up that there need to be expectations of what the 12-hour shifts need to be doing.  Management is waiting for the formal word for lead positions before they can speak to it. The Grove B and A 12-hour shifts will be posted together next Wednesday, June 21.  Labor also requested that bid award letters get sent to employees that were awarded the bids, so they hear first before it gets posted on the i-net for everyone to see. 




  1. Update on generic login-Management is still working on drafting language on the instructions on how it worked in Grove D’s pilot program. 
  2. 12-hour shifts-questions will be addressed at the workgroup meeting following meet and confer.
  3. Floating holiday issues-Labor brought up that new staff are still unable to use their floating holidays.  HR will follow up with scheduling supervisor.
  4. Split OT shifts for SC’s-Management would like to discuss it as a work group if we can do it and how it will be done. 


New Business



  1. FNH: Tub/Shower Remodel (North wing closed)
  2. FNH: Continuing work on 10-hour shifts for HSSS
  3. FMHP: A-team assignments/process
  4. FMHP: FSS/HSSS-splitting of OT shifts



  1. Legislative Operational Budget increases- What are they going to be used for?
  2. SC’s working HSSS OT and HSSS’ working in SC OT
  3. FNH- Mutual to doubles
  4. LPN’s floating by seniority as they have been floating some out of order multiple times in a row
  5. Refusal of mandated overtime
  6. Doors in Grove A not being locked at night- 10pm-6am
  7. Scheduling of Investigations
  8. Hospital staff not getting relieved on time.
  9. HR not responding to emails.



New Business



  1. FNH: Tub/Shower Remodel-They completed the remodel on west wing of the tub/shower so now working on north wing so only operating with a couple of wings of adequate tub/shower areas.
  2. FNH: Management said they are continuing work on 10-hour shifts for HSSS.  Discussion on 12-hour and 10-hour shifts might work in other areas as well for both LPN’s and HSSS is starting to happen.  Management reached out to LPNs on NOC in Grove A to see if there’s interest and didn’t get a clear consensus.  Marvin Sullivan and Eric Manriquez will be representing AFSCME in discussion on what implementations might look like.
  3. FMHP: A-team assignments- Management asked if A-team assignments could be a work group discussion as well and Labor agreed.
  4. FMHP: FSS/HSSS-splitting of OT shifts-The splitting of overtime will be a work group discussion.



  1. Legislative Operational Budget -Labor asked about what that budget will be used for, and management said that it will be used to address wherever we’re standing currently to help cover the deficit we’re in and that it’s not looking to the future or influencing where money will go in the future.
  2. SC’s working HSSS OT and HSSS’ working SC OT- Labor brought up that MAPE, MMA getting the overtime before AFSCME in the HSSS role.  Management said that they wanted to keep them separate because of the amount of overtime there was and that there was plenty in the SC role but are willing to discuss it more within the leadership personnel. Labor also brought to management’s attention that MAPE staff are getting offered overtime before LPNs in the work area.
  3. FNH-mutual to doubles-Labor requested implementing mutualling into doubles be allowed at the nursing home before contract gets ratified because there are multiple members that need this as an option to make their schedules work with their school schedules. Management is willing to look at that.
  4. LPN’s floating by seniority- Labor brought up that LPNs are getting floated in an unequal manner.  Management said that try to float everyone equally but will touch base with AOD supervisor to make sure it’s been done consistently.
  5. Refusal of mandated overtime-Labor brought up that they are hearing stories of refusals of inverses and management said that they talking to staff that are doing it. 
  6. Door in Grove A not being locked --Labor brought concerns of not having the doors locked in Grove A during the overnight shift.  Management is willing to talk about it and see if they can come up with a solution. 
  7. Scheduling of investigations-Labor brought about the concern of scheduling investigations because stewards are getting very little notice about upcoming investigations. Labor also requested to know whom the investigation is on and what the subject of the investigation will be so that the steward can adequately prepare for it. HR will get the message out to the investigators for the future.  Management will message more than one steward in case the steward may not be around.   
  8. Hospital staff not getting relieved on time-Management will follow up with staff sitting hospital coverage getting relieved at the appropriate time.
  9. HR not responding to emails-One of the human resources consultants is out on leave but HR director will work on getting the information out on responding to emails in an appropriate amount of time.   






What Items/Points need communication:





To Whom (groups/level):

How (method): 

Who will initiate/responsible?