FMHP Meet and Confer 05.18.23


AFSCME Labor Management

May 18, 2023

Facilitator / Chair

Patrick Patterson


AFSCME  404 & Management

Becky Robinson, Michelle Chalin, Brian Wills, James Kibler, Ryan Cates, Rick Pitts, Eric Manriquez, Cory Moon, Roxanne Portner, Annie Jakacki, Erin Wiederich





Meeting Called to Order

Approval of Minutes



Reflection / Celebration

  1. Labor brought up that the pizza that was provided, was amazing for day/evening staff for staff appreciation day.  NOC shift said that pasta was good for the NOC shift’s appreciation meal. 


Standing Agenda Items:

  1. Short Staffing


  1.  Short staffing-Management said that recruitment events are in Director’s updates on the homepage and asked if this could be removed from the agenda at this time.  


Old Business





  1. Update on generic login for when patients need to use the computer without staff supervision
  2. 12-hour shifts- Questions
  3. Vending Machines for staff
  4. LPN OT sign up



  1. Update on generic login- Management said that they are updating the policy now and are planning to put out a communication of the plan to entire program once the policy is active.  Management also said that IT has been a bit more helpful in supporting with the Ipad’s and the generic logins so will continue to explore options for programs other than WebEx for the future.  WebEx will be deployed out with the Ipad’s for this initial computer usage without staff supervision program.
  2. 12-hour shift questions- Labor brought up that the 12-hour shift staff aren’t being used in the grove D, that there backfilling issues, for example if you have two on one unit then they run short at the end of the shift.  AOD has questions too.  Management is in discussion on how this will work out.  The grove B & C positions are going to be rolled out and there’s concern about not getting the 4/10’s in place before that happens.  Open to considering the moving up the date to get the 4/10’s.  Labor has concerns of lots of people going to quit with the lost hope of 4/10’s. Management is willing to look at rolling out the 4/10’s sooner than initially planned, though would like to ensure that ATLAS and assignments are functioning properly.  There is also a plan to have one lead per grove utility pool once we get funding.  Grove C will have 14 posted next Wednesday. 11 grove B. 6 grove A.  Further discussion of the questions will be addressed at workgroup meeting.
  3. Vending machine for staff- Management met with Jerry about getting a pop machine in Itasca breakroom for staff usage.


New Business



  1. Nursing Alternative Schedules


  1. Transport Team Elimination- Direct Care staffing reductions
  2. Increased supervisor numbers- micromanaging
  3. Short staffing solution ideas- elimination of AGS and GS’s- Eliminate security services/residential separation
  4. Floating holiday issues
  5. Training for overnights
  6. LPN scheduled as HSSS’s
  7. Supervisors getting pre-assigned OT
  8. Achievement awards-step increases
  9. Repairing A-team randomizer




  1. Nursing schedules- Management said that they are contemplating a nursing utility/ float pool for each work area and invited AFSCME to attend if they would like to talk about it.


  1.  Transport Team elimination- Labor brought up that they feel that this is a reduction in direct care staffing.  Labor also brought up that residential unit staff are not wanting to do transports.  Management doesn’t believe it’s a reduction in staffing because the PCN’s will be used either way.  The fine tuning of the 12 hours and utility pools will help make a more efficient use of the staffing.  Labor brought up that transport team feels like they are being retaliated against because they brought up the safety of having 2 staff on each transport. Labor feels like they aren’t being heard and that the timing isn’t great to announce the team dissolving.
  2. Increased supervisor numbers- FMHP AOD will be assigning staff to cover recreational activities.  Management does believe that some staff need the direction from a supervisor. This is also being coordinated to decrease the potential for conflict between rehab and direct care staff. Grove based evening/ weekend activities need to get staff to help and management has heard there are staff refusing to do so.  Labor requested for the recreational schedules to be more accessible, so staff know when activities are happening. 
  3. Short staffing solution ideas-Labor bought up that the feelings that AGS and GS’s must consult the grove leaders for permission to do something so eliminate them so can get to the answer quicker.   Management doesn’t think this is appropriate. The RNS and GS’s partner up so that they can backup each other when one can’t be there. Management also believes that promotional opportunities help with retention rates. 
  4. Floating holiday issues-Labor brought up that new staff can’t get any times for using their floating holiday. Management said there is a list is going out to supervisors and scheduling so that staff can get to use their floating holiday.
  5. Training for overnights- NOC staff can’t get training because it’s only offered during the day.  Labor brought up that it’s a lot to ask for a NOC staff to do training during daytime hours. Management is looking into training on the NOC shift and trying to put a communication out regarding NOC shift training, and this has been reflected as a needs area on the Equity Assessment that’s been completed for Forensic Services.
  6. LPN scheduled as HSSs- Labor brought up that scheduling isn’t asking the LPNs if they are okay with getting scheduled as an HSSS they’re just getting scheduled.  AOD supervisor is aware and is working on it with the Grove A supervisors to get this resolved.  Labor brought up that the LPN’s aren’t getting offered the overtime as HSSs, but it appears that all other job classes including supervisors are getting offered the overtime for HSSs. Management will investigate it and also follow up with the AODS office.   
  7. Achievement awards- Labor asked if a step level increase is still possible as an achievement award.  Management said that all performance awards have been put on hold.
  8. A team randomizer fixed- Labor asked if the AOD could fix the A-team randomizer as it seems to be stuck on certain names.  Management said that they will see if can be assigned through the Atlas program.









What Items/Points need communication:





To Whom (groups/level):

How (method): 

Who will initiate/responsible?