FMHP Meet and Confer 03.16.23


AFSCME Labor Management

March 16, 2023

Facilitator / Chair

Sarah Alli


AFSCME  404 & Management

Brian Wills, Becky Robinson, Matt Stenger, Rick Pitts, Erin Wiederich, Ryan Cates, James Kibler, Eric Manriquez, Allison Kuhlman, Sarah Alli, Michelle Chalin, Marvin Sullivan, Roxanne Portner



Meeting Called to Order

Approval of Minutes


Reflection / Celebration

  1. Promising that masks will go away soon.  New protocols will take effect so that either the units will be under isolation or not.
  2. Overtime reports have been going down for direct care. Only 22 people on overtime the other day.


Standing Agenda Items


  1. Short Staffing- Management announced some recruitment events hosted by the Career Center in Mankato. In April, there will be a recruitment event at the Mayo Civic Center.
  2. Labor requested the overtime numbers, and they were supplied by human resources.


Old Business



  1.  Update on in-house CNA training program
  2. Meet and Confer Agenda


  1. Vacation approval (inside of posting) for SC’s different that other classifications? Supervisor or scheduling approval?
  2. Update on generic login for when patients need to use the computer with staff supervision
  3. N95 fit testing
  4. Hospital coverage with 1 staff
  5. Patient in hallway during shift change
  6. Transport team Scheduling
  7. 12 hours shift questions
  8. Vending machines for staff





  1. FNH has started the first 2 students in the CNA class today. The exam will be done at South Central, but the training is on site.  FNH will only do 2 applicants at a time. Students are limited in what they can do until they are certified.  The state will look at expansion after the program has been going a while.  Labor asked about possibly a renewal program for people that have had the training. Management said that right now that’s not possible but will investigate more later.
  2. Human resources asked to have the agenda from labor in a timelier manner so they can gather the information that labor is requesting.  Labor explained the process and why it isn’t always possible to follow the human resources timelines. 

Everyone agreed that we can work together to get it to be mutually beneficial.



  1.  Vacation approval- For residential requests, the default falls towards scheduling to approve vacation because they need to adjust for the program needs.  Supervisor should be talking to scheduling before approval.  Labor wanted to make sure that management knows that they can’t take vacation away after it’s been approved. 
  2. Update on generic login-Management has a meeting scheduled for next week to discuss expanding the use of Vidyo and Webex on the ipads. The focus will be to get the platforms updated with the apps so that the ipads will have access to both programs.  Management is hoping to expand the inventory of ipads-one for each unit.  
  3.  N95 fit testing- Labor brought up that staff feel they are being targeted for the fit testing. Optically it may seem that some staff are being targeted but it maybe they have a legitimate reason for not getting fit tested.  Labor is requesting the number of staff that have been fit tested vs. non-fit tested.  80% staff have been fit tested.  Labor does feel that the discipline process seems unfair.
  4. Hospital coverage 1 staff- Will investigate this more
  5. Patient movement during shift change-still happening.  Management asked If it’s centralized staff that are letting patients (as described by labor at the last M&C) walk the halls during shift change and are willing to send another reminder to halt unescorted patient movement during shift change.
  6.  Transport team scheduling- Labor is wondering if 9-5 can come back because it is still causing issues with the coverage for medical appointments that overlap the two shifts. Management was hoping that it would help with inversibility rates but understand and willing to talk about it.
  7.   12-hour shift questions- how they will be implement/rotations/vacation slots/ overtime/The hypothetical schedule for grove D…will send questions to Becky. The postings will come out shortly after the April 1st then try to go grove by grove with expanding the 12-hour shifts.  The end goal is to adjust the shifts to go back to the way they were with NOC’s having 4 ten-hour shifts.   Implementing 12 hour shifts will help us save PCNs from day/evenings, and reallocate them elsewhere.  The 4/10 will take additional PCN’s…additional 8 people to go to NOC’s.  We also want to be mindful of the rate for forced reassignments to NOCS currently.  An inquiry will likely be sent out, to assess interest in 4/10s prior to formal postings.  Question about how the bids get posted.  Accruals for the .9 positions are laid out in the contract.  
  8.  Vending Machines for staff- The vendor that works for the state is not willing to have a machine with sandwiches. Management will see if they can legally explore other options since our current vendor doesn’t want to support the sandwiches.    

New Business




  1. End of shift facilitator sign off form and the policy that guides it-no changes to the policy
  2. Any consideration of allowing SC’s to split OT shifts
  3. FNH-MSOP pts not cuffed-why?
  4. FNH-A pt incontinent and not being forced to bathe or change-Health issue for our members? VA issue?
  5. Cars hit in parking lot-can video be reviewed? Process? Why has it been denied?
  6. With recent fentanyl issues is there a plan to deal with it? Training for staff? Narcan?
  7. Ironwood closing-what is going to happen to staff?
  8. Stop pt. movement at 7pm


New Business



  1.  Offer the reminder to use the Floating Holiday to members before they lose it.  


  1. End of shift facilitator-Labor brought up that members are forced to sign off the shift change form even if when a shift change (in person communication handoff) meeting doesn’t happen.  Management said the intention is the unit staff are at least leaving notes on each patient to ensure that communications are made in some form.
  2. Any consideration for split shifts of overtime- Management said haven’t been able to consider it with the chaos of all the overtime. AODS have considered it. Management will follow up.
  3. FNH- Labor asked why MSOP residents are not cuffed when they reside at the nursing home. Management clarified that it’s been that way since FNH opened and hasn’t been a problem. Residents from DOC are on a  conditional medical release that allows FNH protocol to be facilitated (eg. not needing cuffs).
  4. FNH-Labor brought up the concern of the incontinent resident that wasn’t bathing and the ramifications of that. Management replied that there’s been improvements
  5. Cars hit in the work parking lot- A request can be made when there’s a business need and management will follow up with this request.
  6. Fentanyl issues- DCT is working on the policy to get easier access to Narcan for the possibility of fentanyl issues.
  7. Ironwood closing- Labor brought up concerns on how the ironwood shutdown information was disseminated.  Management said they provided notice to Ironwood first because they are impacted first and they felt confident with the process that they decided the right thing.  The patient population is more absorbable on Ironwood so that’s why management decided to close that unit.  Targeted movement with all Ironwood patients is 4-6 weeks.  Soon, communication will be sent to Ironwood FSS/Ls, with openings to express interest or bid.  It should be noted, there are no open lead spots now, so management is trying to figure that out.  Some units may wind up with more Leads than typical, for a period of time.  This won’t be a reassignment situation. 
  8. Stop pt. movement at 7pm- Labor brought up stopping unescorted patient movement at 7pm because it is medication time in the FMHP and it poses some difficulties for staff and patients.  Management will note the issue and discuss it at the upcoming policy meeting.







What Items/Points need communication:





To Whom (groups/level):

How (method): 

Who will initiate/responsible?