FMHP Meet and Confer


AFSCME Labor Management

August 18, 2022

Facilitator / Chair (IN BOLD)



AFSCME  404 & Management

Brian Wills, Becky Robinson, Rick Pitts, Matt Stenger, Eric Manriquez, Matt Stenger, Ryan Cates, Erin Wiederich, Cory Moon, Denise Considine, Roxanne Portner



Meeting Called to Order

Approval of Minutes


Reflection / Celebration

Thank you for the volume of coverage that’s being provided.  We’re working on recruitment and open to suggestions.  Labor was wondering about retention bonuses…DOC is offering $10,000 in recruitment.  HR will bring it up next week at the bonus committee meeting.  Clarification on bonus no $50…not being offered by appointing authority because it’s being offered by peer.  HR will also bring up increasing the AFSCME bonus as well. 


Standing Agenda Items

  1. OSHA Information
  2. Overtime Information 
  3. Budgeted Position Review/Staff Shortage
  4. Achievement Award Data
  5. Covid Updates/Concerns

Achievement Award data will be sent out.  

CDC should be updating guidance for health care settings then we will make changes after that in accordance with masking and the like.

Old Business



  1. Overtime Offering MoU status



  1. Virtual Platform Meetings
  2. Willow/Tamarack – Blinds or Shades to Limit View and increase Privacy on other side of the unit
  3. Schedule Patterns
  4. Safety Issues – Patients in Hallways
  5. Lack of Vacation
  6. Grove A – Cameras in Quiet Rooms and Curtains on Inside of Patient Doors
  7. Emergency language



  1. Denise was unable to review the MOU regarding Security Services and overtime before the meeting so HR will get back to Ryan.


  1. The virtual platforms are still in piloting phase on redwood and then will expand to other units. 
  2. Willow/Tamarack- Work orders have been submitted for this for the blinds and/or shades to limit view and increase privacy on other side of the unit.
  3. Schedule patterns- Will address this on new business
  4. Safety issues- The chairs in hallways were made so that contraband can’t be hidden in them.   Management is going to be working a policy about hallway practices.  Management is talking about it with all units to see what they have be doing.  Labor- will there be a limit on the number of hours that patients can be off the unit?  Management said that the number of hours the patients can be off the unit will be addressed.  Labor brought up the safety for patients to be hanging outside of tamarack.  Patients are congregating out in front of tamarack.  Management agrees about safety, but congregating is going to happen…will continue to have it as a focus. Labor asked if we could we pull up a camera that we could see about what’s going on from the unit station?  Management doesn’t want to create a monitor watching person for each unit.   

1)      Lack of vacation- Data requests of what’s being used, comp time used, etc. was done by the union.  Management did some math last month, volume of number of hours earned and how it’s given. Initial Review- FMHP FSS/Ls VAC:

  1. Earn roughly 1,729 hours per pay period. 
  2. This equates to an average of 124 hours per day. 
  3. With 21 VAC slots being offered daily @ 8 hours/each = 168 hours. 
  4. Therefore, 44 VAC hours/day are offered beyond what FSS/Ls are eligible to earn. 
  5. This does NOT factor in Comp. Accruals (that still needs to be reviewed). 
    1. Grove A cameras and curtains on the inside of the doors. Management is waiting on quote back for cameras and monitors for grove A.   Labor is wanting the cameras and monitors more in transition because of sexual activity and drugs coming into the facility. 
    2. Emergency language- Management wanted to talk about getting a list together with labor and teasing out the scenarios of emergencies. Labor asked if it’s an emergency, then why is it only falling on SC’s and not across the board?  Management may need to look at strategy for what the next step is which may make the other classes work again.  Look at minimum staffing.

Labor doesn’t want to look at minimum staffing as it will then make an unsafe workplace.


New Business



  1. Scheduling Proposal for Residential Units (see Becky’s e-mail)
  2. MoU to allow 26/48
  3. Moving forward to fill 12-hour shifts:  Expressions of Interest –vs- Traditional Postings
  4. Leads off the weekends



  1. Mutuals when Least Senior
  2. Pat Search Review in Grove A
  3. Consistency with NOC’s AOD’s sending out least senior lists and inversing
  4. Contraband in Grove A
  5. FSS’s being inversed to Hospital Coverage
  6. Vacation Donation Program
  7. SCL experience not being considered Professional Experience for Advancement
  8. Anti-virals for a bite by patient
  9. SIP for cook coordinators and Food Service Workers10.
  10. Pressing charges for patients that assault against staff
  11. MNA/AFSCME split shifts of overtime.
  12. HR not responding to anything in a timely manner. 
  13. Meeting with MNA/AFSCME
  14. Meeting with FNH members and management



  1. Scheduling Proposal for residential units- 4/10, 2-12’s then 4-8 hours.  There would be 2-12 hour shifts and four 8 hour shifts on each unit.  A total of twenty-one 12-hour shifts would be implemented.  Employee satisfaction helps with retention.  Building in new promotional opportunities also helps with retention rates.  Management would like stakeholder input and bring an MOU for 26/48 and 24/48 to come back for the new schedule patterns to work. 
  2. MOU to allow the 26/48-hour rule with the new scheduling pattern. 
  3. HR would like to put a clustering of 12 hour positions out and get those filled before moving on to other positions.  Labor mentioned that we would like traditional bidding with the caveat of lifting bid bans instead of expression of interest because want to following language.  21 people for 12-hour shifts would need to be filled first.   
  4. Management is going to be implementing staff involved in 5 or more restraint seclusions will meet with staff as trauma informed care type situation i.e., check how the staff are coping and if they need any support.


  1. Mutuals with people least senior list-not being done consistently. Some people are letting people on the least senior list mutual therefore removing them from the list and others are only letting a certain number of people on the least senior list mutual.  Consistency on denying which ones. Management is willing to get on a consistency practice with this.
  2. Pat search review in grove A- Management agreed that as the pat search policy is being reviewed, they will consider the concerns of the members which were not having more contraband coming in due to the policy requiring fewer pat searches to be performed and make sure that all things being considered.  OSI is doing a metareview on the contraband found on campus in general so make sure they consider all factors.
  3. Consistency with the AOD’s sending out least senior lists and inversing- Labor would like it to be consistent with the AOD’s telling the inverses where they fall in the list vs. AOD inverses as they give the number on the least senior list.  HR was unaware that this was even a practice and feels like this is a courtesy and not a requirement.  Labor brought up how it helps a member feel less unhappy if they are given the information ahead of time. 
  4. Contraband A -already discussed when discussed the pat search policy being reviewed.
  5. Hospital coverage- voluntary vs. inverses. Labor has brought up having a separate sign up for hospital coverage in hopes of preventing inversing to the hospital.  Labor would like to get voluntary overtime to the hospital first in case the end of a need would happen, and the inverse would get a chance to go home. 
  6. Vacation Donation Program-it has changed over and over.  HR described the most current policy regarding the vacation donation program. If you were approved to get vacation donated to you then anyone can donate, and it goes into a general bank that helps anyone that has been approved to get vacation donated.  Once you donate the vacation you cannot take it back if the person that you wanted to donate to no longer needs it.   It helps to keep everyone in pay status. 
  7. Security counselor leads are no longer able to apply for group supervisor with just the lead experience. AFSCME’s are paraprofessionals doesn’t mean they aren’t professional.  MMB made the minimum qualification changes.  It doesn’t qualify you for Group Supervisor but does qualify Assistant Group Supervisor.  The comp code that each position has is what designates the minimum qualifications. 


  1. Anti-virals for a staff that was bit by a patient- Staff was unable to get the medications he needed to treat the bite he got at work during an incident.  HR will make sure that supervisors know that there is a form to get the 24/7 access to medications needed by staff involved in incidents. The website is:  Workers' compensation / DHS Intranet (


  1. SIP in kitchen-Labor asked for a consistent process for Food Service Worker and Cook Coordinators getting granted Shift in Progress vacation.
  2. Patients not being charged- Labor asked why aren’t charging patients with staff assaults.  Management needs to know the extent of injury when staff get assaulted.  Labor brought up that we would like to get OSI on the investigation so that staff don’t feel like they are neglected.  Management said the judicial system is super slow, so it doesn’t appear to staff that anything is being done.  Labor also brought up that it would be nice if there was some reprieve for the traumatized staff from injuries incurred during an incident. 
  3. MNA/AFSCME splitting shifts.  LPN splitting shift with RN if it’s offered as split shift by the appointing authority then both get the bonus.  AFSCME would like to be able to split shifts.
  4. Joint meeting MNA/AFSCME possible? Management/HR will try to get one on the calendar. 
  5. Joint meeting FNH/AFSCME possible?  

Management/HR will try to get one on the calendar. 

  1. HR timeliness-HR has lots of vacancies, and they are working 16 hours too trying to get caught up. Let us know if you see improvement because we have filled 2 fulltime spots.  Labor requested an updated list of HR representatives.  They agreed to get one posted.








What Items/Points need communication:





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