February 2020 MSOP Meet and Confer

AFSCME MSOP Labor Management

February 13 2020

Human Resources Room



Attendance: Adam Castle, Ryan Cates, Annie Jakacki, Jamie Sheppard, Steve Wilking, Nick Weerts, Eric Hesse, Bonnie Wold, Michelle Sexe, Michelle Breamer, Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Kern



  1. Follow Up Items

  1. Inverse Numbers-Bonnie-1 staff for 3rd to 1st for 7.56. 6 staff from 1st to 2nd for 21.75. 18 staff from 2nd to 3rd for 63 hours.

  2. Overtime Numbers- 910.83 hours from January 1st to February 1st

  1. AFSCME included in MNA Contract- Eric-still looking for meeting on that. Kern-I will send an invite to you and Denise to finalize a meeting. Eric-Annie and Ryan also on the invite.

  2. Atlas App-Eric-update on app and if it still asks permissions. Bonnie-no update from Jamie but she says if you have any other issues, please reach out to her. There are updates causing issues. Forward them to her. She didn’t mention anything on the permissions. Is it still happening? Eric-yes, Tim talked to her about it. Cates-happens to everyone. Some people don’t want to give it access to their phones. They say they are working on it in forensics. Apple is still being worked on. Bonnie-I will follow up on that. Send Jamie specifics on if you have issues

  3. MSOP Legislative Agenda- Eric-first week in March. Paul-expanding cps and asking for bonding for 50 beds. 5th time asking. Eric-I need figures because legislators ask for numbers. Beds, money, etc. Paul-wait list at 42 right now. Asking to address 50 beds. Eric-staffing included? Bonnie-No. Eric-is it true that if you get the money? You will ship staff from perimeter and close down some things? Bonnie-we don’t expect that but we don’t know, we need to see what happens. Paul- I don’t know where staff will come from. Bonnie-DCT could help. Paul-wait list is taking average of 2 or more years for clients. Some clients are getting to SRB and cap before and they are still not at cps by the next cap meeting. Eric-for future legislative meetings. Next year we should get a group to come together and do a wish list. Group of admin, staff, nursing, etc.

  4. Incentive MOU-Eric-implementation plan. Asked if it would take affect this year. Kern-Denise did not get back to me on this. Did you ask about certain incentives as well? Eric-how they were utilized wrongly. They were not given to all classes as it stated originally. Top out bonus said 6 months but you changed it out to a year. If we will have it and if it will be correct this time? Kern-we didn’t have it budgeted was the rumor. I will make note of that.

  5. Holiday Pay Code Cheat Sheet-Eric-we asked for universal one posted last month and didn’t hear anything. Kern-I haven’t heard. Denise is on vacation. I will send her another email about it.

  6. Security Counselor Lead Leveling Process-Bonnie-This includes forensics and moose as well and they said it’s the first they have heard. They want to talk to their locals first to see where they stand. When they do that, we will let you know.



New AFSCME Items

  1. Temporary Reassignments/Count coordinator-Eric-just want to get it in the notes. What was the reason by doing it? Bonnie-to fill with a lead. We have been back filling when people aren’t there. It is a lead position. When we don’t follow that for a period of time, someone will look at it. It’s designed for a lead, we want to have a lead in there. It’s not a vacancy so we temp reassigned, Eric-Isn’t there LOA where you can do a WOOC? Bonnie-no we don’t have a specific date of return. Kern-dates are intermittent. Eric-did any employee know beforehand? Rumor is someone knew before this. Bonnie-no, we didn’t know anything before we notified the union. This was an HR move. We had positions opening and this felt like a good fit for everyone. The person didn’t have a choice. Eric-did an employee come to management asking to do this? Bonnie-no. Eric-did labor make a deal with management? Bonnie-no. Eric-will it be utilized in the future? Bonnie-it’s possible but this is a unique situation. Hopefully not, because it upsets a lot of people. It wasn’t our first choice but the best way we could do it.

  2. Quarantined Areas/OT Availability-Eric-CPS quarantined. Affected contractual right for overtime. Management deemed work group to be a watch. Staff should have been allowed to work OT. There is PPE if working out there. I understand not wanting to spread it but we have contract. Paul-This was rapidly evolving. Decisions happened fast and we worked with nursing to make the best decision. There is PPE but we didn’t want people in that area in an effort to stop it from spreading. Keeping clients on their units and limited movement to contain the flu. We did a decent job.  We were only down a week and only a couple of staff got it. I’m sorry we didn’t work with you and we probably could in the future. Eric-contract needs to be followed. Bonnie-there are situations we can modify for emergencies. Eric-contract says qualified and capable and doesn’t have emergency language. There is PPE for staff to utilize. Unless you are saying that staff can’t use PPE they aren’t capable. Paul-I wonder if we would do as you are asking and then it spreads inside the perimeter, then we could be talking about how we didn’t manage it well. Eric-so you could say covering in the hospital and coming back in the perimeter could be an issue. Michelle-it was looking at staff and other clients. We worked with nursing to manage it the best we could. Eric-you still had nursing out there. Paul-we tried to keep it limited. Eric-still violated the contract. It’s black and white.

  3. Open Enrollment/Changing Clinics but not providers-Eric-with all of the providers changing. Some stayed with preferred one and changed clinics. But then got card that said the wrong clinic. They were told you need to call provider, is that true? Kern-you will have to contact the benefits provider (SEGIP). I thought you could change the provider at any time but I could be wrong. Julie whited said to contact the benefits center. Annie-we always had to ability to change providers online. Eric-trying to figure out if it’s isolated or if this is the process. I will call SEGIP I guess.

  4. Health Services not filling open positions-Eric-position that is vacant. Breamer-intent to fill it but the team asked to reclassify it as a senior. There is a lot of work with that and we just got approval. Eric-complaint is there is not enough time to complete services provided. I can send it to you. Breamer-yes, send it. Eric-additional duties like TC and unit meetings. No benefit in TC because it’s involved with treatment. I could see them going to talk about the flu and universal precautions. Breamer-that is the intent but we want them to form some rapport also. That’s interesting to me because the nurses have said they see the value. Eric-Rumor is if they cannot complete tasks in time, that management will take away the 10 hour shifts. I said that maybe the increase workload is due to the shortage of staff and when the vacancy gets filled, it may elevate this issue. Breamer-that is a rumor but it was just mentioned at one time. Eric-shortage of staff with increased workload.

  5. Control Center Coverage/Straight 8 staff coverage and leaving short-Eric-straight 8 or 10 hour shift staff covering in control. Straight shift staff leave at top of hour. Leaving newer staff to be alone for 30 minutes isn’t good practice.

  6. Hospital Coverage with 1 Staff-Eric-not a good idea for 1 staff to cover at the hospital. Need breaks and if we cannot take them. There is an Internal Mayo and HCMC policy for their staff. I can get that to you. Their security staff is not to break outside security staff there. Forensics got it and will send 2 staff no matter what. Cates-fair labor act says you need a break. This is in violation of the labor law. Eric-if security staff do not give us a break, it’s a boundary issue to use the bathroom.

  7. Day on the Hill Vacation-Eric-It’s Tuesday when we are heavy, can we get more vacation to allow this?

  8. Atlas schedule-Eric-if you get forced a holiday off, it’s not allowing you to ask for overtime that day. The program may not be set up for it. Something to look into. Bonnie-I’ll talk to Jamie. Eric-app is still asking for media access to the scheduler. Bonnie-the app is asking for it. It’s a personal choice. Eric-there are apps that you deny access and it still works.

 Management Agenda Items

  1. OT distribution during influenza cases at CPS-Already discussed above.


Adjourned at 1237pm